Nick Jonas – Levels

Nick Jonas – Levels

Nick Jonas – Levels

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20 Responses

  1. virgo s says:

    great song but why all this hot girls what’s the point –‘

  2. Célina / Officiel says:

    Yeah i love this video !

  3. Cams University says:


  4. lidou zzil says:

    if he takes off his tee-shirt, he gets more views !!

  5. Lullabell112 says:


  6. Ro wazowski says:

    I love it….❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Bruno Regiani says:

    This is so much better than the Justin Bieber song… and the video too

  8. Paola Estefany Matias says:

    Amo este video y la canción! ??? oh Nick!❤

  9. Tanzima Tarek says:

    Was this song 4 Kendall Jenner or Olivia Culpo???

  10. Paul Manabat says:

    Nick havent posted the link or any thing about this Music Video in FB and
    IG. C’mon. wheres the Jonas fans? #LEVELSMUSICVIDEO

  11. Chris Hansen says:

    Vin diesel called he wants his clothes back. Usher called he wants his
    music video back.

  12. anthony church says:

    as much as I love Nick and this song I can’t help but notice how
    uncomfortable he looks all the time.

  13. chelbo321 says:

    Why is he so damn hot

  14. Fire emblem says:

    u know no one likes NickJonas only 137,261 view and justin biber and tayler
    swift video have 20x more view then this video… they came out 11hr ago as

  15. windlife says:

    OMG Sweet Suspense.

  16. Mammaji Ahmad says:

    I love this guy. #nickjonas #levels keep it coming.

  17. Daniel Music says:

    Awesome song, high level

  18. AutumnSparkles TooMuch says:

    Dirty work

  19. Fatima Vera says:

    Amo la música, pero el vídeo no me encanta, las únicas que gozan son las
    bailarinas ?

  20. Jerry Junior says:

    I watched him perform this live on the VMA’s Pre-Show, He was the bomb!