Nike – Dream Crazy

Nike – Dream Crazy

Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough. #justdoit

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89 Responses

  1. PhxHDchiller says:

    Thank you Nike for standing up for people that deserve it.

  2. guiliguonka says:

    Chills and more chills <3 thank you

  3. MrJimmyJammers says:

    Don’t tell me what to do nike

    • Utkarsh MK says:

      well you’re here all by yourself

    • Mud says:

      What even is “it” anyways?

    • Ball Don't Lie says:

      They’re not, they’re presenting what they support and believe in. Anytime anything or anyone doesn’t subscribe to the ideology of the unhinged right and states just that, sensitive conservatives cry about being told what to do or how to feel when that’s not the fucking case by any means.

      The majority of the world leans towards decency and freedom, not the restraints and bully tactics of the right, deal with it.

    • BUZZ TRASH YEAR says:


  4. Yungnz-_- says:

    People burning there Nike stuff, bro. You already bought it what’s the point.

  5. Whiting says:

    Don’t be a child living in a third world country wishing he could wear Nike, instead be a child living in a third world country making Nike shoes.

    Am I doing this right?

  6. Connor C says:

    Believe in something, even if it means screwing over everyone who drafted you in fantasy.

    Just hold out.

    -Le’veon Bell

    • Lon Woolf says:

      Lmao that’s why I went with Zeke this year

    • Altone Frazier says:

      Classic reply……bwahahahah!
      Gotta love cynicism

    • Str8 Forward says:

      That’s y’all no l.i.f.e having pittful individuals problems, these athlete’s DONT owe y’all jack! That man don’t care bout you or his mama fantasy! That man cares that they tryna give him 300+ touches again before a big contract year, at his age that’s not good back to big big touches like that. So screw you and the selfish ass offensive line that wants to ride his coat tail to a Superbowl! He doing right by himself and his future

    • jacob nidiffer says:

      Glad I took gurley

  7. DubDanTV says:

    Everyone keeps saying he has the right to knee, we know this… he isn’t locked up in prison right?

    Everyone has free speech and I respect his right to do what he did, but when you use free speech at work that could be considered controversial, be ready for any possible outcome from your employers.

    • Lenox W says:

      Its not against the rules for players to kneel or sit or even dance during the anthem. Its against thw rules in the NBA so maybe you should go watch that instead

    • DubDanTV says:

      C. Fair this is a perfect example of a peaceful protest, he using free speech to protest without violence. I perfectly support his right to do so, if i was in his position I wouldn’t have done it to be honest, but that is just me.

    • Frances says:

      DubDanTV then you need to find another job. I been at my job for 30 years and never once did I hold my tongue… I’m the person that do give a Shit… okay I’m going continue to say what I feel…. If don’t no one likes it Kiss my grits……

    • mrs0019 says:

      Lenox W Hmm, But it’s against regulations to wear things not in line with uniform regulations and it’s certainly against the rules to celebrate or draw unnecessary attention to yourself during a game.

      Sorry, but as long as CK (or any athlete) is in uniform they should act in a manner their employer is paying them to. If you want to protest, you’re a special kind of dumbass to think your employer is going to PAY you to protest when you’re on their clock.

      Defending CK’s right to protest is fine. Demanding employers let him protest while on clock is beyond asinine. Try protesting politics or something at our job and see how long your job security lasts.

  8. ricardo soto says:

    In not a big Nike fan, more like an Adidas guy. Im using Nike shoes right now because muy gf gifted them to me. But this is a well made add. I bet Nike discovered that being polemical sells in the long term even if that scares short term investors. Nike know that they are doing. They know that conservatives often lose cultural wars in the long term and they are betting on that even if the lose in the short term. They know urban areas are blue areas. They know blue states voted more the Dems even in they lost the electoral vote. There is not thing like bad publicity. The best thing conservatives should do is to ignore them. But they keep taking the bait. Screen cap this. Kap is going to run for office in the future. That is his endgame. He even is starting to look Obamaesque. I do not like him since the Castro T shirt. But he is a smart player, and his game is no longer CTEball. His endzone is in DC.

  9. Mike Wellington says:

    The hypocrisy of both Kap and Nike is palpable. One trying to stand up for rights of people yet signs on for a 3rd world labor driven company. Great choice. The other back peddling to distract from said slave labor. I have no vested interest in either. Just an observation. Very slimy of both. On a side note; The implication that he “sacrificed everything” is a first world joke. Ease up Nike. There are people out there actually suffering, of which you employ many yet with their meager wages and dictatorial employer? They still suffer more than Kap every would even living on the streets of Chicago. Back of ya hypocrites.

  10. jj wicks says:

    So to the people who think Colin knelt because he was boycotting the anthem, the flag, or whatever other political symbol, you’re mistaken. He knelt to raise awareness for all the injustice dealt unto people of color, many victims of which can no longer speak for themselves for tragic reasons. Most don’t want to hear it but this country is so well known for shootings that unless the body count hits double digits, someone NOT of color was injured or killed, or the person is of some social ‘value’ to the community, the event rarely makes national news. Who better to raise awareness than someone whose career is in the immediate public eye? FINALLY, YES PLEASE. It’s about someone could, DID. This ad is also great because it’s inclusive, we need more of that, too. Again, it’s about time someone who had a voice and a platform from which to project it, DID so, and did it RIGHT.

    • Rusty Nail says:

      What injustices to black people are happening in the US right now? Blacks killing blacks in record numbers? Blacks committing violent crime in record numbers? Blacks committing the most mass shootings?

