Nicki Minaj Pulls Out Of Show After BET Disses Her In Cardi B Tweet

Nicki Minaj Pulls Out Of Show After BET Disses Her In Cardi B Tweet

Grammy’s record low rating (00:10)
J.Cole posts thoughts on Grammy awards (00:41)
Cardi B responds to hate on her Grammy, deletes Instagram (02:23)
Nicki Minaj issues with BET (04:09)
Oloni and Nicki Minaj interact online (06:40)

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Nicki Minaj Pulls Out Of Show After BET Disses Her In Cardi B Tweet

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87 Responses

  1. Glen Randall says:

    I honestly didnt think BET was still around

    BET started down hill when Free & AJ got removed from 106&PARK

  2. Velma Edwards says:

    Cardi b voice is so irritating and how do she get a pass by constantly using the N Word with no repercussions

  3. jeleah swan says:

    Cardi deserved her Grammy but let’s be honest Nicki should’ve BEEN had severalll Grammys.BET is owned by white people now of course they wouldn’t think twice about tearing down a black woman

    • Mexicana Galleta Oreo says:

      Nicki is better

    • Mexicana Galleta Oreo says:

      Mexican are white

    • Hugo Mendoza says:

      jeleah swan your statement doesn’t make any sense at all. Grammy is pend by white people and they won’t “think twice to tear down black woman” yet they gave a Grammy to a new black female rapper.

    • Boom Boom says:

      +michael jordan Man that ho ain’t black cut that bullshit OUT. Do you see her parents? Them mf’s EUROPEAN! The ho’s a EUROPEAN Dominican, NOT AFRICAN! She NEVER claimed to be black neither. Let them Dominicans claim her nasty ass. She’s just another culture leech like J-ho who hopped on the black side but when it’s all said and done they only ride for THEIR ppl while blacks tear down/don’t support their own. Gtfoh with that bullshit

    • Boom Boom says:

      +Mexicana Galleta Oreo Thank you lol.

  4. Rellyizy1988 says:

    Nicki was definitely shaded by not only BET but also radio stations like these guys. Despite young money/cash money not backing her for some time. She and drake stood on their own while making money. She is a powerhouse by herself like drake. Which means they dont let people dictate what they do. The industry always trys to blackball artist who have independence. I’m proud of drake speaking out and nicki standing up for herself.

    • Je'love Music says:

      Rellyizy1988 facts

    • Rellyizy1988 says:

      +Je’love Music people act like they dont understand. Smh Its hard to even stay relevant without a strong team behind you. I think nicki and drake did very well for themselves. She can hold her own even if young money didnt back her.

    • Boom Boom says:

      EXACTLY! Envy a fucking lying ass hypocrite talking about supporting black artists but he riding harder for a non black artist. He needs to stfu

  5. Trey winn7n says:

    Cardi’s hustle won her the Grammy..
    Not the actual content of the album

    I thought a Grammy was the most prestigious award you can win as a music artist symbolism you’ve created a masterpiece
    And for her to win shows the direction of the hip hop and music industry as a whole

    I guess pussy popping music is what the Grammy is heralding now
    It definitely fits the agenda anyhow

  6. Ms BeautyBoss says:

    So the real question is…Why are we still supporting BET?

    • jahgirl flo says:

      +Robert Gardner it hasn’t at all but I still watch it if something is good on it. Not gon lie tho there’s nothing on bet I watch right now but the awards.

    • TriplomatX says:

      I stopped supporting BET once it got too Pro Black. So Pro-Black to the point where White people would talk black greatness. It’s like “Cool, Black Music Television, nice, white people loving it, nice, now let’s show the world coalition and prove we all can resist in harmony.”

      I know how great Black is. But it gets tiresome when you have a Black TV show about everything Black. Even MTV blending more often.

    • Be Eazy says:

      Maybe because some of us could care less about Nicki Minaj? I’m pretty sure most of the people mad are Nicki Minaj stans. Sane people don’t care for them either…

    • ThatGirlTay says:

      TriplomatX I mean BET is for our black community so it’s going to be “pro black” since it was made *for the black community*

    • TriplomatX says:

      +ThatGirlTay that wasn’t the original BET. It was opportunity, not to gloat. Everybody know the black community dominates media, look at the asses, Lips, pole dances, cars, and rap albums. The black community doesn’t need the gloat. BET became the monster they blame MTV for being in the 80s.

