NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘Ditto’ Official MV (side A)

NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘Ditto’ Official MV (side A)

Producer: MIN HEE JIN
Music Video Director: Wooseok Shin (DOLPHINERS FILM)

ⓒ 2022 ADOR. All Rights Reserved.

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26 Responses

  1. 808mg says:

    bro, the cinematography, the concept, the nostalgia, the beat, the lyrics, the core, EVERYTHING, these girls have a future

  2. kat says:

    This song really captures the older generation nostalgia, reminding a lot of viewers about their moments of youth. In the intro we see them riding bikes, playing cats cradle, and filming with older cameras instead of using newer phones. I think that makes this song so easy to watch and listen to. It’s a really different but interesting change from hype boy and attention.

  3. Megan W. says:

    This song was haunting and reminded me of being a teenager, when those big feelings come and you’re not prepared for it. The vocals are gorgeous, the video is INCREDIBLE — the video director did an amazing job of capturing that feeling of memories floating through our minds, in clips, a highlight reel, and the home-movie feeling of old vhs recordings that you pulled out of a box at Christmas time to watch again years later.

  4. Luisana Luque says:

    Me encanta como disfrutan lo que hacen y no se centran solo en parecer lindas o mujeres empoderadas y todo eso que hacen con los conceptos . La forma del grabado del MV me hace acordar a run de BTS, los dos dan ese aire de nostalgia que me encanta

  5. Grace Miller says:

    The ‘Ditto’ MV’s have a deep meaning to them, and that’s what I love about it!! NewJeans is a very talented group, I love them 🐇💗

  6. White says:

    뉴진스의 기본 컨셉이 1990년대말.. 2000년대 초반의 감수성…
    그때 당시 살았던 이들에겐 향수를….
    그때 태어난 이들에겐 그들은 모르는 새로움을…

  7. isa says:

    new jeans nunca le tiene miedo al éxito es uno de los mejores grupos de la cuarta generación por no decir el mejor grupo de chicas de la cuarta generación, las amo mucho siempre expresan todo en un solo video, la melodía, la canción, los sentimientos que quieren dar a entender, lo expresan demasiado bien

    • ੭̲ ⠀⃝🪷 원영 says:

      y sin necesidad de poner cosas tan extravagantes o muy “trabajadas” por decir así, new jeans trae un concepto sencillo pero único en el kpop

  8. kay loves jinni !! says:


  9. Naoki Abe says:

    New Jeans se ha convertido en uno de mis grupos favoritos, me encanta su concepto, en todo el video la canción me transmitía una sensación de melancolía, al final quería llorar T T

  10. Sandra Härö says:

    I’ve been an active multistan in kpop for years, but none of the bands I support have made me feel like this like NewJeans💗 as soon as I got to know NewJeans, I felt like I was back home. like they were my long lost family. like i finally found “my people”
    meaning people like me. they’re not just “perfect factory demigods”. their songs and videos convey authenticity and like they’re just a close group of friends making music and having fun. they make me feel like I’m part of them through the camera and it makes me feel less alone. I’ve never bought any band’s trademarks over the years, but when I started supporting NewJean I had to buy their album (even though my whole bank account became empty because of it lol xd) because I want to support them 100% so that they can grow and I can follow their journey in the future. I’m really grateful that I have the opportunity to be part of a band’s journey from the very beginning, and not just any band, but NewJeans. I’m not sure if any of the band members see this, but if they do, I hope they know that somewhere in Finland is their biggest fan who will support them for the rest of her life with all her heart🇫🇮 i really hooe that in the future we will meet at your concert🤟🏻

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