Nick Saban after 52-49 loss to Tennessee | Alabama loses to Tennessee Volunteers

Nick Saban after 52-49 loss to Tennessee | Alabama loses to Tennessee Volunteers

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Alabama Crimson Tide Football videos from Tuscaloosa, Alabama from the staff at

00:00 Opening
2:30 possession at the end of game
3:20 Defense vs No Huddle
4:15 Being Consistent
5:10 crowd noise
6:06 Late PI call
6:57 Bryce Young

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33 Responses

  1. AJ says:

    Bama fan.
    Congrats Tennessee on a great win.
    All of college football is getting more competitive.
    Its good for college football to have parity.
    I love my Tide but many teams are getting better.
    It doesn’t mean we are less it just means that a national championship is harder to get now so it means even more.
    SEC all the way!

  2. Dennis Brown says:

    I pray Bryce Young is ok because he and Giggs really played their hearts out to win this game. They just did have anyone else helping.

  3. Tom Brown says:

    Thanks to Bryce Young and Jamar Gibbs for keeping us in the game. To those on defense who gave all, thank you too. To our defensive backs, I don’t think y’all could cover a three legged pig running downfield. We have too many players expecting someone else to pick up their slack. Sixteeen penalties, we didn’t deserve to win! Maybe a loss will be good for those who need to step it up and contribute in a positive way. Roll Tide

  4. T W says:

    Hats off to Tennessee we had too many mistakes. They should enjoy this win. If they make it to the sec we will have em on a neutral field

    • Weekend-Street says:

      @Michael Palma The buckeyes better be ready up front because the wolverines are coming with a running game and big boys up front. The train is getting ready to come through I can tell you that. Harbaugh got that offense balanced right now.

    • Michael Palma says:

      @Trent You must have forgot. Buckeyes won it 1st, beating the tide in the playoffs with a 3rd string QB.

    • Matthew Hartup says:

      Look forward to it. Go vols.

    • ?? says:

      @Jonathan Lawson u lost ur mind if u think Tennessee is better than Alabama they one once in 15 years nick saban is the goat for a reason.

  5. C Trent says:

    Coach saban just proved why he’s the goat. I’m a die hard vol and sooner fan but all the younger coaches need to learn from this man. Humble, accepts defeat gracefully, admits defeat. Class act. No matter what is said it was a good hard played game by both sets of kids.

  6. tony says:

    My takeaway was the Vols offensive line is very good. Handled Bamas defense and along with their receivers really made it difficult for bama.

    • Jeremy Cremeans says:

      Refs were paid thats it *record stated* (don’t worry about replying yall)

    • Jeremy Cremeans says:


    • Weekend-Street says:

      Alabama’s Offensive lIne….Tim Banks was blitzing a lot but just could not get to him, it was frustrating the heck out of me. They had a good blocking plan…and the times they did get to Young he somehow got away for a big play. On last drive Tennessee got enough pressure on him to force quick throws and incompletions. Alabama may have messed up by not running the ball down there killing the clock.

    • Allen Basler says:

      @Mike Honcho lmfao

    • heinrich pepler says:

      @Agent Orange i know you’re not complaining about a pass interference call in the end zone. They literally made up a PI call on Bama after the interception to give Tennessee a second chance to tie the game.

  7. Aaron Medina says:

    Game was so epic! Congrats to both teams!

  8. Artofficialjoe says:

    I’m sorry but at this point it’s on the coaches. The discipline problems and penalties have to be on the coaches in the end. Also the play calling on offense and defense has been sub par all season. We can’t “out-5 star” every tram anymore. We seemed to get out-coached every game the last couple of years.

  9. Stephen Morring says:

    Can you imagine what Bryce Young would accomplish if he wasn’t constantly being pressured and taking hard hits? If his receivers could get a little separation? If his receivers didn’t drop good passes? If the o-line and receivers didn’t put him behind the sticks with illegal motion?
    Bryce is probably proving his Heisman credentials more this year than last year, but it won’t be seen that way.
    Bryce reminds me of the final year with Derrick Henry, when he kept putting the whole team on his back.

  10. King Family Reacts says:

    it is time for new offensive and defensive coordinators

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