Nintendo Direct 4.1.2019 – Everything Coming To Switch

Nintendo Direct 4.1.2019 – Everything Coming To Switch

Watch exclusive Nintendo news-broadcast directly to you, the player!

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0:12 – Haru Itazura Intro
0:55 – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
1:43 – The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
2:25 – Every Zelda is Coming to Switch
2:53 – Everything is Coming to Switch
3:02 – Really, EVERYTHING is Coming to Switch

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41 Responses

  1. oops says:

    So no Wand of Gamelon? Gosh darnit I need my creepy CDI Link on the go!

  2. YourBoiBob says:

    When I realized it was April 1st I cried knowing ocarina of time is not coming to switch.

  3. NinEmar Games says:

    There’s gotta be classic Pikmin Games on the Nintendo Switch so it can look NEWER & NEWEST

  4. Delaurente Page says:

    This video made my day, I’m so glad I kept my Nintendo switch. The people that sold their switch, I bet they’re willing to buy it again. The library of the switch is building, and I’m looking forward to purchase most of these games. Most Definitely, looking forward to using the cross platform on the switch.

  5. Taya80x says:

    I was really hoping wind waker and OOT would come to switch…

  6. CrossRoads says:

    I knew it was April fools. I saw the date. I look at vid, think to myself “no there ain’t gonna be a April fools joke.”

    Sees Zelda games.


    Sees grand theft auto V and portal 2.

    Me: *wait. That’s illegal.*

  7. Not So Gr8 says:

    3:55 oh wow, can’t wait to play Donkey Kong Divorce Cruise.

  8. vee says:

    i was gullible for a bit, and i was also pretty excited.

    then i saw overwatch, and i remembered it was april 1st.
    got me there, damnit.

  9. HoboJoe2016 says:

    Now imagine if at the end, they said: “ oh no, this shits for real”.

    That’ll be awesome.

  10. Mr Lakiro says:

    _sees Modern Warfare 2_



  11. Zakku says:

    I’m upset that there wasn’t a Sonic 06 joke in there

  12. Cheeto Residue says:

    Overwatch on the switch ☹️ my hopes up then my heart broke. Worse April fools joke ever lol

  13. Kaydamation says:

    But seriously can we get those Zelda and Mario ports. I thought this was real at first ?

  14. Kermit’s Brother says:

    Wow they’re adding all of tha…
    its April fools day
    Son of a ?

  15. Ceddy Bear says:

    Can everyone feel that? That feeling that your heart dropping into the pit of darkness that is a black hole.

  16. Just A Nugget says:

    Let’s hope this direct becomes a reality ?

    If so Nintendo can own my bank account. I wouldn’t mind at all.

  17. Slither wesome says:

    Is it possible to sue a company for such a emotional rollercoaster of a april fools joke

  18. Ben Couch says:

    They had us in for the first half, not gonna lie

    *inserts a meme that is great for the situation*

  19. Brian Meisenheimer says:

    The fact that they even acknowledged “The Faces of Evil” and “Wand of Gamelon” shows that they are mad serious now

  20. GREAT GECH says:

    Nintendo should seriously bundle together all the older classic Zelda games and sell them. They could also make a classic Zelda collector’s edition.

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