Nicki Minaj – Hard White

Nicki Minaj – Hard White

Hard White (Official Video)

Song available on the “Queen” Album:

Connect with Nicki Minaj:

Video Director: Mike Ho
Video Producer: Keith Brown
Video Producer: Krista Worby
Video Editor: Mike Ho
Executive Producer: Erix Arocha
Director of Photography: Mikko Timonen
Visual Effects: Max Colt
for Cinema Giants Inc.

Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Hard White. © 2019 Young Money/Cash Money Records

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61 Responses

  1. Rhysónir says:

    *Hold on just saying farewell to my wig*

  2. It's Rivs says:

    “I ain’t ever have to strip to get the pole position”.

    Cardi b left the chat

  3. candy Intense Detta Krushh says:

    Was wonder when she was gonna do a video like this…

  4. Dashanelle Chambers says:

    Nicki is mf dope???? No debate She’s the queen of rap‼️

  5. Jasana Moore says:

    I wish Nicki and cardi could put aside their difference and make a dope ass song together

  6. Rankin Production says:

    Good song, Nice Vibes. Video a lil weird lol but clean tho ?????

    • Darius Bostic says:

      HEY! I just wanted to let you know that, JESUS loves you! Jesus is the Way to everlasting life. If you want to be saved from hell, come to JESUS. God sent His only Begotten Son(Jesus), to this earth, to die on the cross for your sins. If you want to be saved and go to heaven, this is what you need to do: 1. Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. 2. Believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins. 3. Believe that God the Father has raised Him(Jesus) from the dead. 4. Repent of your sins( telling God your sorry for everything you have done against Him). 5. Ask Jesus to come into your heart, and to save you from your sins. 6. Be willing to change your lifestyle. 7. Thank Him(Jesus) for saving your life. Pray this in JESUS Name, and DO ALL OF THIS WITH YOUR HEART!!!!! Congratulations, you are now a Christian and have eternal life.


      Video a LOT weird! …pentagramas and all

    • School Is Retarted says:

      +Darius Bostic I’ll pass

    • user name copied says:


  7. Yasmin Warsame says:

    Whose a better rapper …..

    Like : NICKI?
    Comment : Nicki

    The only competition is the queen of rap herself WBK !!!!!?

  8. Chan Ababa says:

    Is that grammy and drake shade ? Opps whats good ?!! ??

  9. NubianIcon says:

    Roman..ROMAN..stop it…STOP IT.. You’ve gone mad, MAD I tell you..MAD??? #RomanZolanski

  10. Jamil Pawns says:

    Whew Chile .. Alexa play Kirk Franklin- Hosanna

  11. Chan Ababa says:

    Im from South East Asia and shes the only female rapper we know since Superbass era , even my mom knows her. #stillrelevant ??

  12. Jordan Stolk says:

    You can freeze her views but you can’t deny her talent.

  13. Hulkavegur ! says:

    Youtube stealing her views again smh

  14. CrystalCleer.... says:

    This just my opinion…. This is her video. If she took her time to make this video then that’s her craft. Every time Nicki does anything, everyone wants to compare her and cardi. They’re two different Artists number one. Number 2 cardi is the newest artist out right now so therefore she’s going to be more popular. Plus, she’s a social media Person that’s putting on her business out there and people like that not everyone can do that. Cardi is something new yes but everything that she puts out there is not the best. People just give cardi props just because they think everything that she does is great and it’s not. I wish people would just be honest with her too. I’m not a disliking person I’m just being honest. When Nicki first came she was a newer artist at the time that was also different. So what if she been in the game for so many years and still rapping good, props to her. Because most females don’t get this far in the rap game and that’s facts. They’re still males out there rapping right now pass 40 and no one’s not saying nothing to them. We need to support these women instead of putting them down. I wish all the female rappers all their best in 2019.

  15. Y 150st says:

    Who is better
    Like : for Nicki minaj
    Comment: cardi b

  16. January Sublett says:

    name a better female rapper. I’ll wait?

  17. Minaj's Prince says:

    It gained 473K in 2 hours.We are at 8th hours now and it’s not even 1 million.Make that make sense

  18. Jane Doe, of the USA. says:

    I saw it go from 872,752 to 872,400. They delete views on the low

  19. Nicolas 5053 says:

    *Nicki used to work hard, just to get half views back.* ?

  20. David clement says:

    Nicky Jesus loves you
    Stop singing for the devil

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