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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

Music video by NF performing NO NAME. (C) 2018 NF Real Music, LLC

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65 Responses

  1. ScryptX says:

    That intro tells me shit’s about to hit the fan.

  2. Lelouch Music says:

    Wow, NF’s already releasing more music? Incredible. Feels like Perception just dropped yesterday. I hope he’s working on his fourth album. Song is amazing.

    • Weslie Slabaugh says:

      Lelouch Music tech N9ne drops shit fast as fuck, like as soon as he drops an album he will put a song from the new album he’s already working on in that album like a little sneak peak of it

    • Jade Hillsheimer says:

      Nf is on that grind prob did this cause hes gonna be busy touring soon so he gave us more godly music now i just need a intro 3 video and ill be set for awhile

    • DragoFTW says:

      Lelouch Music he usually completes 25% of it before tour, then he finishes it 8 months after tour.

  3. xxAWESOME BROxx says:

    NF all Songs ranked (except No Name)
    1. Remember this (P)
    2. Mansion (M)
    3. Let you down (P)
    4. Intro III (P)
    5. If you want love (P)
    6. Outro (P)
    7. How could you leave us (TS)
    8. Lie (P)
    9. Lost in the moment (TS)
    10. I’ll keep on (M)
    11. Turn the music up (M)
    12. Intro II (TS)
    13. Therapy session  (TS)
    14. Outcast (P)
    15. Statement (TS)
    16. Paralyzed (M)
    17. All I have (M)
    18. Dreams (P)
    19. Motivated (M)
    20. Intro (M)
    21. Can you hold me (M)
    22. Oh lord (TS)
    23. Breathe (TS)
    24. Wish you wouldn’t (TS)
    25. Wake up (M)
    26. Notepad (M)
    27. Green lights (P)
    28. Real (TS)
    29. You’re special (P)
    30. My life (P)
    31. Know (P)
    32. 3  am (P)
    33. Warm up
    34. 10 feet down (P)
    35. Wait (M)
    36. I just wanna know (TS)
    37. Grindin (TS)
    38. One hundred (P)
    39. Destiny (P)
    40. Gothu o my mind (TS)
    41. I can feel it (TS)
    42. Face it (M)
    43. All I do (TS)
    list can change over time.

  4. amelia Vlogz says:

    NF= never fails.
    I love him and all his songs because he speaks the truth❤💯

  5. xxAWESOME BROxx says:

    Look, people ask me what the future is
    All I know is I’ll be doin’ this
    All I know is things are moving quick
    That’s convenient for me ’cause that’s how I live
    Now they see me out here movin’ up
    You don’t like me, that makes two of us
    Time change, yeah, I can’t adjust
    Yo, it’s who you are not who you was, oh my
    Yeah, just went to Europe, they said the single is working
    I think I’m learning, I am way more than people might think when they look on the surface
    What is my purpose? Yeah
    That is a question that I have been asking myself and it hurts
    ‘Cause it’s prolly something I should already know but I don’t know it yet, I’m tryna grow as a person, woo!
    I’m sick of people tellin’ people I’m here ’cause of marketing dollars, oh
    You think that everything is gonna blow just ’cause you market it harder? No
    I got my hands in everything, now they out here tryna get to me
    Stop tryna lecture me
    You don’t compare to my level of thinking, so why do you think you compare to my energy, huh?
    Small circle, but the number’s growin’
    Fame called me, I’m like, “How you doin’?”
    Hung up on him, I ain’t ready for it
    I’ll get back to that when I make album four
    Less talking, I’ve been workin’ more
    Better me is what I’m workin’ towards
    Y’all judgin’, but we not in court, no, we not in court, oh Lord!
    Last couple years, let’s recap
    I make a livin’ off of writin’ out my regrets
    I’m doin’ me, I don’t care where the scene’s at
    Try to give me feedback, I don’t really need that
    I used to walk on stage in a V-neck
    I used to wear a lil’ tie with a black vest
    I came a long way, why you lookin’ upset?
    I’m tryna paint a picture, get the vision, you ain’t hear it yet, woo!
    Look, hold up, hold up, wait a minute, please
    Flow’s switchin’, I got ADD
    Brain scatters when you play the beat
    It don’t matter what you say to me
    I’ll be doin’ this at 83
    I’ve been doin’ this since ABC’s
    In the major leagues doin’ major things, don’t play with me, woo!
    I’m livin’ life in the fast lane
    Wake up every morning thinkin’ I’ma have a bad day
    Drive my own car, I don’t like the valet
    Parked, then I go into my mind with an AK
    Shoot every thought in my head then it rotates
    Losin’ it all, but I think that I’m okay
    Who is involved? I don’t know, but I’m insane
    Poof! And I’m gone, wanna call me a no name, what!?
    I’m prolly not what you thought
    I’m prolly not what you thought
    I used to judge everybody that wasn’t like me ’til I learned it was wrong
    Girl told me I should get it together and get out the dark
    I’m tryna give her my heart
    That’s when I sit in my car, writin’ for hours until I can barely talk
    I mean, where do I start?
    Feels like I’m fallin’ apart
    Act like my image is hard
    I always put up my guard
    Even when talkin’ to God
    Sit in my room and I plot
    Everything that I’m not
    Comes out in the music I jot
    I give it all that I got
    I give it all that I got!
    I’m tryna think out the box, no!
    Yeah, I got people standing outside a bus screaming my name
    I don’t come out and take pictures, they tell me I changed
    I don’t smile in VIPs, you get mad like, “You know what I paid?”
    Guess I don’t know what to say
    Guess I don’t know what to say
    I leave it all on the stage
    I leave it all on the stage

  6. Henok Cronin says:

    Nf is going crazy after Perception. He is top of many Charts all over the world. You can’t even buy ticket to his concerts because they are SOLD OUT. Go NF, I love bro

  7. Ravyn Davis says:

    This is gonnna blow tf up 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Panic!AtTheCrybabyPiløt disco says:

    Who’s here before 500k 🤪😍

  9. Nation says:



  10. Nathan Hintermeister says:

    You here he getting married wow congratulations bro!

  11. Joey D says:

    “You don’t like me? That makes two of us!” Wow…

  12. Pushing Pennsylvania Music says:

    Honestly I can listen to all of NF’s music without skipping it he keeps it real.

  13. Hayden Barber says:

    Is it selfish that I want another album right now?

  14. newlegend says:

    man this guy is a legend and dont need curse words to make his music great

  15. rania sheikh says:

    I had a great day today, now it’s officially the BEST day ever😍

  16. Double Lyrical says:


  17. Random person says:

    Anyone else want to get tickets but it already sold out

  18. SpotOn_Lyrics says:

    Truly if just one person reads this it will make my day. I am a young YouTuber who does animated lyric videos for those who like to sing with their favorite artists. I know that people make these sorts of comments all the time but I do really believe that I’ll be the one that you will be happy you did actually visit and watch his content. I am very close to 1500 subs. If ONE PERSON could just give this a thumbs up, you will be a step closer to helping my dreams come true. I PROMISE YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED. I just need one chance and 3 minutes. Thank you for reading this long comment ❤

  19. Brian Conrad says:

    D A M N – New fan. Sick style supported by even stronger lyrics.

  20. Leigha Lawrence says:

    Treading!! WHOOO!🙌👌

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