Nikita Dragun & Tana Mongeau Weren’t The Most Shocking Story At The VMAs, NYT Bret Stephens, & More

Nikita Dragun & Tana Mongeau Weren’t The Most Shocking Story At The VMAs, NYT Bret Stephens, & More

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NYT Columnist Emails Professor’s Boss After Being Called a Bedbug in a Tweet:

Activists Protest Outside of VMAs to Call Attention to Newark Water Crisis:

Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $572M for Contributing to Opioid Crisis:

Trump Responds to Bed Bug Claims:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray

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64 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    bedbugs 00:06 – TIA 4:37 – Newark 6:39 – J&J 10:00

    • DEDE DE says:

      Great informative video as usual. Please take about deferred action immigration if you haven’t already. It is literally about life and death. These immigrants kids and their families were allowed to stay because they can only get the medical assistance here in America. Please talk about Trump admin stopping deferred action and sending these kids to their death.

    • madogmdp says:

      Easy there, calling someone thin skinned and small minded. I seem to remember you sending a controversial email to a woman’s superior a while back because she said something mean about you online. What was your goal there other than to get her fired and make yourself feel better? Just gonna sip my tea over here.

    • Egg Boi says:

      Morph94 I mean if there’s been progresss in the story then it definitely needs to be reported on, give the man a chance to defend himself

    • Baneofhell says:

      Always enjoy your show, I disagree with your final thought about the amount Johnson and Johnson was asked to pay, since the court case was dealing with the matter on a State level, it wouldn’t be the courts responsibility to make Johnson and Johnson pay for the crisis on a national level. Granted the penalty probably should have been higher for the state, but bringing in the National numbers on a State case is a form of hyping up the argument beyond the actual context of the story… however, should Johnson and Johnson be held responsible? Yes of course. I struggle with what kind of financial impacts on large companies, if it ends up causing people not part of the decision making for the company to lose their jobs. Its a tangled mess.

    • SamuelD1 says:

      Vmas is a freak show.

  2. rurounibabe says:

    I never realized how much you move your hands and arms and now that I have, I can’t stop watching your arms and hands.

  3. Hedgie The Umbrehog says:

    Newark is having a water issue!

    Flint residents: you don’t say….

  4. Julia Reste says:

    I grew up in and out of Newark.

    THANK YOU for talking about the crisis.

  5. Akpobari Godpower says:

    Hey Phil, can we have a PDS about happy the good things going on? It’s been a while since the last one.

  6. Mountaindew says:

    Led in the water? Passing out bottles of water is nice but what about showering? You gonna shower with led water?

  7. Rashid Hekmatara says:

    Sooo did everyone just forget about Jeff Epstein

  8. Pandurz says:

    It’s about damn time the law starts holding corporations accountable.

  9. Puck Daily says:

    My mom got addicted to opioids and I ended up homeless at 17. It ruins more lives than you think.

    • lemon diesel says:

      Only fiends that deserve any help are the ones who are addicted because of doctors prescriptions. Everybody else is a burden on the taxpayers and should be left to fend for themselves. Same goes for cigarette smokers and habitual drinkers. Their habits costing us billions every year.

    • Shiva Lewis says:

      I lost my friend yesterday due to years of opioid addiction. He has been to rehab 5 times and overdosed 2 times. He was only 29. The way he died was gruesome and filled with suffering because he had maxed out his lungs, heart, kidneys, and liver. These corporations need to be held accountable for false advertising lethal and highly addictive substances. A drug dealer gets prison time I don’t see how this is any different. I miss my friend…

    • Zachery O'Keefe says:

      @lemon diesel that’s most of them. The vast majority of people who are doing things like heroin today are people who were prescribed prescription opioids BY DOCTORS, became severely addicted to the point that the dosages prescribed by doctors could no longer relieve their cravings, and turned to street sales to supplement and feed their habit.

      This problem is almost 100% the fault of the pharmaceutical companies. Very few people just decide “hey maybe I’ll get addicted to smack today”.

    • Alyssa M says:

      lemon diesel addiction is a DISEASE

    • A Spooky Ghost says:

      @Alyssa M Yep, and not only that, but addiction is us a co-morbid condition, meaning that addicts often have pre-existing conditions at the same time that perpetuate or kickstart usage. Whether it’s chronic pain or mental illness, addiction isn’t as simple as “yay, drugs!” It’s clear that a lot of people have strong opinions about addicts without actually understanding what addiction even is.

  10. Andrew Ace says:

    _”Call me a bed bug to my face”_

    That’s a new one ?

  11. denny da menny says:

    It’s sickening to see such a pompous self congratulatory award ceremony right next to people in a water crisis.

    • Wenzhe Yu says:

      I really don’t understand what the big deal is. Sure, it’s disappointing that there was very little attention given to the water crisis, but it’s not as if organizing an award ceremony interferes with or halts the process involved with cleaning the city’s water?

