Nightly News Full Broadcast (March 21st)

Nightly News Full Broadcast (March 21st)

More than 80 million Americans under lockdown to slow coronavirus spread, companies step in to manufacture much-needed medical supplies, and inside a hard-hit Italian hospital.

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94 Responses

  1. A G says:

    if only we had 100s of movies warning us for 40 years about viruses oh wait we had

  2. HAZ-EK9 says:

    US should of lock down right away when the virus was discovered.

  3. jeff evans says:

    oh no …caught with our pants down …again… with casualties esp for the poor ! SAD. (roll out the new robotic labor force )

  4. Dave Knoll says:

    What good are vents if you don’t have trained staff to monitor and run them?

  5. American made says:

    Well I guess 2019 wasn’t so bad after all.

  6. Uhuuhuu says:

    it feels like zombie apocalypse games starting,stay home avoid contact,citys empty.And then virus mutates at somepoint

    • Sperup AD says:

      @Kenneth Phillips Viruses mutate all the time, they have done the same trick for millions of years. So, I doubt that it was lab created. However, just to give you more material to think about, the largest Bio research labs in China are located in…
      Wuhan city, just a few blocks away from that so-called wet market.
      Google it, do not believe a word of what I am saying.
      The labs might be there, but that proves nothing.
      Your conclusions are your own responsiblility.

    • ONEMORE Cast says:

      Ken Sturm you only get 1200 if you made up to 75k anything less you get 600 plus 500 for a kid. So rents out the window

    • Randy HUTCHINSON says:

      Uhuuhuu mutation, being the key word

    • Ken Sturm says:

      Erika With a K So what are you gonna do

    • Dejame Decirte says:

      It’s an apocalypse, but with “no zombies”, … just “dead and buried persons”…”unless they resurrect” ???… provided that their bodies are not “cremated.”

  7. Sniper Rifle says:

    Who is going to get charge for all these dead with these virus they making

  8. Stephanie Mujan says:

    Umbrella Corp be cashing in now. We need Mira Jovovich.

  9. dub 1 says:

    When putting petrol/diesel in you cars ware gloves… wishing you all the best Dublin Ireland

  10. Vlad B says:

    Oh yea, I’ll stay home here in Chicago but my rent and bills will get paid by magic, right? Freeze all bills if not this “shelter at home ” is useless.

  11. Rebecca McInroy says:

    The doctor,s and nurses have to rest and look after them selfs, RIP to those 13 doctor,s that passed being heroes

    • co122189 says:

      Karma…good work corona 🤝

      There is a reason China is one of the most polluted places on earth and this started there, there is a reason that this is on the news, because the people effected are white…that’s it…I’ve seen one black person on the news…and I don’t even think he was sick….

      I hope corona has along life and mutates multiple times and really just decimates white people…


    • Jennifer Radach says:

      So little so late so sad for America trumputin is the fake president so sad for us

    • Rebecca Singletary says:

      They don’t have it, cause those doctors know exactly what’s going on and they are getting pay big time, extra to do just what those big time richest and wealthiest tell them to do, they may put on to make us think they’re tired, they gotta play it like that, cause we looking at them on YouTube m, so use your brain, don’t let them deceive you, that5a Sacrificing, that’s why they getting Fema envovle, if some people ever come to your door about getting vaccine, don’t opening your door,

    • paula porter says:

      @co122189 unfucking believable what a thing to even think much less share shameful
      This was in relation to comment about decimating white people

    • Holy Hand Grenades says:

      @John Frese Under a commie healthcare system it is worse. Don’t be a moron.

  12. faddiegirl says:

    The grocers should take food outside with good weather to reduce spread

    • Montaine M says:

      Yeah but how would you like to be the person who shops for 1000 people in one day? And also having to make decisions if they don’t have certain things on the list which they probably won’t do you leave it off or get a substitute etc.

    • b4nkRup7 says:

      True true maybe hire more people but then who’s to say how will they protect themself from getting sick like the fast food areas with drive thru some dont wear gloves and they take credit cards from people some peiple still pay cash , I order postmates the dude wasnt wearing anything all it takes is one person that’s it idk man I just think they could try harder , not even hire more people would help come to think about it .

    • ZX10rjet says:

      Montaine M that’s the point… you hire or give grocery employees more work hours. It works

    • MrMisterMan says:

      I use instacart

    • Autobot Diva says:

      Like a drop window. Car park groceriers

  13. Victoria Short says:

    I’m an RN who can’t be tested since I’m not running a fever. Really?!

  14. Mystic Artist says:

    All the reporters are so hyper it sounds like they’re passing around cocaine

  15. Jen Joseph says:


  16. Fire Content says:

    I wanna hop back in 2019 lol thought that year was bad😂 now I can’t leave my house ehahaha

    • Thomas Myers says:

      Fire Content ….. Hate you had a bad 2019….
      If your not sick…. you can take walks and hikes……. just stay away from others….
      wash you hands…. phone…. etc….
      hands to eyes, nose and mouth is the main/ major way it spreads….

    • Dee DeCorte says:

      I would like to go back to 1990 when I started working and tell my self to SAVE MORE!

    • Fire Content says:

      Thomas Myers ik no we can but so much drama behind the virus 🦠 and no I’m not sick thankfully 😅 and thank enjoy the rest of your 2020

  17. PubScrub47 PubScrub47 says:

    WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY HAVING GERM PARTY “press conferences”?! Where they stand shoulder to shoulder and breath down each other’s necks WTF

  18. taiyoctopus says:

    “only those hospitalized will get it”

    Pretty sure all the celebrities like tom hanks have taken the test multiple times.

  19. Appalachian Red Fox says:

    “Not everyone needs to get tested for the virus.”

    Apparently only the rich and famous do!

    • Appalachian Red Fox says:

      @Travis Tee I sound like a dummy? Thanks for your 2 pennies…
      People not showing symptoms need not be tested… yet so many celebrities that lack the symptoms are getting tested! No, I dont get tested for every illness, but to say it’s not necessary while displaying the opposite behavior is outrageous! If you have an issue with my opinion, keep scrolling!

    • Travis McClellan says:

      If the people testing ask about your income then you know your not high on the list.

    • Bob Dole says:

      yeah until the poor and desperate throw them mofos into the freezing shark infested water like titanic at that very moment.. F them all anarchy coming.

    • Jennifer Radach says:

      Gosh trumputin was standing close to pence maybe we will get lucky

    • Linziloo Loo says:

      No they got vaccines from Bill Gates. You know the guy who funded the creation and release of this pandemic.

  20. Valerie Diaz says:

    Everyone: 2019 is the worst, 2020 will be awesome!
    Covid-19: Well howdy ho everyone!

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