Nick Saban blows up over forward looking questions

Nick Saban blows up over forward looking questions

Nick Saban loses his cool after a forward-looking question, stressing the need to take the games one at a time and not look ahead to possible playoff scenarios.

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10 Responses

  1. Terry O'Hara says:

    what a prick….the University of Alabama should be ashamed of their
    football CEO and his condescending, aloof, rude manners

  2. Codename Boynextdoor says:

    I like Nick Saban’s aggressiveness when it comes to overlooking or losing
    but the guy didn’t ask him anything about affording to lose, he was just
    quoting someone and asked if he fears his players will have the wrong mind
    set. Nick Saban is just an arguable man, but I love his passion.

  3. candy mcdaniel says:

    That’s my dawg!?

  4. PocketAces says:

    Triggered much?

  5. King Bladwin IV says:

    The next thing you know, the coke bottle goes flying across the room.

  6. David Ford says:

    That reporter was a stuttering Stanley. Trash

  7. Sava Li says:

    oooh that coca cola is sitting by a famous person gotta buy some! Even
    though I don’t know who he is!! This is how sponsoring works it got me

  8. Jamie Madden says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Nick Saban acts like a fucking twat for no reason!

  9. Null Null says:

    “All’s I know..”

  10. Migs88penz says:

    class act!!! gotta love what he said and how he said it!!! he speaks for
    every team, every coach, every player and every fan who loves college
    football and takes pride in their team… every game matters!!!