Nice try, “Liz”.

Nice try, “Liz”.

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0:00 – intro
2:46 – elizabeth who?
7:38 – presenting “liz” holmes (lol)
22:15 – nobody is falling for this btw…
25:29 – conclusion

elizabeth holmes just tried to make one of the worst comebacks i’ve ever seen (ft. the new york times)

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42 Responses

  1. D'Angelo Wallace says:

    Hi you look great today thanks for watching!! Anyway, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with GrammarlyGO. Sign up at and get 20% off Grammarly Premium ✨

  2. cam says:

    okay but a mother convicted of a drug crime would never be given the grace of “what about her kids!” and this lady LITERALLY scammed people and nearly killed them

    • y y says:

      Reminds me of that Chapelle Show skit about drug criminals being treated like white collar criminals and vice versa.

    • Eddie V says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Black dads serving for possession of weed weren’t given that consideration, they’re just shamed for not being around for their kids

    • Santos Chavez says:

      it’s such a weird double standard we have in society; I think the only reason they even bothered to try that is because, well, she was a billionaire. On literally anyone else that wouldn’t be worth considering to try.

    • a s says:

      @y y which

    • 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓴 says:

      Yeah, it’s a thing called “white woman tears”. (There’s probably a more official term, but w/e I’m a crybaby and I don’t take offence. It’s not a blanket statement.) Misogyny is real, for all women, and the prison system unjustly breaks up so many families, but those in charge don’t care except when it’s a pretty, young, middle/upper-class blonde woman who’s socially well-connected. Again, I’m not saying white women don’t face misogyny too, rather that non-white women face so much more just because of their race, &/or name, accent, nationality, etc. It’s just gross how the working class will use what little power they have to trample other working class people instead of even accepting the possibility that the problem is from above the hierarchy, not across it.

      And that’s been a thing for a long time, whether scabs breaking strike lines or calling the cops on a man for asking you to leash your dog (as dictated by law, plus safety) and claiming he was “aggressive”. Heck, back on the white woman tears, there have pretty much always been “white-only” feminist causes, with every wave including some notable OG suffragettes. (Not all of them, mind, but there were some, and it’s… a rabbit hole. Check it.)

      So this is just a reminder to remember the importance of _intersectionality_ in sociopolitical causes. There’s always overlap of all kinds, and without inclusion of all, the cause will never see true justice. In fact, it’ll just perpetuate the same old, harmful narratives, at the expense of others who are on your same “team.”


  3. Katie Pope says:

    I love how everyone who can see through her BS never calls her Liz, while people supporting her do. 😂

  4. Curstin Michelle says:

    I see she’s studied the YouTube apologies. Turning the “I’m not that person. The person that did those horrible things is a disgusting, vile, insufferable, demon of a person” into an entire persona is impressive

    • Mbita Acoustic says:

      Here is the full clip u all looking for

    • virgofairy88 says:

      She probably watched a lot of Jeremiah Starfish and Shane Dawson apology videos 😂

    • GirlHatesWorld says:

      I think her husband and babies are part of the whole look.

    • sukatidi says:

      i think when people deviate it like it was someone else that did it (yet still speaking about themselves, but like theyre not that person) and not as actually them to me is like a denial of their wrong doings, still trying to find the blame elsewhere to the point of detaching it from yourself, saying “it wasnt actually me”, its just not genuine, taking accountability is saying more like “yes i did it, i knew better and did it anyway, that was actually really fucking shitty of me, i want to showcase the changes ive made to ensure i will and have become a better person, and definitely dont agree with or condone said wrong doing now.” basically admitting it and explaining how and what they will be doing differently or to make things better

  5. anais says:

    “don’t girl-boss too close to the sun or this could happen to you” they really said how can you support women’s rights without supporting women’s wrongs 😭😭😭

  6. Bri D says:

    One of my favorite things about her big re-brand is that the family photos look completely AI generated. Like she could not fathom what having genuinely loving, interpersonal relationships looks like so she asked a bot and the bot was all, “Idk, fully clothed on the beach?” 😂

    • Santos Chavez says:

      Frankly I would not even surprised at this point if it turned out those images really *were* actually AI generated. After all, you can train Stable Diffusion on a certain face and have it make images with that face so it wouldn’t even be an impossiblity.

      At this point I’d put nothing past her.

    • Edellea says:

      honestly the more i look at it the more odd it gets. like it’s a set or something and they were just photoshopped to look like they’re on a beach lol

    • atift says:

      “Fully clothed on the beach” has me HOLLERING. She really went “yeah… THIS is what mentally stable people do. So relatable xoxo”

    • Katelyn Brown says:

      ​@Edellea it’s likely it was a set in a sense, if new york times wrote an article about it then it’s probably their own photographer who took those photos. But even if she sent some of them in, idk how you can see how these photos don’t look fake.

    • Zorin B says:

      ​@Santos Chavez after you said that i went to look at their hands and only saw four fingers on Elizabeth’s hand that’s holding the baby in the back lol (maybe it’s the angle though)

  7. nikita says:

    REMINDER: elizabeth holmes psychologically tortured an employee until he took his own life. decided to have kids knowing they wouldn’t see her until they’re in double digits. just saying.

  8. asfaltsflickan says:

    Her dad continuing to make excuses for her makes a lot of sense. It’s so obvious that she was never once told “no” growing up.

    • madpie5 says:

      didn’t he work at enron too?

    • Ava Lauren says:

      If you look into her story, her parents were actually strict and demanded academic success (even though from many accounts she didn’t seem to be exceptionally bright) on some level I think hooking up with Sunny when she was 18 and dropping out of college was her act of rebelling. If only she’d stopped there

    • SamuIise says:

      @Ava Laurenisn’t she like almost 40 now though? Can’t play from having tiger parents forever

    • 4th says:

      @madpie5 he sure did, he was the vice president so he was high up

    • Wobbles And Bean says:

      That’s old money for you. They’re all the same, every last one of them.

  9. Jennifer Keatts says:

    she really used her kids as way to get out of jail time, and shes totally willing to let those children grow up without their mom if it doesnt work out for her

  10. Jake The Pillow Snake says:

    D’Angelo, you are a national treasure. Your videos, your looks, your sense of style . . . you’re just an all-around delight.

    • Gill B says:

      I said yo my son that D’Angelo makes me smile just by being D’Angelo. And I love his well-researched deep-dives too. He agreed. This is bringing together generations as we sit and watch the videos together ❤️

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