Newegg Scammed Us

Newegg Scammed Us

Newegg ripped us off when we tried to return a product by claiming it was “damaged,” despite being in the same condition as how they sent it.
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Newegg claimed that the pins on our motherboard were bent (even though we never even opened it), then when we called them out, they claimed there was “thermal paste” on the socket. They fought tooth and nail to deny our $500 refund, apparently making up new stories at every corner. Newegg might try this on all motherboards, but has special leeway to do it on open box products. Don’t buy them. We will be avoiding Newegg as much as we can for all future motherboard purchases (and purchases in general). It’s unacceptable that everything was magically refunded and sent back and resolved after we tweeted publicly, yet we got no support when acting as a normal customer.

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00:00 – Be Wary of Newegg
01:38 – Here’s What Happened
05:06 – Newegg Cares If You’re a YouTuber
08:00 – Shady Open Box Practices
11:00 – “Just Reject the Shipment!”
12:28 – Undercover Warranty Investigation
15:17 – Support Chat & Ranting
21:05 – Conclusion

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Host, Ranter: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick

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37 Responses

  1. Gamers Nexus says:

    Has Newegg done something similar to you? POST IN THE COMMENTS so you can help other people who have the same problem!
    Support our work and get a product that’s actually supported well, like the GN Modmat, Toolkit, Mouse Mat, or shirts: (in stock & shipping now!)
    Watch our undercover warranty test on NZXT:
    Or our undercover test on Intel:

    • Dawn Zac says:

      I had a similar incident, but with Amazon. Literally got scammed by an Amazon-certified seller (Appario Retail Private Ltd). First, they sent me with both the package and product damaged, then I asked for a replacement and I get another damaged product in a new package, so I had to return And got refund only to order the same product again(new) .and they shipped me the same box and the product I got the first time, and then again I requested for a replacement and I get another damaged box and product. And every time I called Amazon customer service they said they filed some complaint or something but I’m sure that will end up in some trash cause they really don’t care. So, after all this, I didn’t want to return and wait 2 months or so to get another one just like this, so, I accepted my fate and never went for a replacement. and it even gets worse – I wrote a review about the incident on that amazon page and the review was taken down immediately by amazon. like wtf!!.

    • MegaLurch says:

      Had an issue with Newegg where I ordered an external backup drive. When the drive came it was DOA. I contacted Newegg and they took no responsibility and made me go through the Manufacturer to get a replacement. The manufacturer told me after I gave them the serial number that drive was old and accused me of trying to scam them. I had to sent them my receipt to prove I had just bought the drive days earlier before they would replace it. Newegg was no help at all, showing me that they really don’t care about their customers.

    • laserhawk64 says:

      Steve, can you recommend another platform to buy from? I remember when Newegg was GOOD but I was in college then 🙁

    • Luke Scott says:

      I will NEVER buy from Newegg unless it’s my only option. And I never buy open box anywhere.

      My most recent experience with Newegg was from the shuffle because I didn’t have much option. My GPU came with an Asus motherboard that appeared new but did not have the manufacturer seal on it. Box did not appear damaged. Plastic covers on everything. And it did work. — I bought another Asus motherboard from Amazon and it had the seal. — So I don’t know what the deal is there, but that made me super nervous.

      I’ve had similar RMA issues with Newegg in the past. More than a decade ago now. Their policies have not changed. And when I read return policies on everything before I make a purchase.

      I buy everything from Amazon direct and try to avoid third party retailers, at least ones I don’t recognize. And I make sure the return is either handled by Amazon or reflects their policy. Have never had an issue and they refund me as soon as I drop off the package.

      I miss brick and mortar retailers because I usually had good experiences with them. Amazon is the closest I will ever get to that now and it makes me sad.

      I used to shop at Fry’s. And they were not the best, but it I had an issue you could at least talk to a real manager (a physical person) and get help. Wish I had a Microcenter.

    • Kenneth Gradin says:

      In Sweden, long ago.
      Unoppen AMD cpu returnd and was claimd my fault.
      Quick call and it was fixed.
      I littery hate company that ripoff customer!

  2. Paul's Hardware says:

    Hey, I used to handle RMA disputes at Newegg. “RMA inspections” was my little 1-man department back in ’05. I don’t do that anymore though. Sorry you got scammed Steve.

