Nicole Kidman Forgot Stephen Was Also In ‘Bewitched’

Nicole Kidman Forgot Stephen Was Also In ‘Bewitched’

‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’ star Nicole Kidman and Stephen shared the screen in the 2005 film ‘Bewitched.’ (Or so she’s told.)

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20 Responses

  1. socrappyicoulddie says:

    Holy fuck. When Stephen spoke Italian I became completely heterosexual for a moment.

  2. Chika I. says:

    Lol are they flirting?! It’s so cute!!

  3. TrumpSucks Biggly says:

    OMG. Nicole is soooo beautiful and down to earth. Were ‘the Scientologist told to send insulting remarks toward this beautiful lady. We can see how beautiful she is vand don’t try to convince us otherwise.

  4. New Message says:

    And he speaks Sindarin, Quenian, and probably Telerin… just to be a smartass.

  5. Fritz Fondona says:

    I have been in love with Nicole Kidman forever…

  6. Brodie Copeland says:

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I do not recommend going to Sydney and come to Melbourne or the Gold Coast instead. Sydneys lifestyle is declining as they keep passing stupid laws that don’t allow a nightlife or anything. Their beaches especially Bondi Beach are beautiful but apart from that, they have nothing going for them.

  7. Lavender Ocean says:

    she’s less sophisticated than I imagined

  8. Olmo Barragán says:

    She is a despicable racist and white supremacist Trump supporter self-recognized as Australian therefore immigrant supposedly born in Hawaii. Kidman should be rejected by the US liberals despite her mediocre talent as an actress.

  9. Sandra Nelson says:

    Another star who can make men fall in love with one look is Catherine Zeta Jones. She can’t help it, she’s Welsh.

  10. Funk O'Matic says:

    m watching this..but cant help myself missing nicole’s old face…last seen in 2001’s the others. this new one made its debut in 2003’s cold mountain.

  11. Dvdsky says:

    Man, I wish she’d leave her hair curly. Her curls with her face is just…breathtaking. She almost always straightens it for public appearances these days/last several years, which is a bummer. As a woman with stupid stick straight hair I’ve always been so jealous of women with her hair. As being a pre-teen during the middle era of Rosanne, I DREAMED of having Darlene’s hair! (I’m 36 now and I’d STILL kill for it, btw. lol)

  12. phoenixrise1989 says:

    in Jimmy Fallon she said that she have very good memory.

  13. Joelia Suarez says:

    These two weight tons of class.

  14. Sugar&Cider by Katie Fowler says:

    Nashville is NOT shit kicking. We are very advanced. We are a jewel of liberal life in the middle of TN. Don’t get it twisted.

  15. zyxwut321 says:

    Another painfully awkward celebrity interview for Stephen. At least this one wasn’t really his fault. Nicole was mailing this one in.

  16. deztroyer76 says:

    Could she inject her face any more? Getting scary.

  17. Nemo Krada says:

    Like driving past a car accident, while txting.

  18. shenanigans says:

    Her face is is turning into a puffy Hollywood mask. Her top lip doesn’t even move.

  19. genocide amerika says:

    Africa for AfricansAsia for AsiansAustralia for aboriginesAmericas for AmerindiansAntarctica for AfricansNew Zealand for MaoriEurope for AfricansCaucasus mountains for CaucasiansCaucasians are foreign invadersCaucasians are the multi in multiculturalismCaucasians are the diverse in diversity

  20. _ says:

    She is all plastics now . Proof of Plastics gone wrong .

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