Nintendo 3DS – Fire Emblem Choose Your Path Trailer

Nintendo 3DS – Fire Emblem Choose Your Path Trailer

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20 Responses

  1. ggwee says:

    Waitwaitwaitwait does this mean depending which side I choose, I’ll have to
    kill potential Waifus that fight against me…?

    If so, I might just cry like a baby… o(╥﹏╥)o

    …I swear if that happens I’ll have a Major hissy fit…

  2. Gerardo Guerrero Rios says:

    I’m so excited for this new addition in the fire emblem series. I really
    like the music here, I hope Yuka Tsujiyoko keeps composing for the

  3. irbricksceo says:

    Hmm, so, two versions. Not ideal but apparently the special edition comes
    with both. guess I know what I’m getting! I just hope it is possible to
    FIND special editions in the US. they really screwed up with the majoras
    mask ones. We have any idea on release widow?

  4. Andrew Chen says:

    The true answer: kill self to force a truce between the two sides and unite
    them because of your martyrdom. Or you gain so much power you quell both

  5. Ryan50WAO says:

    I hope it just ends up being one game when they bring it over, not two with
    dlc for a third ending….Not only for the fact I don’t have Wi-Fi, but
    Fire Emblem isn’t the kind of game where Pokemon’s 2 version model will
    work :/

  6. TheShay1133 says:

    Guess I’ll buy both, one for me one “for my brother”. I kinda wish it was
    just one game though. ¯*(ツ)*/¯ 

  7. Neopolitan Ice Cream says:

    I was really hoping to find out Octopus Lucina/Dancer Lord’s name…

  8. BladeRyu1 says:

    The story was so hype!!!! Based from the first trailer I thought the
    samurai with red armor was the evil person… man I was wrong :)

  9. Quote says:

    I will seriously buy both versions of this game. I wish I could buy the
    soundtrack as well.

  10. Jess M says:

    Am I the only one who’s watched this over at least 50 times?

  11. Jennifer Yeh says:

    Choose Your Own Little Sister

    Fire Emblem : Sister Wars

  12. TatoXGamer says:

    The only problem I have with this is they didn’t mention the fact that each
    path is a separate game in Japan and for the U.S. and Europe it’ll be 1
    game physically and 1 sold as DLC….Here I thought I had a path choice
    within 1 game and not a choice between pokemon versions. :/

  13. RhapsodyDusk says:

    Has the name of the song and/or artist been revealed yet? It’s so

  14. Rufure says:

    Two times for the whole story? No problem lol. The cutscenes looks amazing
    i can’t wait for this game.
    I can’t get tired for watching this trailer.

  15. ごはんケーキーびんびん says:

    I hope they do more than just rout enemies in the game

  16. Vincia says:

    I will buy both games regardless, because I loved fire emblem awakening and
    the character customization is what brought me back into the FE series.
    However, I am not actually too thrilled on the way this trailer was
    presented… I thought you would make your choice in one whole game. You
    being kidnapped as an infant and was raised as nohr prince/princess, and
    probably you being the main weapon to take over Hoshido.

    You’ve meet your actual kin in one of the battles, they tell you who you
    really are trying to persuade you back to their turf. The player can
    either find out and seek the truth of his or her past and Nohra’s plans or
    stay loyal/ as a brainwashed tool/weapon of mass destruction. In the end it
    would depends on how much impact the NPCs will affect the player and the
    choices they make to choose a side towards the end.

    Now, that I know that they are turning this into a pokemon route where you
    get two games, same storyline but different features and npcs… This
    defeats the purpose of making a choice will give a huge impact on the
    story, because now you choose which side you are on with your wallet. Even
    if you decide to get both of all three DLC packs you will still be given
    the choice of which game you would want to play first…. Still defeating
    the purpose of choice making. I hope nintendo actually think about
    reconsidering this… Other then that I kind of find this a bit
    misleading…. But once again I will buy both games…

  17. Nai Quona says:

    Her voice is so lovely.

  18. Nathaniel Noble says:

    Looks amazing but I hope you keep the Japanese voice acting if you do get
    English voice actors, I love having the ability to switch between the two

  19. Darkwolf29x says:

    What I wouldn’t give to have a yuri relationship with that purple haired

  20. BloodySteel64 says:

    Yes please and thank you! Nintendo… you already have a lot of my money…
    and now you shall have more… bastards!