Nick Eh 30 reacts to Open World mode in Fortnite!

Nick Eh 30 reacts to Open World mode in Fortnite!

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36 Responses

  1. Pluto V2 says:

    This LTM is amazing

  2. Bedrock says:

    Can we appreciate how Nick EH consistently brings us high quality content?

  3. bigfxlla says:

    W video!!! Always a good day when nick uploads🚀

  4. King Chaos says:

    I love how in PVE Nick tried to kill people

  5. Senator_ DB_YT says:

    When the guards nocked down replays I said “WHAT A WEEINIE

  6. Blitzz says:

    POV: You had a bad day and when you see Nick’s vid, you feel da best.

  7. e.fraser says:

    “Handing in homework 2 days early” 🔥

  8. Shharr says:

    When he said “Not Iron man pepper.” I litterally started laughing.

    • YoJo Gaming says:

      2 things I don’t understand in life
      1: Mathematics
      2: *Why people don’t give me a chance to make it on YouTube even though I work so hard making good content*

      Plz help

    • Sonic10spider says:

      @YoJo Gaming no

  9. Mamuragon Editing says:

    You can tell Nick actually puts effort into his content because; it’s funny, it’s entertaining and the editing is great. Always love tuning in for a new Nick video.

  10. asim khan says:

    the way nick gets excited for new things is just the best thing to watch trust me i love it

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