Hope you all enjoy!
SNAPCHAT: Addison Rae or addison_e

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62 Responses

  1. andrew shao says:

    the fact that she just has a cabinet of food in her bathroom 😂😂😂 GENIUS

  2. Hannah says:

    no one
    absolutely no one
    addison: licking her chapstick

  3. Bettie Hanson says:

    When she said she had acne everywhere, it reminded me of the time her and Bryce were in the car and she said “I’m breaking out” then pointed to one pimple and Bryce kept making fun of her for it 😂

  4. Carlita 100 says:

    Every body is talking about how pretty is her physically but she’s more beautiful inside(je ne parle pas anglais 👍)

  5. • raspberry • says:

    Blemish buster…

    *”HeY bUsTeR hEy BuStEr”*

  6. Maria Mazlan says:


  7. Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

    Who else thinks Addison is a very sweet person?”
    👇(don’t read my name)

  8. Louise Clack says:

    I can’t with Addison she is literally the most sweetest and the most smileyist person ever i love her❤

  9. Billelover says:

    Who else liked the video before even wacthing, lol

  10. Brooke Attwood says:

    I love how I subscribed when she had a coupe of thousand subscribers and now she has 2 million, well done Addison!

  11. Kween P says:

    Addison: my acne is everywhere. My face: am I a joke to you? Love her btw 💗

  12. KenBLX says:

    Who else is stuck and bored at home during quarantine?”
    *I Featured addison in my latest funny video* 😴
    Hope she would react

  13. phxto.q says:

    “Hmm taste like cherries“
    𝐿𝑖𝑐𝑘𝑠 𝑐ℎ𝑎𝑝 𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑐𝑘

  14. Ishika Sabharwal says:

    Me: Following addison on every single app and still not getting a like from addison.❤️

  15. Milli Hughes says:

    I actually love addison so much she is literally the least problematic person ever!!

  16. KG Giazi says:

    Addison: ”mmm it tastes like cherries”

    Also Addison: ”Licks the chapstick”


  17. Tehila Lugasi says:

    I just had the most amazing dream about you last night lol, you were talking to my lil brother on the phone (he passed away 5 years ago😔) & I joined the conversation while standing next to him & u told us “I love you” “I’m always here with you” you’re so sweet even in my dreams 😩 (when I woke up today I was the happiest because I got to talk to you on the phone! it felt so real, but still sad cause brother is still gone) anyway, that was weird & yet so realistic. I love youuu

  18. The Bull says:

    Who is a guy just watching this not for the make up but just for her.

  19. Zoya Fasil says:

    I seriously don’t know whether or not she’s in her bedroom or her bathroom 🤔

  20. 333 subs Before Quarantine Ends? says:

    Addison: *Uploads*

    Youtube: *Lets get this trending*

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