Nicki Minaj Introduces Ellen to the Rap Game

Nicki Minaj Introduces Ellen to the Rap Game

The superstar chatted about Drake, her epic Billboard Music Awards performance, and of course, Ellen’s inclusion in her new song, “No Frauds.” All that, and she helps Ellen take her first step in the rap game!

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20 Responses

  1. An Styled says:

    I love nicki❤️❤️

  2. Lakshita Ankem says:

    Who else loves ellen and her scares???

  3. Eric Jonathan says:

    I love when Nicki comes on Ellen. their
    Chemistry is EVERYTHING.

  4. Fanuel27 Xo says:

    I love when nicki comes to Ellen show

  5. Ty Wilson says:

    When you here right after the bombing attack at the arena???#rip to all the children?????……..

  6. Pinary Hak says:

    Where’s everybody ?? ?

  7. Zak Hasleby says:

    Nicki for next Super Bowl 2018

  8. Miiss Miss says:

    That moment when your up early and got notification from ellenshow……….

  9. Akash Varshney says:

    I didn’t like her everbefore but i came to know that she is been donating money for children in India for past 2 years and nobody knew till now, thankyou woman it’s a lesson that we should not judge people just by their look. ❤

  10. Rayo 2017 says:

    Finally the comments are not disabled for the video

  11. Specnon45 says:

    she seems a lot happier without meek

  12. Josh Trumper says:

    I went to a party one time and I left forgetting my watch and I went back to get it and there was a guy, as he was standing on my watch he punched a girl, so I knocked him out. no one abuses women, not on my watch

  13. Amrit Bunny says:

    ellen + nicki. lethal combination ??. both r amazing

  14. Junmar Ellazo says:

    Queen of Rap!

  15. Mico Aldmar Mendoza says:

    Nicki is just one of the most beautiful souls

  16. Frankclin Raj says:

    her laugh is everything
    Edit: btw thanks for the likes

  17. TheTreyvon121 says:

    I thought Ellen was going to edit herself into the video lol

  18. Jaden Jones says:

    Nicki on Ellen
    Remy ma on the Low budget “the real”

  19. jans surreal says:

    Ellen: I love u
    Nicki: I love u…
    me: *plays the barney song in my head* I love u, u love me, lets get together and kill remy

  20. Yanice monteiro says:

    Pray for Manchester. Pray for the world?? And remember we all in this together.

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