  7. SupremeDreamss says:

    “Cardi’s win is not Nicki’s loss.” Exactly ??

  8. Ahhh Man says:

    Nicki Minaj is obviously being black balled by the industry. It could be because of her defense of her child molesting brother. The industry is cold y’all. Keep in mind, I’m no fan of her, but I’m calling a spade a spade.

  9. DaMonte March says:

    Envy fake as hell talking bout “BET is a black entertainment platform and should support other black artists not tear them down” ??? Look at the pot calling the Kettle black ? You blackballing Nicki on a regular fool in your own words.

    • DNZ 1014 says:

      You clearly didn’t see when he said he wont play her music cause she made a threat towards another dj.

    • DaMonte March says:

      DNZ 1014 does that justify blackballing another BLACK artist because of differences? This is a business my nigga and Nicki put in work just like these other artists. I’m not a Barb or nun my guy. I know bullshit when I hear it and that nigga Envy full of it. ?? …by the way Cardi ain’t writing nun of that shit ??‍♂️

    • Boom Boom says:

      +DaMonte March *FACTS!*

    • LIWYMITB says:

      LEXIE’S WORLD – clearly many don’t listen or watch the BC. Because this comment wouldn’t be a thought!! But I see someone intelligent has already enlightened the uninformed.

    • Taunna Tee says:

      Exactly. When he was on Miss Jones radio station he used to say he hates dark skin women.

  10. Will Eye says:

    No one is hating on Cardi B. She just not good. She needs practice.

  11. Nellie Lee says:

    Nicki Minaj being dragged by her lace front that shit not even funny

  12. santanaoutlaw says:

    So Cardi think cause she was in the studio for 3 months she deserves the Grammy over rappers that been in the studio for decades.

    • Pablo Duck says:

      It’s funny how u say that Cardi thinks she should deserve that Grammy, when the reason why she even won it was because other people thought she should.

    • Sarde Smith says:

      Charlie Digital Is aardvark

    • Maima brisbane says:

      Yes. That’s today generation

    • Maima brisbane says:

      +Charlie Digital She deliver is good

    • LIWYMITB says:

      Grammys are for people who made some good noise in the industry. It’s also image based. Cardi is a crossover and she worked her butt off. She deserves everything she is worth. I mean if the President Obama has you on his playlist. You really really crossed over! Appreciate people for their work. Beyoncé doesn’t write her songs. Is anyone tearing her down? No. Because she works damn hard! It’s not how long, but how hard!

  13. W.W M.O.B. Figure says:

    BET is not BLACK OWNED????

  14. BrothaCharles Ward says:

    J cole a real one ??

  15. The Pink Print says:

    its BLACK HISTORY MONTH…. and yall continue to disrespect this BLACK WOMAN. SMH

    • Aguero Messi says:

      Hmm eve,Da Brat,Missy Elliot, lil Kim and still a non black woman got the Grammy’s on black history month for a black culture smh

  16. RicoLamar987 says:

    Grammys are nothing but a popularity contest….has NOTHING to do with with the quality of music or talent

    • Martin Garcia says:

      It’s not about popularity or else people like Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj would at least have like 15

  17. Ampo Delgado says:

    Nicki a black woman. What did y’all expect?. Smh. We here for you baby even when they wont back you..

  18. CheerSome Cherry says:

    They can never just congratulate one woman without putting down another ??‍♀️ humans

  19. VeggieGirl * says:

    BET is lame anyway. That disrespectful comment to Nicki only proved it.

  20. Jordan Jefe Wall says:

    Pusha-T, Nipsey Hussle, and Mac Miller don’t get no radio play. They play the same shit just for ratings and swear the music they play is hot. Cut it out cardiB won because of her personality. The people that actually rap about something the radio don’t want to hear ?? the music industry is something eles

    • and I know do you says:

      EXACTLY, and radio is a big impact for billboards, that’s why Cardi is doing good on the charts. Pay for play and u win.

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