Nick Jonas – Chains (The Wynwood Walls Edition)

Nick Jonas – Chains (The Wynwood Walls Edition)

Nick Jonas – Chains (The Wynwood Walls Edition)

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20 Responses

  1. Aranza Jonas Kaulitz says:

    Zorras todas.

  2. David Burton says:

    *I love Chains and this video is so cool!*
    I actually just did an acoustic cover of Chains if anyone has a spare
    minute to check it out 🙂
    Nick is so talented and this song has such a cool vibe to it!
    Thanks so much everyone and keep up the awesome work Nick!

  3. Erna Wati says:

    Film indonesia

  4. Imakiddude says:

    wilderness mv pls!!!

  5. kateihentumanalati says:

    He looks like Gino Mosca. LOL

  6. diana adriane Talite says:

    long live the jobros!

  7. Cameron Fernandez says:

    nick jonas would’ve been a much better cast in my fifty shades video

  8. challengeaccepted says:

    Far from the whole “purity ring” bit huh……..another sale gimmick I

  9. GirlHelp789 says:

    Like the original video better

  10. Dalton MacKenzie says:

    Awesome song also nice video laugh out loud

  11. Marilia da silva says:

    Acompanhar a carreiraele toso cerrinho e ver fazendo carreira solo todo
    descolado, achei tao forçado, querendo ser popular. Mas gostei do clipe

  12. zoella Fans says:

    The beginning kind of reminded me of stay with me music video..

  13. WhoAmI99 says:

    This video is cool and creative but I prefer tye other one as it relates
    more to the song!

  14. GuruDanWan says:

    No Nick, don’t put that in your sexy mouth xD

  15. Jessica Ogunsanya says:

    This is to sexual video

    I preferred the normal one 

  16. funda adnuf says:


  17. Jeraud Ballard says:

    This video does not match the song at all, especially when compared to the
    original video. It kinda looks awkward, just looks like him thinking about
    his song while on vacation.

  18. [Lulz Pirate] DELT4 says:


  19. Emma Jonas says:


  20. zoella Fans says:

    Hate the video love Nick and the song!