Nintendo @ E3 2018: Day 3

Nintendo @ E3 2018: Day 3

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59 Responses

  1. Elijahdoesmine9 2nd channel says:

    I can’t wait for the release of Super Smash Bros for the switch

  2. David Claxton says:

    Are they going to show more modes for Smash or are we just going to see matches of the vs mode again which means no new information.

  3. Long Nguyen says:

    no animal crossing?

  4. Mr. Mushroom says:

    #AnimalCrossingPlzNintendo #SupportWaluigiforSmash #Mother3orMetroidPrime4 #F #ANYOTHERGAMESTHANSMASH

  5. Cheesychezburger says:

    Waluigi is going to be great to watch in smash ultimate

  6. Broski3215 says:


  7. Buttered Toast says:

    Wait, does tree house typically announce new stuff?

  8. Lakitu Films says:

    J U S T I C E FOR W A L U I G I

  9. Lakitu Films says:

    Where’s the Wah?

  10. Cile says:

    I really hope they surprise us by announcing a new Animal Crossing game

  11. b3llydrum says:


  12. Decently says:

    I feel like I’ve already played smash from seeing so much footage

  13. Gamesforus says:

    Super Mario Party is hype

  14. KingOfTheHylians says:

    All I want is Animal Crossing at this point I want it more than Smash but that’s just me🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. Subsribe Man says:


  16. Sonic X Fan says:


  17. Blue Toad says:

    Why is waluigi still an assist trophy

  18. Bleu Chicken says:


  19. PixelMixel says:

    Waluigi will never be Playable in Smash

    Don’t even @ me

  20. Arthurs fist says:


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