Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React

Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React

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Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React

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41 Responses

  1. REACT says:

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  2. Anonymous - says:

    Why does Ninja look so serious?! Almost looks pissed off ???

  3. King of Salt says:

    Hope ninja won’t ban the reactors lol

  4. SQEEZY BEAN says:

    This the first time seeing Ninja finally play with a girl

  5. SteadyMuffins says:

    I think it’s the first time when Ninja’s playing with a woman xD. (he, usually doesn’t do this)

  6. I’m Dizzy says:

    Ninja plays with a girl for the first time

  7. ClosetSkully says:

    I’m waiting for all the “ninja is playing with a girl” comments.

  8. fispen says:

    Ninja first time playing with a female

  9. Andrew Bui says:

    Speaker: Ninja can you come on out…?!
    New Player: Who’s Ninja?

  10. Aaron foster says:

    *So no one realized that this is ninja first time playing with a girl*

  11. jessie Garcia says:

    Ninja broke his 1 rule to never play with a girl besides his wife

  12. Speedy Cuber 08 says:

    What the F#@$ did you say to me you little S@#$

  13. Dennis Li says:

    Remember when Ninja said he would never duo with a girl… ?

    • Livi Animates says:

      I don’t watch ninja but read more stuff like this and here’s the answer:

      When he’s streaming.

  14. Rafael Garcia Fortunato says:

    Someday you should do a double prank, prank the players with a pro in disguise and prank the pro with another pro in disguise.

  15. Richard Nguyen says:

    Ninja : “I don’t play with female players”

  16. Omega Omega says:

    “Ninja wont play with females for respect out of his wife”

  17. Richie Cantos says:

    Ninja secretly wanted to rage when his teammates died.

  18. Santa Snorlax says:

    I thought ninja doesn’t play with girls…

  19. Ricky V says:

    We know Tom doesn’t play that good. We see him stream

  20. adnan yeasir says:

    Why does Ninja look so dead

    • Uriel Almaraz says:

      Maybe because fortnite is dead

    • Don't Stalk Me Twitch, Pls says:

      @Uriel Almaraz Fortnite still top viewer count on twitch tho. Twice the amount of Apex’s. Apex only got top 1 for a few days on it’s season 2 release then quickly died down. So, Fortnite is far from dead. Dying sure, but dead? Not yet

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