Niamh meets her second Twin Stranger…In Italy!

Niamh meets her second Twin Stranger…In Italy!

Less than two months on and Niamh meets her second twin stranger Luisa. Only this time it’s in Genoa, Italy!

Niamh is still looking for her 5 other twin strangers, so if you know anyone else that looks like Niamh please do get in contact!

Also, we want to help you find your twin stranger so get onto and see if you can find your match from anywhere in the world.

Twitter: @twin_strangers

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19 Responses

  1. Dr.Phill says:

    so what if you started dating your doppelganger?

  2. ImSooSwazy says:

    This is so awesome…Now kiss…

  3. NO MIRA says:

    So guys I was thinking why don’t they create an app that has a Face
    Recognition system so we can upload our pictures and look for our twin
    stranger it’s an algorithm so nothing is possible :D

  4. Waragainstsleep X says:

    So did you do any DNA comparisons with either of these twins? Be
    interesting to see how similar you are at that level.

  5. Danger Mouse says:

    Two brunettes surprised to find out how non-unique they are.

  6. nikaMeea says:

    She kinda looks like Emma Stone too

  7. YouBazinga says:

    Now I want to see a twin of other rase!

  8. skilled youtube says:

    they are beautiful

  9. SubVengeance says:

    Well. looks like dady wasn’t wasting his time =)

  10. Merchant Ivory (filmstudent) says:

    Am I the only one who thought how cool it would have been if they pulled a
    “Parent Trap” and didn’t tell their families they made the switch?

  11. Wiotima says:

    Thank God Asians are not that emotional, otherwise we would have seen
    Sextillion videos like that.

  12. Eder Fabian says:

    at 2 : 5 1 luisa looks like jemma simmons from agents of shield

  13. Exospheredweller says:

    One on top of the other i’d go 8 inches without mercy, WITHOUT MERCY!

  14. richgang 2000 says:

    Check my channel out

  15. Narcase says:

    With enough make-up you can make an orange look like an apple.

  16. Duke Bro says:

    I don’t get it.. She has a very common looking white girl face. Even then,
    they dont look THAT similar so why is she acting like its some type of

  17. Jerardo Vazquez says:

    2. HO