Nicki Minaj on Her Engagement Ring

Nicki Minaj on Her Engagement Ring

The superstar spilled all the details on her bling and the special someone in her life.

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20 Responses

  1. MiztaTongueTwista says:

    ohh she played him by saying that..ouch

  2. Kat Garcia says:

    A girl is so confused cus the guy cant simply ask her to marry him?

  3. LILTYZOO1 says:

    Lil JuJu – Wiz Khalifa (Freestyle) . Search that song yall #Squaddd

  4. Spandan Nepal says:

    I dont like her at all

  5. Tessa Sunflower Myralda says:

    How old is Ellen? Tbh she looks old in this video.

  6. Jay Bugatti says:

    It sounds like Nicki is unsure about what she wants, she sounded really
    sad. I think she does love Meek, I also think that she doesn’t want to put
    her whole relationship on social media because thing like ⬇⬇⬇ that happens.
    The media flips everything she says and make her look like a bad person.
    I’m sure Meek and Nicki will figure it out.

  7. Pac man says:

    yeahhhh yeahhhh yeahhhhh yeahhhh

  8. Teala Smith says:

    Her laugh is everythingg

  9. Anita Naoko says:

    God that ring tho!!!

  10. Dina Hernandez says:

    Honestly I love Nicki ❤︎

  11. Dominic Stahl says:

    hey man I need a sigh up

  12. Josip Erak says:

    fuck, this bitch has such a fucking annoying voice

  13. Angelica fields says:

    I love what Nicki said so true

  14. Jasmin Mujezinovic says:

    Yet another L for Meek… He a champ!

  15. aTouchofTonay says:

    Ellen is bae!

  16. mezimeen says:

    This girl suuuuuuuuuuucks.

  17. Mujahid Ali says:

    did anyone else notice how the finger with the ring was a different colour
    to the rest

  18. Lena L says:

    She so Damn fake?

  19. lazylady81 says:

    I hate nm

  20. GodSent says:

    This is the most poor example of an ” artist “. Garbage. Shits like her is
    whats wrong with this society. Seriously…