Ninja Judges Fortnite Dance Challenge

Ninja Judges Fortnite Dance Challenge

We’ve asked Ninja, the King of Fortnite, to rate our abilities to recreate Fortnite dances with only verbal instructions.  GMM #1447

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52 Responses

  1. Nixmoon says:

    I love all these described dance challenges, I don’t really like Fortnite but this was still hilarious

  2. Arthur Tu says:

    I thought this video was hilarious on Rhett and Link’s part, but Ninja was kinda boring and didn’t really add much

  3. t3hGawd says:

    Why is the muppet from Game Awards here?

  4. Matija Novak says:

    Quit horsing around!

  5. Melissa H says:

    The downvotes on this video have nothing to do with the actual video. This is a funny video and I loved it. Just because you don’t like Fortnite doesn’t mean you should punish Rhett and Link. This is good content.

    • Triple 3 says:

      Melissa H fortnite gay

    • Joshua Higgs says:

      I read this then disliked the video

    • Brian Milligan says:

      I agree with you You have a good point you shouldn’t push people around

    • Connor Michael says:

      Its the downvotes bc of ninja?

    • Josh says:

      Most people aren’t disliking because it’s Fortnite. Jacksepticeye was a guest and they did some Fortnite stuff and everyone still loved the episode. Why? Because of the guest. Jack is an amazing person. Ninja? Not so much. The dude is the biggest crybaby and he’s just an egotistical jerk. I love GMM and all the guests they’ve had on the show but this is the first time I didn’t like a guest.

  6. McQuell says:

    I don’t get why some of you guys are so angry at this episode… You have the right not to like Ninja and the content he makes, but it was still a pretty funny episode and he was a good guest in it !

    • The Blue Jay says:

      Shhhh calm down yo. People are just sick of fortnite content – The GMM crew should have known this would happen imo….

    • Bullpup Baggins says:

      It was a funny episode, yes. However, Ninja is egotistical, immature, and falsely accuses people online when he loses. It’s not about Fortnite, Rhett or Link, it’s about Ninja being a jerk. GMM should have known this resp ok ne would happen.

    • Little Timmy says:

      Shatup you and Ninja, Gmm will learn from their mistakes

    • Daniel Huddleston says:

      The Blue Jay what content do people want? What’s not mainstream, that is so cool, we don’t know about it?

    • k. dema says:

      the theme of the video was not.
      Itd compare it to rhett and link drinking each others pee video which i also disliked due to the theme of the video not them.

  7. Seth Piersma says:

    Having never watched Ninja before, he seems alright. And having never really gotten into Fortnite, this was still very entertaining. Overall good episode.

  8. DUMP says:

    I don’t really like ninja and fortnite but I liked this

  9. Zacharias says:

    I know it’s really cool to hate everything mainstream and popular, but give Ninja a break. I don’t watch him anymore myself, but here its just 3 dudes having fun, so whats the problem?

    • D. S. says:

      Zacharias I’m surrounded by kids in my life (cousin, neighbors, family friends kids, school, etc) and I’ve just gotten annoyed by seeing these kids transition to Fortnite because of the trend. It’s not the game I hate; it’s the trend that the game has created. My cousin in particular used to always watch me play interested storytelling games like god of war, uncharted, etc., but ever since the fortnite trend, his mind only thinks of fortnite. He comes to my house only to sit down and watch those brainwashing youtubers who give them phrases like “WHERE WE DROPPING BOYZ” to make kids even more taken by the trend. Children aren’t able to understand how trends work. They can’t moderate their liking of the game because they don’t understand that the trend has made them so obsessed with it. All these kids doing fortnite dances like their lives depend on it just irritates me. That’s all. I’m not trying to cool by hating the mainstream.

      + and that’s why seeing this episode made me dislike because all I see is an ever growing influence on children who are completely lost by this massive trend. One of my friends cousins has 4 Fs in school now because of his obsession with fortnite. I kid you not.

    • Zacharias says:

      +D. S. I know that fortnite has become the new minecraft, but thats just how trends work these days. There will always be the kids playing the games, and there will always be annoyed people, complaining that kids don’t share their views, or appreciate their games. In about 5 years, when the new fortnite like games has been released, kids who played fortnite will say “ugh, I’m so glad I grew up playing fortnite, and not this shitty game”, just like kids with minecraft now, and that game was hated too back then. If you really think about it, why do you care? At the end of the day, its just kids playing games, and having fun. And If you don’t like the things that they like, thats fine too. You can still play god of war and uncharted even if some 10 year old would prefer to play fortnite.

    • Tyler Laster says:

      Who says my own thought out opinion can’t align with the popular opinion

    • Shelby Haga says:

      He should not be given a brake. He is an entitled toxic crybaby who only desetved a brake when he stops cussing out kids

  10. Isobel Salvatore says:

    Is this the dude who won’t do collabs with women out of fear of being shipped with them? Meanwhile, Rhett and Link get shipped with each other on a regular basis lmao.

  11. GRiiM says:

    This is painful

  12. Philippe Louis says:

    Was it all rigged? Conspiracy time:
    Wake up sheeple! Ninja has been friends with Rhett over twitter for months!
    Rhett has even been playing with ninja on fortnite!!! COINCIDENCE!
    Ninja has always been planning to come over to make Rhett win!!!

  13. Golden State says:

    My faith in humanity has sunk even lower

  14. Luis La Rosa says:

    Anybody else think link got robbed at the end. Rhetts dance was not worthy of a 4, 2 at best, and he even got the extra point for wearing orange.

  15. Megan G says:

    as wrong as he may be, you gotta admit link goes _hard_

  16. emma bustillo says:

    *thiS iS tHe deFEatEd dAd fLOss*

  17. kol bernou says:

    stop stream sniping

  18. Jacob Reyez says:

    If you don’t like the video ninja is going to report you

  19. Danielle Snow says:

    Ew fortnite and ninja. Thought this would be the only channel I’d never have to those two together. ?

  20. Siphosethu Sange Silimela says:

    Why are people so mad? This was an awesome episode and I like Tyler! If you don’t like Fortnite or Ninja, you don’t need to go out of your way to dislike the vid.

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