NF – Time

NF – Time

Official music video for “Time” by NF.
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The Search Tour
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SEP 12: Pittsburgh, PA — Stage AE
SEP 13: Grand Rapids, MI — The DeltaPlex Arena
SEP 14: Sterling Heights, MI — Michigan Lottery Amphitheater at Freedom Hill
SEP 15: Columbus, OH — Express Live!
SEP 17: Philadelphia, PA — The Met Philadelphia
SEP 18: Wallingford, CT — Oakdale Theatre
SEP 20: Charlotte, NC — Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre
SEP 21: Raleigh, NC — Red Hat Amphitheater
SEP 23: Nashville, TN — Marathon Music Works – SOLD OUT
SEP 24: Nashville, TN — Marathon Music Works
SEP 26: Louisville, KY — Old Forester’s Paristown Hall
SEP 27: Fort Wayne, IN — The Clyde Theatre
SEP 28: Minneapolis, MN — The Armory
SEP 29: Winnipeg, MB — Burton Cummings Theatre
OCT 01: Edmonton, AB — Edmonton Convention Centre
OCT 02: Calgary, AB — Grey Eagle Event Centre
OCT 03: Vancouver, BC — PNE Forum
OCT 05: Seattle, WA — WaMu Theater
OCT 06: Kennewick, WA — Toyota Center Kennewick
OCT 08: Portland, OR — Moda Center
OCT 09: Garden City, ID — Revolution Concert House
OCT 11: Magna, UT — The Great Saltair
OCT 13: Morrison, CO — Red Rocks Amphitheatre
OCT 15: Kansas City, MO — Uptown Theater
OCT 18: Houston, TX — Revention Music Center
OCT 19: Oklahoma City, OK — The Criterion
OCT 20: Irving, TX — The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
OCT 22: Phoenix, AZ — Comerica Theatre
OCT 24: Anaheim, CA — House of Blues Anaheim – SOLD OUT
OCT 25: Anaheim, CA — House of Blues Anaheim – SOLD OUT
OCT 26: San Jose, CA — San Jose Civic

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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

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70 Responses

  1. Aleksandra Spark says:

    NF – worked hard for his career, he studied in various schools.
    Billie Eilish said – “school would destroy my punishment”.
    Moral – it’s complicated

    • Bellsey says:

      @Sayere Nazabi Sayem facts

    • JaiM says:

      @Sayere Nazabi Sayem i don’t think he’s throwing shade at all, just making a point that morals are complicated and are personal to everyone. And these two artists have different backgrounds and opinions yet are both thriving in the music world

    • Kenneth Austin Hamilton says:

      @Sayere Nazabi Sayem Billie is whack and apart of the mumble rap generation.

    • Lec _13 says:

      Kenneth Austin Hamilton no she is not part of the mumble rap generation you must be dumb as shit saying that. You can say she came after the mumble ran generation but not a part of

  2. RighteouSinner says:

    NF inspired me to start making Music again – I aspire to make a song with him some day. Mark my words!

  3. elionym says:

    NF is the best rapper who i ever found. I pay every price if NF come to Germany.

  4. Anna Damm says:

    “going to therapy for you, something that’s worth doing when i know you’ve been there for me through all of my worst moments” idk about you guys but that’s love right there

  5. lil Monk says:

    NF. You are a life saver dude. This is exactly how I feel bro.

    • 502AzulYBlanco503 says:

      It’s like he knows what I’m going through right now holy S**T….I just wanna tell this girl who I was seeing that I love her to death and that I miss her, but how do I do that when I fucked up lately all cause my dumbass was drunk and dissed her and yelled at her and told her I hope she drops dead ..We were still friends after we stopped seeing each other, so shes single which means she can see other people, but I always got mad when she hung out with other guys…She said she was starting to miss me and wanted to hang out with me for her birthday but I ruined it…now she hates me to the point she’ll call the cops on me if i keep messaging her…

  6. Donald Trump says:

    I’m not crying, you’re crying

    But seriously, it’s time for me to watch this video again just with a box of tissues nearby

  7. Denali Pearson says:

    Yo shoutout to whoever actually shot and made this video, that’s some amazing work to go with this amazing song

  8. Red Panda says:

    Tried to stay up for premiere
    **fell asleep**
    **wakes up**
    **1.7 mil views**
    What the hell.

  9. Haeherfeder02 says:

    Is it just me or does this guy really look like Sebastian Stan?

  10. Kaniya Fraley says:

    Nf literally saved my life I’ve so glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves, he’s so talented and honestly deserves it so much

  11. Be Joyful says:

    It’s okay, NF fans just hate the YouTube algorithm now

  12. Sameer uprety says:

    We got NF -time, Joyner Lucas- 10 bands,Ed Sheeran,Eminem, 50 cent in remember the name…This has-been a great day.

  13. /ry/m/n says:

    i wish one day u become legend in music industry….???

  14. Jakub Psutka says:

    My favourite song from NF is Why, but i don’t know why ?

  15. Hebereto Sanchez says:

    When i saw the views, i honestly almost choke myself with a hotdog foreal no joke though?

  16. Chris Sisco says:

    Omg this dude couldn’t write music more about what I’m going through spot on

  17. Retro Omatro says:

    Best thing about this dude and what makes him special is that he know how to spit and actually knows how to sing!!

  18. Declan carnelly says:

    Any og NF fans here who knew about him before 2019???

  19. Wiki_Searches says:

    #3 on trending now! But let’s be REAL, what’s the estimated “TIME” It’ll be at #1?

  20. Gelo says:

    Song title: *Time*

    Me: *Stays up all night to see the music video*

    YouTube: *Finally puts it on #3 trending*

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