[NewJeans – Hype Boy] Hot Debut Stage | #엠카운트다운 EP.764 | Mnet 220804 방송

[NewJeans – Hype Boy] Hot Debut Stage | #엠카운트다운 EP.764 | Mnet 220804 방송

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– KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.764
– NewJeans – Hype Boy

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‘HOT DEBUT’ ⭐️괴물 신인⭐️ ‘뉴진스(NewJeans)’의 ‘Hype Boy’ 무대
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39 Responses

  1. 猫のお母さん says:

    no wonder Hanni is the main dancer she’s flawless her stage presence is insane 😧

  2. can't spell ARMY without RM says:

    hanni’s expression is ON point and she’s confident on stage which makes her stand out. She’s gonna be big in the futurw

  3. Neeni. says:

    Danielle is all smiley and her vocals sounds good too. Also the girls’s stage presence are no jokes tho.

    • RainbowKelly says:

      @Hu hu the comment said danielle’s vocals sound good, even if she isn’t singing live here that’s still her voice

    • Tina Phan says:

      @Hu hu So do other groups lol like even big groups do that, not gonna name any names but you know

    • Tina Phan says:

      Shes adorable

    • Neeni. says:

      @OvO idk why y’all acting like lip syncing is a crime when it’s not, and whenever people give out their opinions abt what they like y’all saying kpop stan this kpop stan that. y’all saying things like this whenever a group debuted. there’s room for improvement & time for that. don’t act like y’all faves never lipsyncing. there’s always has a single thing y’all like to say. they won’t get debuted if their vocals aren’t good, maybe not as strong but still good. this performance literally a good starting for them tho. i get it they’re all lipsyncing but saying things like this annoyed tf out of me.

    • OvO says:

      It DOES matter weather they’re singing live or not, kpop stans are truly messed up. They should at least let them sing a line or two live, they literally lip synced all of the songs, this will only make it harder on them to sing live in the future resulting in cold stiff performances. But if y’all prefer to watch pretty faces doing pretty moves without hearing their actual voices then fine go on, act like if singing live doesn’t matter.

  4. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Minji stage presence are no joke, she’s so perfect

  5. hklaurent says:

    I agree that Hanni looks very confident and comfortable with the stage and camera. I can tell that Haerin is a bit nervous from her face. Other 3 are also quite comfortable but a bit unnatural and weird with the constant winks and hair flipping. But overall this is a very successful debut stage. I never stan a group so fast!

    • Stream HYPE BOY by NewJeans says:

      Lol Haerin was not nervous, this is her usual calm, unaffected vibe. They just debuted and you already act like you know how the girls should act on stage? I laugh.

    • kqyla says:

      I think Hyein and Danielle look pretty comfortable. Minji and haerin are just stoic ppl. I think the only one who seemed visibly nervous is haerin. It’s cute tho lol

    • hklaurent says:

      @R 1209 I’m glad that the audiences gave them a lot of support, hope they will get used to performing very soon! I just thought about if I should buy their album, after having watched these 3 performances, I’m gonna order it tomorrow! Haha

    • Linh Nga Trương Nguyễn says:

      U forgot Danielle

    • R 1209 says:

      Yeah, Haerin looks the most nervous!Hyein and Minji too, but they’ll get better later on when they perform more. They did very good considering this is they’re first time on stage as a group!!!

  6. BBella says:

    A Danielle está tão bonitinha com esse penteado
    Eu já sou um fã dessas garotas elas são extremamente carismática e talentosa

  7. Lorenzo Kim says:

    Hanni and Danielle is like a power duo of confidence and stage presence wow

    • Ayana Hampton says:

      @Stream HYPE BOY by NewJeans as an Asian… xenophobia is literally the irrational fear of a foreigner. They’re just praising Australians (who are ethnically Korean) so calling it xenophobia makes zero sense. Xenophobia would be like…actually discriminating against Koreans, which is clearly not what commenter is doing

    • Stream HYPE BOY by NewJeans says:

      @doankimtuan anh they won’t even be idols if it’s not for Koreans and Kpop, so you can stop the xenophobia right there.

    • doankimtuan anh says:

      And both from Australia. Damn, these Aussie slayed.

  8. Ivana Shafira Putri says:

    Loving the groovy vibe that they bring through their songs. Loving all the members. Young, pretty, talented, especially Danielle & Hanni, i think i can grow to be your eonni fan. Really, can’t wait for more songs from NewJeans. This is hype!

  9. Lamberte Felipe says:

    Um visual INCRÍVEL, carismáticas, fofas♥️ e com DEBUT incrivelmente perfeito 🇧🇷

  10. Diana Nguyen says:

    okay but can we talk about Hanni’s stage presence and how well she expresses the song and herself on stage

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