NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘OMG’ Official MV

NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘OMG’ Official MV

NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘OMG’ Official MV

Producer: MIN HEE JIN
Music Video Director: Wooseok Shin (DOLPHINERS FILM)

ⓒ 2023 ADOR. All Rights Reserved.

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38 Responses

  1. Bioneun says:

    La melodía de cada canción de NewJeans, cada concepto, cada mensaje, cada sentimiento que nos hacen sentir con lo que transmiten… gracias por ser diferente al resto y demostrar que se puede llegar a muy lejos si no tienes miedo a probar a hacer algo único o distinto.

    • Ohio. says:

      @jing⋆ Do you really think the company would say that music has a double meaning??? Are all their fans boys? Because in the song they say the word “boy”.

    • Elizabeth Contreras says:

      @Vicente _ ve a buscar la explicación de la empresa sobre lo de cookie y no sean mal pensados

    • Litzy says:

      usa un estilo retro de los 2000 modificándolo con algunos elementos actuales, pero no deja se ser una propuesta distinta a la común actual 👍

    • chaeeeyyy says:

      @Vicente _ okbxdxdxd

    • jing⋆ says:

      @Vicente _ la misma empresa ha dicho que la canción ‘cookie’ no tiene doble sentido y es más, es dirigida para los fans; la gallera representa a un disco q sería sus canciones (por eso es q vemos discos y galletas en el mv) y al referirse a la galleta se refiere a q no pararemos de escuchar sus canciones de lo pegadizas q son.

  2. Made in the chaos says:

    NewJeans nunca decepciona. Está muy buena la canción y me encanta la calidad del MV, aunque me confunda un poco el trasfondo jsjsjs. Qué talentosas son estas niñas, las voy a apoyar de cerca!


    NEW JEANS-100%
    OMG -100%
    MV -100%
    Vocal -100%
    Visual -100%
    Amazing -100%
    Instrumental -100%

  4. YOOYOO says:

    I really said “OMG” while watching this MV, because there were many things to process! I always love their concepts and specially their outfits, they’re so unique, definitely my favorite kpop group!!!

  5. 안녕 난 모야MOYA says:

    정말 뉴진스는 하나도 뻔하지않아서 전혀 예측할수가 없다ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 감탄만 하다 갑니다!!! 거기에 ㅋ ㅑ 마지막 한방 시원해라~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! 뉴진스 항상 응원할게!!!

  6. Eatmealive!!! says:

    I feel like they are one step ahead for next kpop generations and their concepts would never get tired or bored

  7. Sienna Playz says:

    I noticed in the ditto mv there was some choreography not used in the offical dance only to realise it was meant to be a snippet of this song. There was another story yet to be told! HYBE you’re a GENIUS

    • Martina velásquez says:

      @Latte Grande:: when hybe asked min hee jin to be the ceo of Ador, she wanted to be completely separated from Hybe in the creative aspect and they accepted, so now they doesn’t have a word into what Ador do.
      She said a while ago that hybe didn’t liked njs concept but Ador and the girls loved it so they didn’t changed it when hybe refused it

    • Manuel Antonio Vides says:

      @F Reduction but the brain is from Ador

    • Tafwid Huda Eka Candra says:

      *The Genius were Min Hee Jin. Directed all of their MV’s. Leading their creative direction and development. Former SM board director and directed my all time favorite album f(x) Pink Tape.

    • Latte Grande:: says:

      They = HYBE for last sentence

    • Latte Grande:: says:

      @F Reduction But ADOR basically creates everything… They ask for money from HYBE to make the music video, performance video and the sets for their stages( these are few examples.) They will get portion of the renvue that the music video makes

  8. kenya ramos sanchez says:

    NewJeans no decepciona, ellas son verdaderas artistas. NewJeans fighting!♡

  9. If you know me no you don't says:

    Recently read Shin Woo-Seok’s (Ditto’s and OMG’s director, also in the MV at 4:45 – that’s the actual director/crew :’)) interview and he kinda gave an explanation to OMG’s MV meaning so here’s some context:

    “When we first began to work on our first project together (Ditto), Min Hee-jin (NJ’s CEO/Producer) said that it would be best that we get to know more about the kids (NJ) and their personalities, so she set up a meeting over dinner and invited us over to Ador. […] It was so great to see kids at Ador have such creative imaginations and can freely expressed themselves. […] But these kids are in the public eye still, so however innocent their intentions might be, what they do might still be misconstrued.
    They are kids who might think freely *now*, but what would happen when they lose themselves being exposed to so much criticism and misperception? What would become of one if one keep having to limit what he/she does as an artist and as a person? I had these thoughts, so the script was also developed in this direction”

    • Me D says:

      @lumen Their concept is based in my lfies journey and who i talk to blackpink, itzy, leserafima dn now them feom 2019 onwards. I plan to sue blakcpink. They may disband, because there is aguy specific i was talking to who was the concept of the songs from 2019. I ‘shut down’ all contact with him in 2022. Thats what the closing doors in the shut down MV is abojt there’s so much details. Shut down is also a song to manipulate the crowd(such as you) to supporting these sykopaths, because they know that im angry at them, it is also stongly based on my coworkers who was like this to me like the song, pink venom, is her. The song. I can proove it.
      And btw, im a docotr. They are mocking a pain a doctor can feel from too much empthy. Esp in the post cred scene. The girl at the end typing me me tellingthe guy who was the inspiration of the song what she types. The girl with the cam in the ‘ditto’ mv is also me.

    • Isa Tae Jin says:

      @straykids Siento con tu comentario que más que a los demás, te quieres convencer a ti mismx.

    • lumen says:

      @Me D hi, my name is Lulu.. I am concerned you are showing signs of schizophrenia, there is no way on earth that this company is making stuff based on your life.

      comedian Joel Haver had a scary run-in with someone saying similar things to you this year, and it was just someone who needed to see someone for professional help. please seek help, this is not normal or healthy or safe for you

    • diary that you forgot says:

      I’m reading some of fans opinion and teorist losing my mind cause like no one saying about bad side of exposing kid’s life. For me, this mv is like kids losing their identity when it’s not even developing. It’s have been discused in my country because some artist are start to expose their kid’s daily live in youtube. And for last scene, it’s like some people that don’t know what is kid’s privacy make a tweet complaining about censorship, not like ador want to shut down all people who buzzing bout cookie. Glad that it’s what it’s.

      And everyone in the comment. Why you guys fighting troll acc? It’s make me tired that their bot comment.

    • Rena! says:

      @mar fr

  10. 김광산 says:

    It’s like a music video that tells fans who are exposed to news through media such as phones.
    Entering the world of newjeans(= mental hospital, dream), they provide us with a variety of colors, such as princesses (hyein), cats(Hae-in), and idols (Daniel)
    And Hani hits the alarm with a baseball bat in the beginning, which means don’t wake up from your dream, which means that you want to stay in the world of newjeans
    Lastly, I think Minji’s “Let’s go” on SNS does not mean “the haters go to the mental hospital,” but the scene contains New jeans will to invite you to our world even if you don’t understand what we show
    There are so many meanings inside that I don’t understand all of them, but I summarized the memorable parts

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