NHL 22 Official Reveal Trailer

NHL 22 Official Reveal Trailer

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EA SPORTS NHL 22 officially launches worldwide October 15th featuring Auston Matthews as your global cover athlete.

Powered by Frostbite, EA SPORTS NHL 22 gets the superstar treatment. For the first time ever, experience hockey on one of the industry’s most powerful game engines bringing unrivaled visual detail to every hit, deke, and shot. Superstar X-Factors lets you feel the personality and power of NHL superstars with an all-new ability system that unlocks the unique skills of the league’s most elite players. From HUT to World of Chel, Superstar X-Factors brings new class based strategy to every game mode.

EA SPORTS NHL 22 is an all new game for a new generation, giving you more ways to play and compete than ever before. This is breakthrough hockey.

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53 Responses

  1. EA SPORTS NHL says:

    Make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you’re here for all trailers coming out soon 👀

  2. DevBoeser says:

    Bigger Playoff atmosphere and better franchise mode

    • Justin Kwiatkowski says:

      The game sucks. Did they fix the “go wings go” chants for the red wings home games? It’s supposed to be “let’s go red wings”… They are lazy. Something so small pisses off a big red wings fan like me.

    • Justin Kwiatkowski says:

      @zach Balogh that’s a good point

    • Morning D.E.W. says:


    • Pat i says:

      @Zachary O’Malley and sharable custom rosters

    • Zachary O’Malley says:

      @Pat i That is definitely the number one thing missing from the game right now. That, being able to make roster trades that involve draft picks, and being able to start at the draft would all be nice.

  3. Josef Miller says:

    Please add the glass breaking on big hits again and fix the one timer issue. It’s either fix on timers or make short goalies actually useable

    • Jonathan Robinson says:

      You can defend, don’t give up one timer chances hahah

    • Brayden O'Neil says:

      @Jonathan Robinson explain the cheap behind the bet one timers. So broken

    • Jonathan Robinson says:

      @Brayden O’Neil Explain a bit better? If it’s a pass from behind the net, try to intercept it, check the guy behind the net, or defend the guy that’s open. I play online. I can score multiple one timers against some, and others completely shut me down. When I let in a ton, I get frustrated too, I just played extremely poor defensively usually. They are annoying, don’t get me wrong lol

    • nollieflipcrook says:

      @Jonathan Robinson also most goals in real life are scored on one timers, so it’s realistic

    • nollieflipcrook says:

      @Jonathan Robinson if you know how to defend one timers you can go games without giving up any one timer goals. There isn’t a “one timer problem”, you just gotta get better lol, and when I say “you” I mean people in general, not you specifically of course because I’m agreeing with you

  4. C0CK n BALLS says:

    Please add hits through glass, hits over bench, controllable celebrations and an actual like storyline towards the career mode🙏

  5. Grimmc says:

    I hope they add a option we’re you can have the score at the top left again

  6. Robert Finneran says:

    Hopefully in GM mode you can see Banner raising, Award presentations, Retire Jerseys…and have a trophy room where you can see more than just 5 years

  7. GreatSaveHockey says:

    Things I expect that we’ll likely not get.

    1. Competent AI. I’m not asking for much, but it HAS to improve tenfold for this game to be worth buying.

    This includes:

    -Competent Goalies. This has been a major issue for a while, but especially bad with the recent generation of consoles. The goalies are horrible. The fact that I can hold a team to 5 shots in a game and they will guaranteed score at least 2 goals is unacceptable.
    -AI players need to shoot more not just when it’s a guaranteed goal or scoring chance. One of the great things about a game like NHL 2004, was the opponent shoots the puck often. It’s not just snipe shots and dekes.
    -The team AI takes unbearably dumb penalties and far too often, while the opponent AI hardly gets called, and that’s WITH the sliders turned up. It’s ridiculous. It NEEDS to be fixed and badly. I never thought I’d see the day were the AI takes more penalties than I do…

    2. Fighting needs to change. It’s REALLY bad. 6 years ago it was fine, but it needs an update in a BIG way. The way it works makes ZERO sense. A stamina bar would help immensely in making the fighting fun again. Currently it’s boring and a chore. Why on earth would I take damage when the opponent blocks? Why? Instead, use the stamina bar.

    -Also, WHO fights makes no sense. Fighters and tough guys are hardly the ones that fight. It always two players who aren’t fighters or tough, that are the ones always getting in fights during games. It’s idiotic. I’m fine if every so often it happens that way, where a non fighter fights, but it should hardly be the norm.

