Newcastle United vs. Paris Saint-Germain: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 2 | CBS Sports

Newcastle United vs. Paris Saint-Germain: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 2 | CBS Sports

Champions League soccer returns to St. James Park as Newcastle host Kylian Mbappe and a PSG side brimming with confidence after their first-round win.

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39 Responses

  1. Atkascha says:

    All 11 players. full press, all game. And not overplaying or over-commiting, for 90 minutes…. pretty impressive

  2. Miles Robinson says:

    Eddie Howe really went from keeping Bournemouth in the prem for years, to dragging Newcastle away from relegation, to beating PSG with Newcastle in the Champions League. Madness

  3. Miguel says:

    From battling relegation, to thrashing psg… incredible 🤯

    • XYZ Blue says:

      Let’s not make this a leicester story, the injection of $$ in Newcastle has been far higher

    • fcknfckers says:

      @XYZ Blueyou sound salty. acting PSG isn’t oil funded as well. the difference is: Newcastle has a stupendous scouting department and coaching staff, unlike PSG. if it was all about spending money, Chelsea wouldn’t be playing like garbage and PSG would have a few UCL’s by now. get real. Newcastle knows exactly what they’re doing. they’ve been very wise with their spending.

    • XYZ Blue says:

      @fcknfckers that isn’t the point lol you can convince yourself all you want, this is about from battling relegation to thrashing psg story, it’s not a leicester story. Not comparing to psg and chelsea here. However if you want to compare to chelsea, they won the league inside 2 seasons of being bought so you are miles away. Keep convincing yourself, it’s a great result but it’s no underdog run like leicester

    • Seth Freakin Rollins says:

      *Yeah that’s what oil money will do. Didn’t happen organically* 😅😂

  4. Kamikaze03 says:

    New Castle never stopped pressuring PSG’s defense and just tore them apart. What an incredible performance 🙌🏼

  5. NeuralRain3 says:

    I think the atmosphere played a huge role in this game, fair play to the fans for backing their club with so much support. Had psg passing like a sunday league team. Of course the players were on them like hounds but you could tell the confidence of each team played a huge role in this game. What a match👏

  6. ዳwiት ተkሉ says:

    Not even a Newcastle fan, but boy that first goal by Miggy gave me goosebumps. Been saying y’all would fall in love with Miggy just as we did here in Atlanta. Fantastic performance by the entire team.

  7. JayCFC says:

    What an incredible performance from Newcastle, they really tore PSG apart, brilliant stuff

    • Priviledged White Crack Head says:

      *Yep. As a fan of the premier league, I was cheering for Newcastle and rooting against PSG because they’re a slimy team with an overrated douche-bag forward that the media seems to over-hype.*

    • David de la cruz says:

      What did psg have to begin with? Cmon bro

    • rbfishcs123 says:

      Battle of the oil barons coming to a head!

    • Mister Gr8Hatz says:

      They did and this is no disrespect to The Toon… but I think this is another result that shows PSG will ALWAYS be overrated. Their underachieving in big moments has gone on for years and years now.

  8. samy chabouh says:

    Newcastle hasn’t been this good in my life time. Been watching football since 2000. I heard the stories of old. Welcome back after all these years. It’s been a pleasure watching this team grow these last few years as an outsider. You can say it’s oil money but none of the guys in this team were getting into the top 5 clubs in the world before joining Newcastle they were at most prospects. This what great recruitment and top coaching and a clear vision for the club gets you. (A bigger budget doesn’t hurt) But look at PSG big check book and still nothing to show for it. Money alone doesn’t do anything. There needs to be a balanced team. Newcastle has that!

  9. Chodak Black says:

    The true Newcastle came out today could never be more proud. What a club they deserve it all I hope they make it far in UCL

  10. Matthew McCormack says:

    Im an Everton fan but it has been really awesome to see how Newcastle has developed over the last few years. Almiron scoring their first goal was the icing on the cake. Look forward to watching them the rest of the year!

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