Newcastle v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/2/19 | NBC Sports

Newcastle v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/2/19 | NBC Sports

Check out the extended highlights between Newcastle and Manchester United during Premier League’s Matchweek 21. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManUnited
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Newcastle v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/2/19 | NBC Sports

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71 Responses

  1. Loudnibbles MDO says:

    Jonjo should be fined

  2. Sean Wilson says:

    Lukaku doing his best Solskjaer super sub impression.

    • Jabbathegamer says hi says:

      Rashford missed a lot of opportunities though, a big one being at 4:30. Anyway, Rashford and Lukaku will both be tested when they verse Tottenham the 13th.

    • Prash Mc says:

      I just hope Lukaku and Sanchez hit form. We need them if we’re not going to embarrass ourselves against PSG

    • Runner OW says:

      +Jabbathegamer says hi
      I want to beat you lot since you’re United,but at the same time I don’t want to Ole Gunnar sad since he seems like such a nice guy

    • Dodelijke Koninkrijk says:

      That may just be the best thing for him. He’s too big to have 90+ minute endurance. Let him come on for a last push.

    • grytlappar says:

      THAT is what Lukaku is for; that is him at his best. No one else would have scored that. Just look at him when he comes crashing in like a damned fridge. ? I’m genuinely happy for him. And for Alexis as well, with that superb assist! ??


    These were the type of games we were losing or drawing previously. Still early days but so far we are doing great

    • Ras Desta says:

      You have the father as a profile picture.

    • MrJesusFG4 says:

      *£MPÊROR GÊLAWDÊOWŠ Ž €THIOPIA* I couldn’t agree more. Can’t wait to watch them keep winning.

    • Steeve Cantave says:

      Except that United haven’t beaten a team even as good as Watford. The saying, “you can only beat what’s put in front of you,” applied here, but unless United actually follow up these four wins with good performances against the other big six clubs, then they’ll just be a flat track bully.

    • The Critic says:

      I’m a city fan but I’m still scared of United’s team ( Mourinho should have stayed with you ?)

    • Yellowwood says:

      +The Critic That’s nice of you to admit. You should be scared ?.

  4. Rene Rios says:

    Man United may not have beaten anyone good but as a united fan it’s a breath of fresh air to actually beat the teams we should be beating not losing or drawing these easier matches.

  5. TeamWH0 says:

    If you watch 12:12 Rashford’s goal, and focus on Shelvey, notice how he has no intention of putting pressure or recover the ball, he runs like hes tired yet he came in as a sub. Its almost like he wants Manchester to score, as soon as he ia close to the ball he stops…

  6. Fabrice Irakoze says:

    Hit like If u watched the whole game and still here for the highlights. Real football fans ??

  7. Dino Dino says:

    Come on Lukaku we`re believing in yous

  8. Original Name says:

    Newcastle 2-0 down and taunting for pogba miss. What a pathetic club

  9. eatsleeppk RS says:

    Lukaku is back baby

  10. President Harambe says:

    Lukaku goal and Sanchez assist, proving haters and the media wrong one game at a time.

  11. AdrYT says:

    We cant blame pogba for that last play, it was a tight angle and he was heavily pressured. He also played well the rest of the match.

    • GOMEZK87 says:

      True, but he gets too cocky at times.. he has the ability to create goal scoring chances and assists, but is always focused on getting a goal under his name.

    • Yellowwood says:

      Yeah… Uhhh …NO we can blame Pogba. He should have made that goal he was wide open.

    • grytlappar says:

      That wasn’t a particularly tight angle. Someone of his stature should have scored that. Solskjaer would have put that at the back of the net—that’s a certainty—if it had been twice as tight…

    • Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?! says:

      At the start of Radford’s Goal, you can see that Pogba was too tired to run after the ball and run up the pitch. He did a lot of running in the last 4 matches so he gets a pass.

    • Yellowwood says:

      +Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?! Oh ….ok. (yeah I guess).

  12. kingejiro says:

    We just need Alexis to hit his arsenal form and Lukaku get back to last season’s form. Lindelof on the other hand has improved immensely. Very solid today. 14 goals scored in just 4 games. OLE Ball in full effect

    • FatFree BaconStrips says:

      kingejiro let’s not start the trend where you put Ball behind the last name of every new prem manager

  13. Ohwhale says:

    Stupid Newcastle supporters taunting united’s close misses lol “AYYYE”

  14. Future subie owner says:

    I’ll rather have a clean sheet for David than 4-1 good job Man U

  15. Gringo says:

    Marcus did something very “veteran” on his free kick for the Lukaku goal. The first time he hit a knuckleball tp the GK, he fumbled it, so he hit another just like it but that time Lukaku was anticipating a rebound. That wasn’t just random, dumb luck.

  16. Aros San says:

    Lukaku and Sanchez are gonna be deadly under Ole.

  17. Xcyper33 says:

    Starting Martial was one of the BEST DECISIONS YET this season

  18. James Dunnington says:

    As a City fan its good to see Man United having good energy.

  19. Jaguar Expert says:

    Man United 3-2 Newcastle at Old Trafford
    Man United 2-0 Newcastle at St James Park

    We really have improved!

  20. Behizy says:

    Phil Jones Career: make a big mistake followed by a world class action then get injured

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