      Blacks in the US make blacks around the world look bad. All they do is complain and play the victim to EVERYTHING. People are tired of that crap. CK is not a hero, he didn’t do anything brave, and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve any praise. If nike wants to use him for their ads, then they are free to do so. They just better prepare for a huge drop in sales.

      This ad is garbage. He was trying to raise awareness for what, a kid who was shot after robbing a store and then attacking a police officer? This whole “kneel for the anthem” movement was a total load of crap.

    • Not Mr T says:


  11. Bob Stone says:

    I absolutely love this commercial!!

  12. VINO9411 says:

    Colin Kaepernick has not sacrificed anything!
    Just ask the family of Pat Tillman who really did sacrifice EVERYTHING!

    • Jonathan Kieffer says:

      Holy shit man, I feel bad for anyone that has met you.

    • Patrick McCann says:

      +manansis86 I do respect his life a lot. Probably more than you. It just pisses me off that everyone is saying Kap sacrificed everything, when he didn’t sacrifice anything.

    • Gamer Guy says:

      You fucking idiot basketball and god is everything to me.
      You take my sport from me I can not live, someone like you obviously wouldnt understand because you have not worked hard enough to even make a college team and dont lie to me saying youve done this you would be disgracing that sport or career that comes out of your pig fat ass mouth

    • Patrick McCann says:

      +Nclght You’re the dumb one if anything. I said more than just his life, stupid.

    • Artjr47 Arthurbdjr says:

      It’s just too bad that the American military covered up the truth about what really happened to Pat Tillman.

  13. Christopher Diaz says:

    Collin kapernick wasn’t trying disrespect the flag or the vets, he was kneeling because of all the racism that going in that time and nobody was doing anything about it

    • Blake Perrin says:

      He may not have been trying to do that but that’s what he did

    • Lethal MGOrca says:

      What, you support him or something like that. Colin Kaepernick is a disgrace to America and he isn’t even black, he is just tan, very tan and kneels during the national anthem. For God’s sake let Nike be free from this monster who disgraces the vets and the flag which we proudly won from the Brits back in the 1700s. We won because of strategic planning and colin Kaepernick gives 0 fucks about it. Go to the pits of hell Colin Kaepernick

    • Vega The Destroyer says:

      When are they kneeling to protest black on black crime?

    • Termas The Musician says:

      Yeah but I’m doing so he did disrespect them sooo….

    • Double Barrel Shotgun Nostrils says:

      caleb hull I agree with you sorta but just to let you kno they found out that that thing with the farmers in Africa was all just fake propaganda

  14. GoofyPandaBears says:

    first time I have EVER heard that dude with the Afro speak

  15. Earl Mines says:

    And to all you Haters burning your Nike gear…Donate it to a charity… A LOT of folks would Love some Nike gear!!💯💯💯…if you don’t… You’re just selfish and full of hatred..

    • B says:

      You better be donating every table scrap you don’t eat to charity or you’re just being hateful and racist.

    • tyro apache says:

      Earl Mines They burning their Nike’s because they ran out of crosses.

    • Rusty Nail says:

      Earl Mines – There are too many clothes for homeless to not have them. Charities are always overwhelmed with clothes. Just because people rid the world of nike shoes, doesn’t mean they should be ashamed. Calm down dude

    • Rusty Nail says:

      Audrey Lee – LOL, nike has money from apparel and footwear that was already sold. A boycott hurts future sales and profits. How do you not understand?

      I donate plenty without having to donate crappy nike products that I don’t even own. There is nothing wrong with discarding products you do not want anymore. Not everything that is donated reaches those who need help either, so don’t be so naive.

    • Douglas Lawson says:

      u sound like a dumb fuck Kaepernick should be protesting black on black crime not cops killing blacks cause blacks kill blacks at a way higher rate no one cares about that and now he campaigns for a company who supports child labor funny shit

  16. Brains before BS says:

    Nike …well done and Colin keep your head up what you are doing is important it’s not disrespecting the flag it’s not hating veterans it’s pointing out a huge problem in our society, racism, racism is real it still exists and it’s 2018😞

  17. AB7Games says:

    Controversy aside, big respect to Nike for this inspiring ad 👌🏼

  18. Marady Mon says:

    People shouldn’t burn away their NIKE apparel, they should donate them if they don’t want them.

  19. SB -_-/ says:

    (A fan of justice) & kapernick Not a football fan or any other sport, though because of Nike showing an interest in JUSTICE, by standing with Colin kapernick, the brand has earned my respect & I pledge to support NIKE as long as Nike Supports JUSTICE. I will support with my money time & I will hold Nike in high regards & while they maintain this highest standards of Corporate activism against, Racism White Supremacy. Thanks.

  20. Erich L. Ruehs says:

    What do you tell an 11-year-old in a sweatshop too tired to get up in the morning to put in another 12 hour day … “Just Do It!”

    • luhoiud Ewfewe says:

      what i love is before kap EVER appeared with NIKE the whole child labor thing associated with NIKE wasnt very known and not brought with ANY other athlete but all it took was someone who wanted change and a different stance on political beliefs in America to bring out the ugly in people i know vets who support kap but yeah seems like america is still behind on this thing called love

    • Black Nostradamus says:

      Erich L. Ruehs you tell them to be better then yo stupid self with this comment

    • donte llx says:

      it isnt just nike its basically 99% of brands
      whether u wear it or not wont change whats happening. its either have kids work in a sweatshop in a different country somewhere and wear good clothes or have kids work in a sweatshop in a different country somewhere and not have the clothes. its bad yea but nothing you do will change it so why not wear what you like

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