Nik Wallenda Conquers Chicago Skyline

Relive Nik Wallenda’s two incredible walks across Chicago at epic heights with no safety tethers or nets. | For more, visit

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19 Responses

  1. wiganrlfcwigan says:


  2. jj gg says:

    the craziest shit i ever seen

  3. Katie Jewels says:

    I saw this even live. It was cool to witness.
    I panic just looking out a 2nd story window. 

  4. Wassi Warsi says:

    I think it’s God gifted talent that he has which he shows to the world. I’m
    sure no one else can do what this guy does without having any fear. I pray
    to God that he stays safe always when he’s showing his talent to the public
    lively and with unbelievable bravery. I’m sure nobody can take his place in
    this century. It’s such a hard job to walk on a wire. Thanx Discovery for
    sharing it, I just enjoyed watching it.

  5. Akif Malik says:

    #WallendaWalk #Chicago 

  6. rocapadilla says:

    is more than incredible

  7. DELT SLAYER says:

    He has got to keep talking so he doesnt think about how high he is

  8. craftymethod says:


  9. True seeker says:

    Relive Nik Wallenda’s two incredible walks across Chicago at epic heights
    with no safety tethers or nets. Discovery

  10. Kristine Palanysamy says:

    menudo crack!

  11. srinivas nimishakavi says:

    Nik Wallenda Conquers Chicago Skyline

  12. Algonquin81 says:

    bid deal

  13. Teresa Shaw says:

    It’s amazing what a human being can do , by the power of your brain, next
    time I think I can’t do it. It just shows the brain can do amazing things.
    Especially when comes to doing good deeds or when in school or playing an
    instrument, the list goes on.

  14. King Me Gemini Black says:

    So dumb and pointless…

  15. Forever Nix says:

    some of the parts or when you shin a light on him it looks like hes walking
    on air

  16. Mahesh Walatara says:


  17. enow0049 says:

    Power of faith my ass, he is gifted no doubt, most religious people are
    full of shit. God doesn’t want you to put your life at risk and scare your
    family to a heart attack. I read that book once, it says do not put God to
    the test, didn’t it? Even Jesus refused to jump off a cliff when satan
    tempted him to do so. Now who the fuck do you think you are? If you want to
    walk between mountains it’s on you, but stop saying God this, God that.

  18. varun dev says:

    Thank you Jesus !!!!!
    You Prayed to him, he saved you and you Thanked him !!!!
    Jesus smiling you Nik !!! 🙂 🙂 

  19. Federico Díaz Real says:

    LO CU RA