    3. Contracts.

    -Why can’t I give a signing bonus? Why can’t I change how much money players get each year? Example: year one 1 mil, year two 3 mil, year three 1 mil etc. Why is that not an option? 2K was doing that in NHL 2K5 for gods sake and that game came out 17 years ago!

    4. Be a Pro needs an update and a proper one. While NHL 21 definitely improved it, it still needs much, much more.

    -After my rookie contract I should be able to negotiate my contract. The whole, “here’s three teams that want to sign you at this much pick one” is moronic. It takes away from the game. I should be able to negotiate my bloody contract.
    -Full seasons in the Minors and Europe would ne nice. I hate how that was taken away last year. Getting rid of the option to play the whole thing is ridiculous.
    -REAL CUTSCENES. How is EA this far behind? If 2K can do it, EA most certainly can do it to.

    I fully expect NON of these to be done as it would make the most logical sense and EA doesn’t do logic.

    • Kärppä Fani says:

      Agree. My goalie sv% is always like 0.86% because AI shoots only from good positions…

    • DelasVC says:

      Lol, that is 4 bulletpoints asked too many..

    • alex2792 says:

      The AI has hardly improved since the SNES days so I wouldn’t hold my breath of that one.

    • ShinyMew76 says:

      Yeah I liked playing an entire season in the CHL

    • JPBeats says:

      Well for the contract one, it’d be kind of useless, because cap doesn’t work like that. for example, if a players contract is 5M for 4 years total, his AAV will be 1.25M, it doesn’t matter if he’s paid more in his second year, every year, he’ll be 1.25M against the cap.

  8. Joe LoMonaco says:

    Thanks for highlighting all the new features, showing us the cover athlete, and clearly stating the release date…

    • Daniel G says:

      @Fred Wright I never compared EA to GTA. I was stating to the person somewhere in this comment section who went off on a rant about EA. I merely stated that gaming in general today is stagnant. I gave examples of other franchises as well. I brought up GTA 3 in a positive way by saying many companies tried to, adapted to or wanted to be GTA 3 which led to a lot of boring same old forumulas for a long time. I stated how Mario has been the same, Call of Duty has been the same etc. I wasn’t bashing GTA 3. I’m not sure if you read my boring long ass first post. I don’t get where you think I even put that game down. I was a GTA 3 day one buyer before that game blew up because I was already playing GTA 1, 2 and London 1969 years prior. I was merely stating how companies used to put a lot of heart and soul into games and that nowadays it’s very safe and corporate for money. The type of risks taken in the 80’s and 90’s and during the 6th generation from 1998-2004 are over. Gaming can’t stay fresh and groundbreaking forever. That’s what I said. You keep insisting I compared GTA 3 to EA when .

    • Daniel G says:

      @Fred Wright I also told that person who was going off that they have options. Instead of being the typical EA people every year who buy these games to bitch about them he has options to quit playing games or play an older game. Like I do with NHL 94, Tecmo Bowl, NBA Live, Jam etc. I don’t get why people bitch so much about products that already have them set up inside to hate on it. Why even give your brain that space. Not you but him. That’s why I said to him all the franchises are same these days. No one is really pushing the limit because so many past games already did. Now it’s just a matter of prettier graphics and shitty transactions.

    • jockejocke1 says:

      Release date is in the description.

    • Fred Wright says:

      @Daniel G for the millionth time. It’s a terrible comparison you’re making. Gaming can’t be groundbreaking? We’re talking about how EA refuses to add basic features that they included in the last gen consoles. How about how they refuse to fix glitch goals? How about they update to something newer than a 7 year old engine? How is any of this groundbreaking. I don’t know why you’re over here writing novels when it’s that simple. No excuse for EA

    • Fred Wright says:

      @Daniel G part two: wrong. They can improve a LOT and it has very little to do with the graphics.

  9. ZyX says:

    Something i have waited forever for but probably will never happen is that when your team misses the playoffs or gets eliminated in be a pro you could go and play for your national team in like a iihf world championship (i know they dont have the rights anymore) but something like that would be cool imo

    • L F 4633 says:

      YES this or franchise mode same thing. I hate getting eliminated in franchise mode only to sim to next season. Let me choose a country, build roster from available players and do that instead of cup or bust mentality every time

  10. wilsonjoshwilson says:

    The Slow defender cross crease simulator is back baby!!! Can’t wait to play club and have every team average 6-7 goals cause all we do is one timers…………..

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