Nik West Gets a Custom Lakum Wedding Catsuit! | Say Yes To The Dress

Nik West Gets a Custom Lakum Wedding Catsuit! | Say Yes To The Dress

Nik West wants a dress/catsuit combo to make her look like a “classy superhero” but when the first couple of outfits don’t match her expectations, it’s time to think about a custom piece!

Catch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC – Sky 140, Virgin 162, BT TV 323

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54 Responses

  1. Get Lost says:

    Hello random people scrolling down through comments.

    May you have an amazing day and a happy life.?

  2. Nicola San says:

    Her hair is literal goals

  3. Kk dragon says:

    Each bride is different it’s great she gets to design her own dress
    And the end result looked amazing on her.

  4. kirara chan says:

    Thanks for showing designers other than Pnina Tornai… Pnina is so over rated…

    • nnedinmmaodili says:

      I don’t think she is overrated her dresses are really nice, you personally don’t like her I get it, But I’m glad that other designers were shown beside her, it’s not her fault people like her dresses, as a fellow designer I would feel immense hurt if someone said something like that about my work. Again think about how what you said would sound if you were in her shoes.

    • Chanandler Bong says:

      nnedinmmaodili yeah you are right 🙂 it’s about personal taste, and a lot of people like her dresses so it’s not her fault that her designs are favored ?

    • kirara chan says:

      +nnedinmmaodili TBH I have never hated her designs… Especially the satin ball gown with crystals… I absolutely love that… What I meant was, I’ve been watching syttd for years… Don’t you get tired to see the same dresses again and again? Kleinfield is huge!! They have millions of dresses… All I want is to be able to see variety of dresses… Every designer is special and talented in their own way… Everyone have their own preference… I just wish they could show variety and not showing only one designers dress…

    • ɐnıʎɐɥ ʍılson says:

      +nnedinmmaodili I get what you mean but people are entitled to their own opinions and they weren’t talking about her as a person they were talking about her designs, if they don’t like them, they have a right to not like them

  5. kirara chan says:

    ” They will get it, when they see it” ???
    It’s applicable for the viewers too…

  6. Aliza Bhutta says:

    Finally a bride who goes for what she wants ???????? she looks amazing.. one of a kind!

  7. Dreya Dreeni says:

    After all a unique bride??

  8. Stolen Queen says:

    *She is unique but in a very good way!*

  9. HeatDamageJourney says:

    She only paid 5 grand for a completly custom dress?

  10. Jasmine J.H says:

    that dress looks so good and the detailing looked bomb

  11. Fadumo M says:

    I liked how her entourage is wearing some sort of purple to support her.

  12. Dalila Rocha says:


  13. Lunasent says:

    The “David Bowie meets Iman” comment put a huge smile on my face! Their love was so true it still brings me to tears! So happy she got what she was looking for!

  14. Rainna T. says:

    She reminds me of garnet from Steven Universe!!

  15. Robert Webb says:

    Finally not a boring bride lol

  16. Devin Fane says:

    Rockstar Bride. Not a bad price for a custom dress coming out of Kleinfelds.

  17. Josie Keomany says:

    Ugh! Her hair! My gaaaaawd. I wish my hair had any chance of looking that fucking fab. She’s so beautiful and I love the catsuit she thought of for her wedding. That’s an individual who knows what she wants and gets it.

  18. megalopolis2015 says:

    There are so many reasons I’m glad I clicked on this clip. This appointment was unique, fun, and amazing. The bride was a showstopper that could be seen from space. She was tall, dark, and lovely, with purple all over the place. “Rock star” is right. She was so out there, but classy, too. I loved the dress the designers made. That was so incredible on her. Super wonderful family, sweet and supportive consultant. Couldn’t ask for better. (Would have liked to know a bit more about the groom, though). This was one of the most satisfying episodes I’ve ever seen.

  19. Dee McGee says:

    What an amazing dress ❤️

  20. Dorie Bixby says:

    This is what I want from bridal fashion. Whenever I find myself down the wedding dress rabbit hole, I find myself thinking about how unique bridal fashion is. The white-on-white, the bling, the sheer paneling, the classic silhouettes, you don’t see them anywhere else because they invoke that very specific bridal image, but imagine if they did. Picture that wedding dress style in streetwear or men’s fashion or, like Nik said, a superhero costume. There is just so much potential unseized in this field.

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