Nick Eh 30 reacts to Futurama in Fortnite!

Nick Eh 30 reacts to Futurama in Fortnite!

New Fortnite update v25.20! New Futurama skins (Fry, Leela & Bender) and Mammoth Pistol!
0:00 Fortnite x Futurama Trailer
0:21 Futurama Item Shop
0:26 Planet Express Ship in Mega City
0:49 New Mammoth Pistol
1:27 New Perks with Mammoth Pistol
2:44 New Shiny Metal Raygun (Bender’s)
3:22 Mammoth Pistol can 1 shots walls
4:29 Using 5 Mammoth Pistols ONLY
6:13 Epic flying shot with Mammoth Pistol
7:01 Futurama Victory Royale
7:34 Friendly Fire glitch with NPC
8:10 Best Moments
10:25 Best end-game win
14:32 Outro
14:52 Funny Moment

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21 Responses

  1. Santino Maynard says:

    Can we just appreciate the good content that Nick makesfor all of us

  2. P1neMarten says:

    I loved this update. Watching the stream while Nick reacted it was so fun and entertaining- as always. Keep up the Eh-Mazing content Nick โค

  3. -Ash- says:

    Itโ€™s actually nice to see nick having fun playing the game for a while and winning some games

  4. Bright-asthma1 [FN] says:

    3:22 sick transition Nick as always! Keep up the great work and have an EHmazing day

  5. Hsuhffudhxhxfudududi says:

    Nick never disappoints

  6. Eternaltus says:

    Nick always kills it with these videos, he does a EHmazing job

  7. WLES says:

    Nick is so good at everything he does and put so much work on what he does, love every stream and video and keep up the good work brother๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œโค๏ธ please and thank you

  8. goofygavin says:

    Nick never disappoints us when dropping a new video. He never backs down and never gives up!

  9. John Keys says:

    Nich never disappoints with his content and editingโค๐ŸŽ‰

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