Nick Wright on reports Ball camp leaked injury news to stop trade talks | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick Wright on reports Ball camp leaked injury news to stop trade talks | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk NBA. Hear what they had to say about reports that Lonzo Ball’s camp leaked injury news about his knee to keep him out of trade talks.

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Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.

Nick Wright on reports Ball camp leaked injury news to stop trade talks | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

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86 Responses

  1. First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright says:

    Did Lonzo Ball’s camp leak news of a knee injury to keep him out of trade talks?

    • CBii11 says:

      MrJamberee, for some people Lonzo’s camp always ends up meaning Lavar Ball (there’s more to this than just the tree (Lavar) that sits in front of people, expand your thoughts to possibly see a forest (Lakers)). what better way to have 29 teams, not even ask about Lonzo, eliminating the waste of time). to my memory who ever leaked this also stated that Lonzo would be ready for the pre-season, I don’t think the Lakers would allow a player (“camp”)to determine when he returns.


      First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright maybe

    • Daniel Zamora says:

      Trade Lonzo and hart with a pick or two for Leonard or lillard. That’s just my opinion

    • Hustle Prince says:

      If you don’t know, how can we know… We’ll all find bacj

  2. Cam Willis says:

    I bet they did because lavar has made it clear he want his boy on the lakers especially with lebron

    • The Tick says:

      Cam Willis Ball who? They tried to lower his value. Idk how low can you go when you call yourself a pro basketball player and shoot free throws at 30% as a pg. They also forgot that this move ultimately made Lonzo invaluable to the Lakers. Amateur moves by Amateur people.

    • MrKonan83 says:

      Lavars gonna be the reason he’s dealt

    • Cam Willis says:

      The Tick it is possible to lower his value if he wont even play and i know you may not like him but nba people like him despite his shooting

    • The Tick says:

      Cam Willis Says who. They are trying to find a team that wants him. They can’t. For good reason. He comes with so much baggage. Its not that I don’t like him. I just don’t see a person when I look at stats. Stat wise i dont like rondo or the McGee sign. Both have horrible stats as a pro. Sure Rondo is a champ. So I can bit the bullet with him. But when you got Mitchell playing well and other top picks after lonzo showing that lonzo should have been picked around 5. Its obvious they are stuck with a disaster.

      Nba players like Jr smith. Doesn’t make him valuable or good

    • David Douglas says:

      The Tick he shoots like 48% from the free throw dnt play him

  3. dice581 says:

    how did he get a meniscus tear in the off season ?

  4. Bam Bam says:

    So nobody talk about the cavs no more?

  5. A Real Good Guy says:

    That injury information came out right before free agency. How convenient lol

  6. dtrix10kc says:

    Hmmmm. No meniscus tear after all? Seriously? Lavar, Lonzo you’re both idiots. 😂

  7. alvin081988 says:

    Boston Trade IT for Kyrie… is an injury a way for you not to be traded especially when you’re getting a good player like Kawhi who is also injured or it’s just nobody wants lonzo bec of his father

    • dbstewart86 says:

      An injury is a deterrent to trading for a player because you only have them for so long and you’d prefer the player be at full health. It’s like you’re in a grocery store buying something, and one package of that item is fine while the other is dented and misshapen. You’ll naturally want the one with no outer damage because that has a higher chance of what’s inside being undamaged. That said, any team that trades for a player had the right to do a full physical before getting him and reject the trade on the grounds of pre-existing injury or ask for more in recompense to take on the injured player.

    • Gary Turbo says:

      Kyrie said he does not want to play with LeBron

    • MrKonan83 says:

      His daddy’s gettin him blacklisted w most NBA franchises….. I’d tell my dad to chill a long time ago if I was him

    • carlos harris says:

      Honestly no one really wants Lonzo LOL anyway. I read from different sources that the Spurs did not even want to talk about a trade including Lonzo. Lonzo is a passer and a rebounder that won’t win you games

    • dbstewart86 says:

      MrKonan83 I think if the Lakers don’t trade him they’ll just quietly decline to renew his contract and it’s likely he’ll just slip from the NBA. Remember that about that time, Lonzo’s 4th year, LaMelo will be age eligible to enter the NBA (1 year removed from when he would’ve graduated high school). I can see Lavar doubling down and the Lakers just noping out and saying mulligan on that Lonzo pick since they got Kuz.

  8. Mind of the North Star says:

    It’s desperation.

