NEWCASTLE is INSANELY OP in Apex legends

NEWCASTLE is INSANELY OP in Apex legends

wow he sure loves his shields and castles and bangalore

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34 Responses

  1. Zylbrad says:

    oh boy i love me bangalore

  2. Skeptation says:

    The legend has returned!

  3. 陳暘昇 says:

    I cherish every video Zylbrad makes on apex now, you never know if it’s gonna be the last one 🙁

  4. TruNoom says:

    dad is back with the milk??

  5. Binkel says:

    I just hope he’s ok at this point, nice to see a jumpy happy mood again since the long wait lol

  6. Yumehito Takimoto says:

    Zylbrad: Newcastle is Australian because Newcastle is in Australia.

    Newcastle, England: Am I a joke to you.

  7. Geloxx says:

    i love your content so much, your attitude and the way you play.. my god you will always be my favourite youtuber, my man. loved your overwatch content, and i will always love your apex content.

  8. Fit Franco says:

    Everytime they release a new character
    Zyl: this character is insanely op
    Respawn: massive nurf incoming

  9. Salehmdd10 says:

    “Feels like people die when they are killed” -zylbrad 2022

  10. Salehmdd10 says:

    I dont care how long zylbrad takes to make a new video as long as he comes back ❤

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