NINE LIVES Trailer (Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken)

NINE LIVES Trailer (Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken)

A businessman finds himself trapped inside the body of his family’s cat.
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A Movie directed by Barry Sonnenfeld
Cast : Robbie Amell, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, Christopher Walken…
Genre : Comedy

© 2016 – EuropaCorp

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20 Responses

  1. Chloe Young says:

    No thankyou

  2. Shayeday says:

    Wait is this real no no, not Kevin Spacey he would never ?

  3. Mark Magill says:

    Looks exactly like our family cat. Is he a Maine Coon?

  4. experiment54 says:

    Spacey was the bomb in Phantoms ya’al

  5. Talat Karvinkar says:

    I’m liking this ’cause I wanna see how this movies does.

  6. Wixspin says:

    I thought this was a parody…..

  7. TheMotherfer says:

    God I hope Kevin got a ton of cash for this.

  8. Poly Rolf (Polyrolf) says:


  9. AIRburst95 says:

    This isn’t real right?

  10. claudeman says:

    Is Christopher Walken the same character from Click?

  11. How to sculpt says:

    Uhm … A lot of dislikes, how come ?

  12. zodiac339 says:

    A film by Nicholas Cage and M Night Shyamalan.

  13. Tom Mincelo says:

    movie gods spacey n walken, low balling it love it!

  14. Justin Kwon says:

    It seems like all the greats are making mistakes with films now. Robert De
    Niro with Dirty Grandpa, and now this.

  15. ravedave0 says:

    Hot stinking garbage

  16. Spuddy says:

    Hey you’re not garfield

  17. Myles Hoglund says:

    Shaggy dog….cough….cough

  18. writerconsidered says:

    Kevin spacey can’t even make this unstupid.

  19. DumbDuck44 says:

    Did the director catch Kevin Spacey in some kind of scandal and blackmail
    him, or why would he agree to this?

  20. jasmine agina says:

    You mean like Tim Allen’s Shaggy Dog