Nicki Minaj Is Shocked by a Heartwarming Surprise from Her Scholarship Students | TRL

Nicki Minaj Is Shocked by a Heartwarming Surprise from Her Scholarship Students | TRL

After earning money from Nicki’s scholarship giveaway, these students had the opportunity to share how much her gift has helped them. #TRL airs weekdays at 8am. Check out more from TRL here,

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63 Responses

  1. Thisbishcrazy says:

    The generous Queen

  2. Aesthetic Macaroons says:

    Say what you want about Nicki but she loves her fans and want’s them to get somewhere.

  3. Mz. Goddess womb healer says:

    I love this black excellence

    • wiill says:

      Mz. Goddess womb healer it doesn’t need to be black, i mean i understand what you’re saying but it’s still excellent even if it is white asian mexican or whatever helping people out is amazing. i love this excellence because that is exactly what it is!

    • Mz. Goddess womb healer says:

      wiill I said what I said and this is black excellence 👑💎👑

    • dave buatista says:

      Mz. Goddess womb healer not very bright, but welp that’s what you said

    • maria fernanda amory says:

      you just excluded the latino DACA student which is very difficult for him to attend college especially in such political climates, now im not saying black excellence isn’t worth applauding but you have to give it to everyone just making it through. i’m not trying to all lives matter you because i don’t believe in that, (black lives matter ftw) but i believe other POC struggle as well

    • JQuiet says:

      maria fernanda amory Nicki is black right? So black excellence, yes,

  4. 5H Heart Jane says:

    She’s such a Queen💞👑💍

  5. l e m o n says:

    beefin’ or nah she still a real one and still helps ppl out there but y’all gotta stop closing ya eyes for this side of her

    • M Raw says:

      l e m o n they will always close their eyes and look the other way when she’s doing good , but when it’s something negative they all be ready to bash her

  6. Ariel Cumberbatch says:

    The first girl sounds just like Nicki

  7. Ice Cherry says:

    Everybody constantly hates on nicki minaj. Love or hate her music, you can’t deny she is amazing for doing things like this. Luv u nicki!

  8. Justin Blake says:

    That is a good deed

  9. Chelsea Reid says:

    You know this is why i freaking love nicki sooo much💝💝💝

  10. FLUFF Life says:

    Respect ✊

  11. Shay Mendez says:

    Now that’s why she you Nicki keep being the awesome person you are!!

  12. Michael Philip says:


  13. AJ Brie Larson says:

    A truly Queen and a living Goddess . I’m so damn proud to be her fan !

  14. Tyler Shaw says:

    The first girl lowkey sounded like Nicki

  15. YouTube Stephannie says:

    Love Her ❤👏🏾

  16. Lar Family says:

    This is incredible. I wish I could do this.

  17. Starr Williams says:


  18. Shelby Silverstein says:

    Nicki is definitely the G.O.A.T 🧡 she is definitely the generous Queen 👑, very compassionate too. I love me some her 🧡

  19. F Meh says:

    This is just one of the many reasons why she’s WAY better than Cardi B

  20. Tati Hendrix says:

    I don’t care how much people try to down talk Nicki , she’s truly the good guy!

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