Nintendo Direct vs Sony Direct

Nintendo Direct vs Sony Direct

Whoever wins, xbox loses.

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48 Responses

  1. SK says:

    It was so nice of Nintendo to include smaller franchises like Zelda and Pikmin in their anime farm direct, very cool

  2. Karl Andersson says:

    If i hadn’t seen the Nintendo Direct myself, I’d never had believed that all of these farming games actually was announced at the same time

    • Icetea 2000 says:

      @Harvey Custodio Its bizarre? Because its annoying to see people copying other peoples ideas when its so obvious. Like Stardew Valley was way different from Animal Crossing that it can be counted as its own game that basically made a whole genre but many of these games just seem to be riding on the back of Animal Crossing NH and Stardew Valley

    • tushcasey says:

      @Harvey Custodio it ain’t that deep

    • Pianopower says:

      @Keirnoth your comment is too logical and makes too much sense. How dare you

    • Pianopower says:

      @BassRacerx I used to wish for gaming to be more popular.oops , seems that has backfired

    • Daniel Byrne says:

      @Harvey Custodio stardew valley too

  3. Fluffyudders says:

    It was hard not to notice the insane number of farming games in the Nintendo Direct, but the even stranger thing was that most of them were from Square Enix

    • tempodan says:

      @Cyrus I O VI Squenix: “is this one animal crossing for you yet? No? How about this one? Or this one?”

    • The Bornless One says:

      They recently added farming into FFXIV. What is their plan here?

    • Cyrus I O VI says:

      @adam1332456 its because of animal crossing selling so much. They want more animal crossing

    • adam1332456 says:

      May be in line with how they try to push towards blockchain games, idk. Easy to expand, charmingly simple graphics, lots of customization to be sold…

    • Thaltas says:

      @Jormy its definetely more inspired on Rune Factory, which is made by the same Story of Seasons devs for over a decade.

      A franchise that inspired thousands but never left the niche market.

  4. Andrew Costa says:

    hearing Dunkey laugh at 4:36 is one of the funniest moments i have experienced, almost pissed myself

  5. Soap CODY says:

    As a farmer, I appreciate the fact that on my limited time off during the day I can sit back and play a farming video game and immerse myself in farming because that defines me. ~Farmson Farmington the third.

  6. Agent_Eli says:

    Me last week: Man, I really liked Rune Factory. I wish they tried making more of these types of games.
    Me after the Nintendo Direct: I shall never make another wish again.

  7. 芷溯擳 | 梯寡芾 says:

    I got choked up at the Pikmin 4 reveal. First I’ve heard of the news and your editing and performance were masterful!

  8. Mister R YouTuby says:

    “Maybe people should get a REAL spouse…”

    Dunkey is speaking from experience.

  9. Suakeli says:

    Yahtzee’s video “Why I think cozy games will be the next big thing” talked about relaxing games such as farming and fishing games and how they are difficult for AAA companies that are more used to intense explosions and combat. Dunkey proved his point perfectly.

    • Bad News XF4354 says:

      Tbh I feel as if the Nintendo Switch has always been a good platform for cozy games.

    • Kaunte says:

      @SecretMarsupial is it? I never played it but from what I’ve seen it looked like it had a ton of frustrating systems like degregation that would stop it from being relaxing

    • Alex Martinovitch says:

      if they announced like one farming game i doubt dunkey would have had a problem, its the fact that they completely over saturated the entire nintendo direct with them, announcing like 4 or 5 at once that makes it ridiculous

    • Keirnoth says:

      Oversaturating it to a point where it becomes a meme is not a good thing buddy.

    • Sayori Keychains says:

      @SecretMarsupial Death Stranding is probably the most tedious cozy game on paper alone

  10. Shangerdanger says:

    i’m looking forward to doing 100 daily tasks in zelda breath of the kingdom. if we’re lucky they’ll include some microtransactions for faster farming

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