Nick Cannon On Having A New Baby, TLC’s Chilli + Relationship w/ Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon On Having A New Baby, TLC’s Chilli + Relationship w/ Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his new R&B mixtape, but the conversation quickly took a turn to the entertainer’s personal life.
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20 Responses

  1. Brandy Cooper says:

    He was just here last month

  2. The Xclusive says:

    envy transitions are so abrupt, he go out into left field suddenly!

  3. Na Vi says:

    “This is not our land”… Wtf ? Nick obviously does not know his history

  4. Dante Bailey says:

    I got a newfound respect for Nick Cannon

  5. darnell607 says:

    Nick was DEAD ASS SERIOUS when he asked Yee “does she need a baby” lol

  6. Sarah SJ Simon says:

    He went from corny to conscious… Good for him.

  7. Itumo says:

    The best way to safeguard yourself from oppression is education and skill.
    And once African countries become first world, African Americans will have
    greater leverage in the U.S.

  8. DreDaGr8$ says:

    ??‍♀️ Nick is now a threat to National Security ??‍♀️

  9. Allergic2Nonsense says:

    Good interview nick, I know his resume stupid though. #Facts

  10. Jennifer Chapton says:

    why is he wearing an eartha Kitt turban? ??

  11. ProphetBrothers says:

    Before watching this I thought nick was a cornball but he’s actually a
    great guy with a good heart.

  12. Anaiah-Zaccai Wilson says:

    He looking like somebody’s Grandma…

  13. H Mack says:

    Nigga! Spare me the “principalities” HorseShit. If you’re saying not judge
    Child molesters, & Child murder, the you’re a fukin Moron, & a coward

  14. lil mama says:

    why this nigga wearing that turban on his head like an indian?

  15. Erisuavo says:

    20:01 nick cannon was boutta turn up on yee, then he remembered who he is

  16. z says:

    Why does he dress like this???

  17. ellanor Crane says:

    this nigga takes a plane to and from class every Tuesday and Thursday lol
    thats some rich nigga shit

  18. Roger Malik Smith (GOLD) says:

    lol idk about this one Nick

  19. Rex Stevenson says:

    he look like he belongs on the set of Aladdin

  20. Rilly Jo says:

    never heard nick curse on video b4. he been good watching it til this
    interview lol