Nintendo – Get Ready for E3 2015!

Nintendo – Get Ready for E3 2015!

Nintendo’s expanded lineup at this year’s E3 includes the glorious return of the Nintendo World Championships after a 25-year absence, a new Nintendo Digital Event on June 16 at 9 a.m. PT, the always in-depth Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 from the show floor and a chance to play Mario Maker at more than 120 Best Buy locations. Oh, also … maybe a new president of NOA?

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20 Responses

  1. SlickGaming says:

    Welcome to the 301 club how gay are you?

  2. Gadget Freehan says:

    Jesus christ that’s Rocco singing. Never forget the Great Jabba Suit

  3. Trenton Worley says:

    i need that song in my life

  4. Brad & Kyle Media! says:

    I’m getting a Mega64 vibe from this. Great video.

  5. Ben Andrew says:


  6. SonicBoone56 says:

    This is why we love Nintendo

  7. ThatCheesyGamer says:


  8. pikamario99 says:


  9. Kawaii Jong Un says:

    +Anthony Nguyen I didnt really know about his position in the company, but
    when Japanese Nintendo guy (Miyamoto or Iwata) doing presentation or some
    sort Bill being the one who translate their speech to the audiences. That’s
    why once Reggie knows the kid could speak Japanese, he fires Bill.

  10. Alain7896 says:

    +JC Their sales speak otherwise… psh….

  11. shivers7766 says:

    its cool but if its just mairo maker and no mods to it, its going to be the
    worst nintendo championships they ever had

  12. MYTHΩLΩGY 92 says:

    This is why Nintendo >Microsoft AND Sony.

  13. Kawaii Jong Un says:


  14. Rubberman202 says:

    1:26 – 1:28

    For the first time in his career… Reggie’s body was NOT ready!

  15. Emperor Steel says:

    I remember last year’s E3… Man, time flies!

  16. xaax666 says:

    Its Chad

  17. jordzkie05 says:

    even nintendo knows virtual boy is a piece of youknowwhat.

  18. trefrog says:

    my body is ready

  19. Blind Ivan says:

    When is E3 2015 what is the date the year and where is it at someone please
    tell me I want to go to E3 2015

  20. perplexedcam says:

    This is the best thing that has ever happened and nothing will surpass it.