Nintendo Direct Micro 6.1.15

Nintendo Direct Micro 6.1.15

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20 Responses

  1. TheJuniorRigby Gerbil says:

    What stores will you be able to preorder the Chiba robo with amiibo

  2. Cheeky Mayor says:

    7:47 for the important part. No need to thank me.

  3. Lilbigbomb says:

    This is what I hate. Nintendo made a device that is compatible with the
    normal 3DS to scan Animal Crossing cards. But they had to make a whole new
    3DS system for Amiibo! Couldn’t they just make a device compatible with the
    normal 3DS too?! Amiibo OBVIOUSLY sell better than cards, and Nintendo
    would have gotten more money if they made a 3DS Amiibo scanner along with

  4. Danlikes Martinez says:


  5. Israel Rodriguez says:

    Just when you announce the new monster hunter x(cross)

  6. Luke Bob says:

    At e3 we will be talking at games coming out in 2015…” NOOO ZELDA U
    WHHHHYYYYY “and early 2106” YAAAAAAAAAAY

  7. creekandseminole says:

    Remember, everything that can been seen from above in Splatoon can be
    covered by ink for points. Walls don’t count, but can be used to climb of
    course. But just go around and shoot ink everywhere. Good cheap points can
    be had.

    The new level looks crazy!

  8. Boom Kyle says:

    No Inazuma Eleven 2 for 3DS America? :(

  9. Scott Flake says:

    Bill just gets rekt all the time. I feel bad for him.

  10. Skaaaa says:

    I really REALLY hope Dragon Quest 8 comes to North America. Literally when
    the 3ds came out I said they should remake it for the 3ds and now they are.

  11. Smashy Series says:

    *Clicks on video*
    *Anticipates Yoshi’s Wolly Yarn*
    *Walks away sad*

  12. Captainlol says:

    Why did this come out later than in Japan?

  13. Luke Bob says:

    *sees splatoon stuffs* wow now I have to hype up this doc formlike a month
    and continue to be unable to wait “it comes out TODAY” WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOW

  14. david williams says:

    Sm4sh dlc confirmed?

  15. blockworld2000 Gaming says:

    chibi robo for DLC in smash bros

  16. Till Mayer says:

    Good evening!
    Today, quite surprisingly, Nintendo of America released a “Nintendo Direct
    Micro” showing basically all the stuff from Japan’s Direct on Sunday.
    Watch the presentation with miniature Bill Trinen to get a clearer view on
    the news I listed yesterday!

    #nintendo #direct #gaming #youtube #videogames 

  17. Ink Tendo says:

    Yeah, I like to look for the little guy, too, if you know what I mean. ( ͡°
    ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. Gabe Obrey says:

    “But it’s a secret to everybody” Bill (Bill is no longer kill)
    Recognize this? It’s a zelda reference Bill makes. My guess of what the
    game they are keeping a secret…Its Zelda…Some Zelda game (which one is
    to be decided but for now is Unknown but for now let’s say Zelda 1 or 2)

  19. Bill Zypher says:


  20. Chaos89P says:

    I wanna see Mario and Sonic tackle other genres together, not just fighters
    and sports.