Nick Jonas – Close ft. Tove Lo

Nick Jonas – Close ft. Tove Lo

Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo – Close

Available June 10. Pre-order now:

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20 Responses

  1. Emmanuel Manrique says:

    Damn! They’re both hot

  2. jos125413 says:

    Omg this is something i didn’t know i wanted to happen but i fucking love
    it, love them both!

  3. Gustavo Rodrigues says:

    amei <3

  4. Afonso Luiz says:

    i asked for the clothes to be off
    The clothes got off

  5. iVo says:


  6. Nándi Tóth says:

    If this comment get 300like I’ll be happy :)))

  7. I'm not even tired. says:

    holy shit this gave me chills

  8. Captain Marvel says:

    This is perfect. Love Tove Lo and Nick together. I hope they marry soon :)

  9. Royal Anie says:

    *speechless* ?

  10. Jess y says:

    Reminds me of Shawn’s video Stitches where nothing was hitting him but
    something’s obviously happening

  11. han nas says:

    Zayn… Now Nick … What a Great day!!

  12. melis GENC says:

    Replay key is broken ???? LOVE YOU NİCK ?

  13. June Sholaja says:

    So good and SO unexpected!!

  14. Elione Bhianck says:

    É de se tirar o chapéu

  15. Klau dia. says:

    WoW. That was really hot and sexy

  16. Wiktoria Sas says:


  17. daniel aguirre davalos says:

    yo solo estoy acá por tove lo :$

  18. Sondra Grace says:

    wow so damn sexy hot

  19. Edilma Borges says:

    Merece oscar ja

  20. Katy Crawford says:

    my childhood crush just killed me im done oh no this is it i see the light