NEWCASTLE IS FINALLY HERE!! (Season 13 Overview – Apex Legends)

NEWCASTLE IS FINALLY HERE!! (Season 13 Overview – Apex Legends)

►Apex Season Saviors has dropped and we’ll be taking a look at the new Legend Newcastle (and all his abilities) as well as the new POI and IMC Vaults on Storm Point!!

►Come watch me live and I’ll say hi –
►MUSIC: mostly epidemicsounds

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35 Responses

  1. Stephanenø says:

    If Newcastle becomes meta then Maggie basically gets a buff, and I’ll enjoy every second of people subjecting their teammates to a fire laser by throwing a portable drill attach wall, not to mention… you could combine the two on your team to have your own moving fire wall that breaks doors

    • Sleepy Hollow says:

      just turn the shield though also why not go to the other side of the barricade?

    • a duck on a plane says:

      @Stephanenø it doesnt work on normal knockdowns so it makes sense to not work on his. Plus, he can just cancel the revive to remove the drill and start reviving right away. If hes close to finishing the revive he doesnt need to let the shield down since the moment the teammate is revived the drill will dissapear and not knock down the freshly revived teammate again.

    • Stephanenø says:

      It works on new castles moving wall but not in his knockdown wall, which it should, and no it does not break

    • Deluxy says:

      Doesnt the drill break on an electric wall? Idk just fact check me on that

  2. Esqandar Dan says:

    you can leap vertically using his ult,(your friend on roof and you on floor), as long within 75 meter

  3. football club says:

    I like Rampart walls, but the mobility of Newcastle’s shield has some potential.

    • a duck on a plane says:

      @Nick Batina – composer i dont really think its super broken because it doesnt have infinite hp, half a mag to a mag from most weapons will destroy it.

    • Alfie Towler says:

      @Nundus I’ve done it it’s broken when my Newcastle teammate isn’t blocking my walls

    • Nick Batina - composer says:

      Ngl it came in clutch in the first two rounds already, it’s like iron man with infinite shields. I’m kinda worried about a nerf tho

    • Stephanenø says:

      Yes potential for moving Maggie drill

    • Nundus says:

      imagine them together, the newcastle protecting the vulnerable part of the ramparts

  4. [GABBY]H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve says:

    Kandy: “Respawn why no new gun”
    Respawn: “we thought we should make the havoc broken instead

  5. Chill Music says:

    I’ve been waiting for the past couple hours constantly refreshing YouTube to watch your review of season 13 😂 I love your content! Enjoy season 13 everyone ✌️

  6. [Frankie]-C0me 0ver L!ve says:

    I like Rampart walls, but the mobility of Newcastle’s shield has some potential.

  7. Tachanka Main says:

    I have played New Castle and he seems very strong and situationally stronger than gibby and I feel like lifeline and New Castle fill different niches but he seems like a B or C teir as of right now. What makes a legend strong is how aggressive a legends kit is and with how slow his tactical is rly takes away a lot of its “aggressiveness” but when u fight a 1 on 1 with a new castle and he has is Shield out you are fighting on his terms which can make him situationally rly strong. His ult is very good for taking space and holding it but with Ashe and Pathfinder or even wraith it kinda loses its power because u can become stranded. And his passive is superrrr situational and I prefer lifelines ngl but it is very unique and cool to say the least. If I were to make changes I would buff the movement speed of his tactical because that thing is sooooo slow and I would nerf his tactical health to maybe 300 or 275. I don’t see too much wrong with his ult ngl maybe increase the distance. His passive seems pretty good but it’s rly his tactical “unagressiveness” that rly holds him back. But I will 100 percent be playing a lot of him. His fortified is very nice but idk if I would prefer him over gibi. The interactions between Bangalore and New Castle are veryyyyy similar to me and my sister I just didn’t abandon her 😂 but the unique finisher was suchhhh a good touch overall imo B-C teir in strength A-B teir for fun

    • a duck on a plane says:

      @Tachanka Main they arent even that 1v1 strong. Octane has nothing going for him in 1v1s other that being able to get away. Losing like 20hp for a 30% movement boost isnt worth it in a 1v1. Ash is kind of strong in 1v1 and so is wraith but pathfinder has the tools to get out of a 1v1 not be strong in one. Newcastle is probably one of if not the strongest 1v1 legend if you know how to play around the shield. Its hard for the enemy to play around it too unlike gibby so the enemy cant do much about a good newcastle.

