Nick Cannon on Wendy Williams Calling His Youngest Son an “Oops Baby” (Part 3)

Nick Cannon on Wendy Williams Calling His Youngest Son an “Oops Baby” (Part 3)

Nick Cannon shared his thoughts on drug use being glorifed today and it being fashionable to look strung out. He added that while Lean was cool several years ago and everyone was seen with a double cup, he sees less of it today. To hear more, including how he’s not mad at Wendy Williams for calling his son an “oops baby,” hit the above clip.

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105 Responses

  1. Samantha Curry says:

    Wendell Orenthal James Williams got some nerve. She needs to be worried about her husband Kev and his side chick of 10+ years

  2. RoyalOutcast says:

    The way Nick responded online about what Wendy said was professional too. I would’ve went off to be honest. Even though that’s what Wendy ‘does’ it doesn’t make what she said excusable. Then again, Nick Cannon is kind of a comedian so of course he’s able to just shrug it off.

  3. 71donkrider says:

    I am loving these comments…y’all SAVAGE?

  4. Moshé X says:

    It’s getting spooky out here
    All the Nino Browns done turn Pookie out here

    – Fab

  5. Rasta Buggie says:

    Nick been banging all the pretty hoes.

  6. msprettylovepink says:

    Now her husband might have a “oops baby” ?

  7. Super Hater says:

    Wendy Williams got a 9 inch clit

  8. No Fruad Media says:

    Nick fake smile so much on tv his face getting stuck like that ?

  9. Jaime Vigil says:

    He ain’t no oops baby, he’s a indigo baby! Awesome! That doesn’t surprise me. 🙂

  10. Anthony Bennett says:

    But don’t Wendy’s husband have a “Oops ?” with his sidechick of 10years?
    The Irony??????

  11. One Jaguar says:

    I’m just here for the…
    “Was there Mexicans in San Diego when you were growing up?” 

    • Tre'mendous says:

      Ray Delarosa there are a lot of places where Whites are comfortable with blacks but aren’t with Mexicans…not that it’s okay but you aren’t white like you’d like to think

    • Edgar Alvarez says:

      So much ignorance in 1 comment thread. Bet none of yall ever really delved into mexican/chicano history. Lmao bet nome of yall ever delved completely into your own races history let alone another race

    • ErisWriter says:

      Omg people in the comments are so dumb. Don’t try to teach Mexican’s on their own history cause you’ll come out looking stupid.

    • Alima Thomas says:

      Tre’mendous really where are these places? ?

  12. Mike Lawry says:

    Nick still dress like he on set of love don’t cost a thing

  13. Robert Lloyd says:

    So no big ups from anyone for the baby reading? Big up lil man.

  14. L C says:

    Nick is a comedian so he gets jokes. The media took it more serious than him. Nick isn’t sensitive like most people. Take a joke….plus him and Wendy have been cool for years.

  15. Afropean Nomad says:

    does Vlad focus on negativity too much?

  16. Oso legend says:

    I saw that Wendy Williams clip and it was very disrespectful and out of line. I would’ve punched Mr. Williams in the face for that comment.

  17. MJR says:

    Wendy Williams a oops baby because I’m pretty sure Wendy was born a male.

  18. FoshoTheOne says:

    Why Nick Cannon dressed like this interview was done in 2007? ?

  19. chefboyarleezy says:

    Nick is the example of what a true professional is

  20. Matthew Mockabee says:

    Nick Cannon is my favorite celebrity! may The Most High continue to bless this man

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