    • Christianne Abella says:

      ​@Wenzhe Yu that was what i thought too, but i assume MTV makes a lot of profit from the VMAs given the absurd amount that tickets cost. maybe if they made a point to donate money to Newark and mention what was happening during the ceremony, have celebrities also get involved in charity efforts, or something, it would look less egregious? and i guess you could argue that it’s not exactly taylor swift or whoever’s fault that flint’s government is poorly managed and suffering a crisis but she has a lot of wealth, so a publicity stunt of charity similar to what drake did in that one music video surely wouldn’t make her go bankrupt. but idk, i’m not a super rich person so i have no real idea why they don’t do that sort of thing.

    • Christianne Abella says:

      i think humans are more outraged when inequality is juxtaposed, though. it would be equally unethical if the concert was held in a wealthy city.

    • Michael Jepsen says:

      @Christianne Abella I would also assume that the VMA’s end up buying a good chunk of the bottled water in the area which leaves the local residents high and dry – pardon the expression.

    • Christianne Abella says:

      that’s actually something i hadn’t thought about. i did consider the cost of sending out police but it didn’t seem large enough for me to mention.

  12. Ali Rose says:

    It’s pronounced Door al (like the name Al). Love from Miami ❤

  13. Thomas Gonzalez says:

    “Analogizing people to insects is always wrong” How I’m going to start every conversation this week.

  14. Evan Gilbert says:

    Just wondering… How’s flint doing?

    • cory pierce says:

      Its getting better, but there is still much of the county that advises to not drink the water. But our mayor says its fine to drink, but wont take a drink of it on camera..hmm…needless to still buying bottled water.

    • Cats says:

      Better than it was, way worse than they make it seem

  15. Onceuponascheme says:

    The Newark situation just shows how important it is to vote in local elections

  16. Don Korb says:

    If Stephens hadn’t CCd the e-mail to Karpf’s boss, I’d actually be on his side, somewhat. Sure, it’s an overreaction either way, but I think a relatable one, I can very much understand that being insulted by a stranger on the Internet can be frustrating, and I don’t think what he wrote in his e-mail was too crass either.

    However, responding to one toxic trend (perceived invulnerability over the Internet to say whatever you want) with another toxic trend (trying to get someone fired for one bad thing they said) is just too much. Two wrongs don’t make a right Bretbug. Not cool.

    • Ayushi Sharma says:

      CasualNotice I don’t know man. It’s just kind of thin skinned on his part to be offended to this degree by some tweet. Also I don’t believe it’s a childish insult. But reception of a joke/tweet is obviously subjective. I think concerning NYT having a bed bug issue it’s a well timed shot to take. I don’t have any problems with people taking humourous pot shots at others even if it’s at my expense. As long as it’s a good joke. And hits the nail. I’m not that sensitive or butthurt like he is. So I disagree to it being a childish insult but stand by it being a well timed metaphorical and silly tweet that he really shouldn’t have been so offended by. Thats literally the definition of twitter. And like I said you can’t complain about someone by saying come say it to my face. That I feel is childish especially if you are part of a public forum professionally as well. And Stephens is all up in arms about “he called me an insect that’s disrespectful”. Idk man, super thin skinned and butt hurt. Does he have a right to be offended, sure. But what he did with the email part pfffttt. Idc for whatever reason he added his superior to the email chain but that is an abuse of power as mentioned. For being called an insect and not being able to brush it off. This whole narrative of people should only say what they can say to someone’s face is getting too old for old butthurt people.

    • Ayushi Sharma says:

      CasualNotice in my opinion the only reasonable way to deal with a petty and silly tweet someone finds offensive is to clap back. If you are on twitter play by Twitter rules and clap back. Respond with yet another tweet which allows him to hold his ground,make use of sarcasm or take shots at karpf. Whatever works. It’s fair play at this point. And if he is too holy for this tweet war shit then he can be the bigger person and let it slide. Those are the only two reasonable responses to a tweet I see : ignore or clap back. Not to cry mama. Again my opinion only.

    • CasualNotice says:

      @Ayushi Sharma To be fair, he’s a “conservative” commentator at the New York Times. It’s fair to say he’s heard that and more every single day–possibly from his colleagues.

    • Krista Brown says:

      @CasualNotice I agree with you. I think he was trying to make sure his butt was covered while responding.

      It’s easy now and days to claim that someone was sending harassing emails or threatening someone. Even you have receipts, those can be faked. I saw it as letting a third party (his superior) know that he was responding to this tweet but that nothing in it was threatening or harassing so that if Karpf had any malicious intent and claimed that Stephens was harassing him that his boss was aware that that wasn’t the case.

      He may have been sensitive but I don’t think he was wrong to have someone else (in this case his boss) aware that he was confronting him but not threateningly. Sure he could have asked a coworker if it was okay to cc them. But it is best to let the boss know if there is something happening between co-workers.

    • Jack Robinson says:

      i think he acted like a bit of a … *drumroll pls*


  17. Matt ttam says:

    How am I just now realizing how much you move your hands when you talk

  18. Christopher Gibbs says:

    I like how Tana Mongeau is super cutting edge back in 2002

  19. Toshogu Takegawa says:

    500mil is nothing to johnson and johnson.

    50billion would have been a fair assesment of damages

  20. Hillary Marshall says:

    Hey Phil! It’s been 5 years and Flint still doesn’t have clean water!

    • Inqueri says:

      Hillary Marshall the level of lead in the water has gone below the EPA standard, which means it is safe to drink. Flint has clean water.

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