    • Tachanka Main says:

      @a duck on a plane I mean 1v1 strong not tactically strong and I never said they were the best just strong

    • a duck on a plane says:

      @Tachanka Main if you think ash, wraith, pathfinder and octane are strong rn you dont know about the meta in apex. Apex meta is what the best characters are good in high rank and 2 of the best are good because of how good they are at being non agressive. All 4 legends you mentioned arent even top 5.

    • Tachanka Main says:

      @a duck on a plane That is very situational and I would prefer a gibi for all of those and what makes Ashe, Wraith, pathfinder, octane so strong is that they can get in and get out very easily after playing aggressive he is just very situationally strong character but is still outclassed by gibi

    • a duck on a plane says:

      I feel that agresiveness isnt as important in apex as it used to be. Out of the 3 most meta legends right now: bloodhound, gibby and valk, 2 of them are op because of their exceptionally good ability to defend or disengage, both of which are opposites to agresiveness. Also, i’d say his passive can be better than lifeline’s in mid range fights which is where most apex fights are at, because most enemies will try to kill a downed player if they dont have the ability to push you before your teammate is revived. If your teammate is out of cover and downed, lifeline cant do much, but newcastle can very easily get them to cover and revive at the same time. Its also exceptional at long ranges in sniper battles for the same reason, since 1 headshot on a downed teammate means death for the most part. Lifeline does have her moments where she shines, but reviving a teammate with lifeline passive will almost always get them killed if the enemy is nearby.

  8. CHEESECAKE says:

    Kandy: “Respawn why no new gun”
    Respawn: “we thought we should make the havoc broken instead”

    • HC Waffles says:

      @a duck on a plane and like I said before no regs exist along with the fact that you can’t hit every bullet, if ur a hacker then fine I get why u think the other guns are better, but at long ranges not having any recoil is massive along with enough bullets to wipe a full team if u can hit every shot like you seem to think is possible and having enough bullets to fight a prolonged fight at close range if the other player we’re to have good movement or a better position you can make him waste bullets until he reloads, again play the game and you’d see just how much more reliable the spitfire is, its basically a flatline with no recoil that shoots for twice as long and has a better iron sight in return for 10dps less

    • a duck on a plane says:

      @HC Waffles as i said, continous fire with low dps will be beat by a good player with a higher dps weapon. Its the easiest weapon to use and one of the most opressing, but an opressive weapon has nothing on a player that lands all his bullets.

    • HC Waffles says:

      @a duck on a plane flatline has 182, 192 is its old dps before the s12 nerf and again you don’t seem to understand the concept of a no recoil laser that fires for 3 seconds off of drop, idk whether u don’t hot drop or what but off the ground the spitfire beats anything else in the game ATM bcus of how versatile and consistent it is

    • a duck on a plane says:

      @HC Waffles its dps is nowhere near rifles. Its got 171 dps, which is weak compared to every ar except hemlok. R301 has 182 (192 if you dont count reload times), flatline has 192 and havoc has 198. R99 has 198 dps, car has 202 dps and care package volt has 204. Shotguns obviously have less dps but 2 good shots will kill anyone.

    • HC Waffles says:

      @a duck on a plane it has no recoil and 35 ammo per clip, its got no spread so its great for long range, as if you can perfectly track someone close range with an smg clip consistently plus no regs, the spitfire can just keep shooting so u can miss tons and get away with it and its dps is enough to contend with rifles

  9. I'm subscribing to anyone who subbs me says:

    *Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us* 👍👍🥳🥳❤😍😍

  10. Kaiironic says:

    Kandy, Newcastle has a custom finisher when using it on bangalore

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