Nick Diaz on UFC 266 return, fighting Robbie Lawler & more | ESPN MMA

Nick Diaz on UFC 266 return, fighting Robbie Lawler & more | ESPN MMA

Nick Diaz sits down with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto ahead of his rematch vs. Robbie Lawler at UFC 266 and discusses how Nick feels as his first fight in the UFC in over 6 years nears, as well as how witnessing his brother Nate’s most recent bout made an impact on him.

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38 Responses

  1. Mega Mateo says:

    listening to Nick when he’s honest is just so great

  2. BERTRAND850 says:

    Gotta love Nick. Missed that dude

  3. Yani Socratous says:

    Doesn’t want to fight but wants to fight the champ. Doesn’t like fighting but fought his whole life. Not good with words but really good with explaining. Says he’s the best fighter and he’s scared to fight. Says he’s not confident but super confident when in the cage. This guy is truly something else. LEGEND

  4. Mike Litorus says:

    His mind doing a million miles an hour and it’s hard to him to get over his social anxiety to get it out clearly. He’s very genuine and alot of people connect with him because he makes them realize he’s just like them, people think he’s a big successful fighter but in reality he’s struggling with the same things everyone else is, trying to figure out who he is ND what makes him happy and what he wants to do with himself, if he made the right decisions in the past and currently etc. I love both the Diaz bros both as fighters but even more so as people and for their personalities. I hope it all goes his way and he ko Lawler even faster and more viciously than the first time.
    I see what he means though, why am I fighting a guy I beat already? It’s only because there’s a back story there with the two previously fighting so that ‘bad blood’ gives them an angle to sell the fight and raise the excitement. Nick knows the companies don’t really care about the fighters they use them to make money. Chew em up and spit em out. When you start losing they kick you out and replace you with someone else.

  5. Jase Kemp says:

    “I took harder punches watching that, than I ever did In sparring or in fights.”


  6. colin atherton says:

    This has to be the most honest, genuine and introspective interview you’ll see from any fighter. I just genuinely hope he’s in a good place. I can’t wait to watch the fight.

  7. Asaad Khan says:

    It’s intense and hard to watch, he is like talking from the heart and getting into your soul, gotta love these boys.

  8. ulfurk says:

    The honesty and authenticity of this man is admirable.

  9. Brian Revell says:

    And listening to him talk and saying how he hates all of this process it makes me legitimately wonder if this man knows how extremely beloved he is across the world

    • Dub Collector says:

      How would that make it any different? Fighters know and have opinions on the fight game, beloved or not.

    • GRNG Flyy says:

      I don’t think he does, maybe after the fight he will realise how many people support him, but he’s just been in the UFC to fight, nothing more and nothing less. He’s always hated interviews because of how he’s uncomfortable on camera most times.

    • A Tom-Bomb Original says:

      Doesn’t matter how beloved you are if you can’t even be happy for yourself. Same thing happened to Robin Williams

    • Tre-Day says:

      @A Tom-Bomb Original true. it shows you can have so many ppl love you and still not be happy. Nick still has same mentality that Everyone is out to get him. Everyone screws him over like no one likes him. Thats just his mindset. One min he says one thing the next he contradicts what he just said. Hes always complaining. I Love watchin him fight but think he needs to find something else to be happy maybe idk.

  10. Marcos Amparo says:

    This didn’t feel like an interview, this felt like a therapy session.

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