Nike Athletes Salute Kobe Bryant

Nike Athletes Salute Kobe Bryant

Love him or hate him, tell Kobe how you feel at

Nike athletes are celebrating Kobe with a befitting global tribute leading into Mamba Day on April 13. Kyrie Irving, Russell Wilson, Allyson Felix, Elena Delle Donne, Odell Beckham Jr, Paul George, Rafael Nadal, Paul Rodriguez, Natalie Anchonwa, Kirani James, Michelle Wie, Richard Sherman, LeBron James, Neymar Jr, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Phil Jackson, Sanya Richards-Ross, Tiger Woods, Clay Mathews, NaVorro Bowman, Brooks Koepka, Kevin Durant, Rob Gronkowski, Ali Krieger, Rory McIlroy, Gerard Pique, Eric Koston, Shao Ting, Javier Mascherano, Yi Jianlian, Andres Iniesta, Marcus Mariota, Mo Farah gave their last word to Kobe, what’s yours? #mambaday

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20 Responses

  1. Jorge Fernández-Miranda says:

    KD savage af

  2. NewWorldOrderFAIL says:

    wheres Ronaldo? kd though lmao

  3. Theblackmamba Snake says:

    KD cracked me up AssHole lmaoo?

  4. OneShotOneKill says:


  5. Candy яєιgη says:

    lel “asshole”

  6. Oscar Poku says:

    lol roger tho

  7. Clash With Wizard 101 says:

    he is okey, but not anymore with that footwork

  8. Chaos or Anarchy says:

    The GOAT from my generation

  9. Jonathan T says:

    Kevin Durant is just so real lol.

  10. Derrick Doan says:

    He pissed me off a lot lol

  11. james奶油蒼蠅 says:

    this day is my birthday

  12. ryanrfknd15 says:

    He pissed me off a lot -Kevin durant

  13. Tyler Nathan says:

    17 people support the clippers

  14. AxProd™ says:

    KD strikes me ahahaha

  15. themikeyandjaffashow says:


  16. Yudle Animation says:

    Great video, less is more, Nike understands!… If, and its a big if you’ve
    never heard of KB then you’ll be YouTube’in right now.

  17. Anton B says:

    He’s no star he could walk down any street in the UK and no1 would know who
    he is, but if Nike paid me I would kiss ass too.

  18. Jesus Girl says:

    My boy KD keepin’ it real

  19. Jason Butler says:

    YI JIANLIAN?!?!?!

  20. Jeffrey Lim says:

    Where’s Ronaldo?