  3. Intel Edits says:

    Thank you for this video, I will not be making anymore hardware purchases from Newegg

  4. OrcCorp says:

    Scamegg, never again.

  5. JayKaye says:

    Saw the headline, immediately knew what this was about. Newegg has been doing this for *ten years*. Minimum. I know this because that’s how long it’s been since I personally had this happen. This was not an accident. I ALSO tweeted at them, again 10 years ago (more or less), and they assured me “this is not how we do things” and I blew them off. Obviously, this is in fact how they do things, since I saw reports of similar incidents going back a couple years before even then.

    Edit: In my case, they sent me the board back with what appeared to be an imprint of a large philips head screwdriver in the pin array.

  6. pacific sword says:

    This is absurd. I was literally checking out on a newegg cart as i listened to this.. not going there. I guess I will take my chances and buy it from some other retailer. If they can happily roger someone on a return for a closed box, no chance for anyone who actually gets a defective product and realises it only after opening it.

    • Binx says:

      Just make sure to buy from Amazon directly or someone that fulfills through Amazon and uses Amazon’s return policy, then you can literally return anything.

    • Emulation_Junkies says:

      @informitas 0 Definitely right. Lots of fake stuff on there. It is 100% safe if you dont buy from resellers on there though.

    • IDK anymore says:

      @informitas 0 just go through their amazon warehouse… lmfao

    • David says:

      @informitas 0 You just have to be weary of the seller. For the most part, though, Amazon takes back literally everything, and the blame falls mostly on the seller. Its way more buyer friendly. You might get a scam item, but you can return it.

      I would definitely buy from Amazon over Newegg.

    • informitas 0 says:

      @FinnishArmy Amazon are scum too though, lots of scams to be had there.

  7. Azeal says:

    Of all the people to screw over, they managed to do it to the guy with the social media equivalent of a nuclear warhead.

    • Hal Richard says:

      @Rinnosuke Linus is all about that fandom. He actually thinks he is some kind of Media Star. He is nothing but a Cornball Canadian, Heyaa!

    • Alexander Bukh says:

      O O O O P P S S

    • nem tudom says:

      @Sumit Kumar While that is generally true, he does occasionally go out and actually buys them for random videos

    • q8rix says:

      @Mitchell Patterson hmmm last time I watched his channel was the infamous delid intel cpu

    • Viktor Flyberg says:

      @Midir Steve is a tactical nuke, Linus is a house cat comparable… Linus suck up to alot of big companys instead of calling em out on their shit. Steve on the otherhand does call out shit, no matter what company he deals with, if they are wrong he calls it out.

      Reason i dont follow Linus anymore since he has gone to the deep end of shilling for some specific companys.

  8. Michael Hatch says:

    I am so glad Newegg finally slipped up and screwed one of the big guys. They have done the same to me twice. Luckily they both only totaled about $175 and spread across a year. They accused me of overclocking damage on unopened ram and trying to return a product they claim I bought elsewhere which also happened to be ram. They have progressively got more and more shady. Even their absurd scalper prices show their morals and opinion of customers. I no longer shop there and unfortunately have had to spend more elsewhere just to know I would have returns honored. Newegg is now behaving like one of those shady overseas companies. I hope they go the way of Tiger if they don’t go back to how they used to be a decade ago.

    • Ryan Smith says:

      By Tiger, are you referring to tiger direct? I remember looking at computer stuff in middle school in the mid 2000s on that site. Did they do the same things Newegg is doing now?

    • Michael Hatch says:

      @RM I hope you’re right. The past two years have been wild. It seems companies used those restrictions to push the boundaries of what they could get away with and learned they could get away with a lot. Hopefully it does end up being temporary.

    • RM says:

      hopefully when the chip and gpu shortage ends theyll finally get fucked. Like was said in their video, they should enjoy this while it lasts.

  9. Akira says:

    Never bought from newegg, but had same EXACT experience with “Elkjøp”, a Norwegian tech hardware store. Also bought “open box” product from them twice, and they managed to fuck me up both times. Shame on these companies

  10. PainGod85 says:

    TBH at this point everybody should record footage of how they packaged and sent their returns back, and if they refuse to accept the RMA due to damage caused by the customer, that’s provably fraud with all the legal implications thereof.

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