Nick Young On D’Angelo Russell, Leaked Video

Nick Young On D’Angelo Russell, Leaked Video

Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young addresses the media after leaked video suggests infidelities to Iggy Azalea

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19 Responses

  1. Jayla Brown says:

    That’s what he gets. Iggy is good to him. She doesn’t deserve to be cheated

  2. EDM isSoul says:

    “Leaked”. Sure! Lmfao! ?hello! This is all fake and a publicity stunt. She
    sucks so she has to find a way to make herself gain attention again and
    this is how she’s doing it. Everything in the entertainment industry is

  3. michael cook says:

    “Leaked video” from a press conference?

  4. Moliminous says:

    People say fuck a fake, but he’s the one cheating. How is he not the fake

  5. chookalatemuffin says:

    Ok so Russell is obviously a dumbass for recording the conversation but
    Nick is an even bigger dumbass for even telling anyone and cheating on his

  6. Andy Patrick says:

    The LA Lakers can’t afford chairs that don’t squeak?

  7. Chris Wiz says:

    its going to take a long time before DeAngelo gains the lakers trust again

  8. Sheraz Ahmed says:

    What was the video about?

  9. Table Salt says:

    bless d’angelo’s heart

  10. Hokkaido_Wolf says:

    Kobe snitched on Shaq lmao and Faker fans still lick his ass ?

  11. ONEXONE says:

    i dont get you people, You guys are hating D’Angelo Russell for taking a
    video of Nick Young saying he is with other women, but you people aren’t
    hating Nick Young and that he was cheating on Iggy while they we’re
    engaged!! If the video was never leaked and Nick Young was just caught
    cheating, then all of you would be hating on Nick Young. And to the people
    that will say that D’Angelo is invading Nick’s privacy – Ok? He did, but if
    he didnt take that video then who knows if Nick would get caught. D’angelo
    Russell made Igg’ys life easier. Would you rather be in a relationship
    being cheated on and not knowing or would you rather find out yourself or
    someone else finds out and you get out of that relationship. Im on D’Angelo
    Russell’s side.

  12. Mia Bautista says:

    It’s like Middle School again.

  13. SpectraCive says:

    RIP lol

  14. Tavs96 says:

    I don’t care about the blonde bitch but the guy that got the sleeve acted
    like an idiot smfh why the fuck did you let it go? you let go Kobes sleeve
    but you keep your beer in your hand smh

  15. Flatline - says:

    We forgetting he still cheated on the girl

  16. Xya W. (BruhItsXya) says:

    And d’angelo is just a rookie lol

  17. Unknown Unknown says:

    Fake fuck is right, what Nick did was wrong, but you don’t put your homie
    on blast like that. You pull him aside like a man and tell him he’s fuckin’
    up if you think he’s doing something wrong. Besides, if you think Iggy stay
    in faithful on the road you’re crazy. She’s young, young bitches cheat,
    it’s just what they do. Swaggy P knew the deal so he was prolly on some eye
    for an eye shit.

  18. truestdude says:

    He need 2 whoop that mufuka’s ass. Teach his young ass a lesson. These
    young cats is some str8 up fuck niggas I tell ya. Just violating left &
    right. Beat down city would be in full effect

  19. fame mone (ElS) says:

    Dont worry nick your not a bad guy russel is the bad guy hes a horrible