  9. Ernest Muric says:

    Lonzo can’t shoot. Rondo can’t shoot.

  10. Treilano Flair says:

    It’s gonna be different and a show and Entertainment in LA Lonzo and LeBron grabbing Defense Rebounds is gonna be crazy both fen to have triple doubles fast past Lonzo going to the Finals can’t give the Boy the best player in the world it’s gonna be the Lonzo and Bron and Stephenson show Rondo gonna make Lonzo great

    • marco paiz says:

      Treilano Flair
      -lavar ball

    • 510 JB says:

      Yo man you gotta be on the wagon at least 1 year before you can make deadass wrong posts like this on social media

    • Treilano Flair says:

      510 JB Lol I don’t know we don’t know what’s gonna happen this ain’t Cleveland this ain’t Miami you got LeBron still wanted LeBron and DeAndre Jordan to team up in New York Knicks or LA just I don’t know know but you maybe right doe bro

    • lek lek says:

      Treilano Flair enjoy that dreams, its still free

  11. Davor Ban says:

    I believe he also doesn`t want to play Summer League as second year player, he thinks he is bigger than that

  12. cactus sac says:

    What’s his old man going to do when lonzo gets traded somewhere like charlotte

  13. CP3 Fan says:

    Smh that is so embarrassing…. let your game keep you out of trade talks…

  14. TacoABeast 83 says:

    6’6″ point guards dont grow on trees. i would keep lonzo

  15. Billy Martin says:

    So teams are the only ones that can leak info when it benefits them 👌🏽…man stop when they do it no one bats an eye. Savvy move as far as I’m concerned. If the shoe was on the other foot it wouldn’t even be a discussion.

  16. Veego von DOOM- Reviews! says:

    Lonzo and LeBron will fit perfectly on the court.

  17. No Fxgvn says:

    Lonzo averaged 7 assists a game with BUMS….imagine if they was hitting jumpers….He will be 10+ assists per game this yr…might lead the league.

  18. David Su says:

    It was Lavar Ball, end of story.

  19. Kevin Loeffler says:


    • OG!!!PRINCE says:

      uhhh could be bruh……..

    • OG!!!PRINCE says:

      uhhh could be dumbest question ever

    • DuShawn Warner says:

      GR Reed I pray the lefag circus ends soon

    • OG!!!PRINCE says:

      DuShawn Warner wow the disrespect while he out ballin and helpin people at the same time

    • ImAviex says:

      A 6″6 PG who led all rookies in assists per game, rebounds per game and steals per game, and who also had a month and a half stretch where he was top 5 in 3pt% in the ENTIRE LEAGUE, and is a willing passer who doesn’t let the ball stick and instantly turned our roster from a bunch of players taking iso shots, to ball movement and cuts. Please don’t talk when you dont’ know anything lmao casual bronsexuals everywhere I swear hahah

  20. Abel Martinez says:

    I don’t care what people say, he’s not a NBA caliber player

    • deon brinson says:

      If you are top 5 in defensive point guard plus minus as a ROOKIE, you are more than qualified to be and nba caliber player and that’s FACTS

    • Jean Louis says:

      I agree with you. It feels like Lonzo is just going thru the motions when he’s on the court…And passing the ball quickly doesn’t make you a great passer…..he has a broken shot and sub par handling for a point guard, and he’s wayyyyyy to passive….idk what everybody else sees in him

    • ImAviex says:

      – Top 5 in defensive plus minus among all PGs as a rookie
      – 6″7 with high IQ and court vision, is a willing passer
      – led all rookies in assists per game, rebounds per game, and steals per game,
      – for a month in a half he was in the top 5 in 3pt% among the entire league
      – The year before the Lakers drafted Zo we were ranked 26th in Assists per game as a team, after drafting him we became 7th
      But please enlighten me on what makes him not a NBA caliber player. “I don’t care what people say” seems to roughly translate to, “I ignore all information and facts and blindly hate on someone who gets publicity I don’t think they deserve!” Get over yourself lol

    • ImAviex says:

      Jean Louis Do you know why Lonzo had a bad precentage from three? Because he takes those shots unlike a certain someone I can think of that everyone thinks is the second coming of LBJ yet got held to 1pt in a playoff game and doesnt even attempt to take threes lmao. Passing the ball quickly is literally the difference between someone passing for the good of the team and someone passing to chase assists.

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