Nintendo is Taking Down My Videos

Nintendo is Taking Down My Videos

Nintendo is taking down my videos, why you should care, and how this affects everyone
Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms:
Nintendo Switch End User License Agreement:

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42 Responses

  1. Nathaniel Bandy says:

    Nintendo truly is the king of left field decisions. Hope you can get this resolved

  2. Firetree says:

    This worries me. This could ruin so many people’s careers for no apparent reason, good luck everyone.

    • Kayla The Kat says:

      @Frog Salesman youtube is considered a career to most people. especially those who put in their entire life for it. it takes a long time to get big and make money just like a normal job, and it takes a lot more effort in my opinion and dedication to run a youtube channel. ive tried a lot- and just ended up focusing on a retail job until i can get my pc and stuff

    • Frog Salesman says:

      @andyc6542  Maybe because he’s built his career off of entertainment on YouTube and there is no way you’d go to your dead end job if it stopped paying you. Sorry life treats you so harshly but millions love pointcrow, and not you

    • MassaraGaming says:

      @Andy C this is a proper job

    • Frog Salesman says:

      @Fernando Aleta obviously, we aren’t insane

  3. Shesez says:

    One major thing you need to do before this escalates further. Block. the. videos. for. japan.

    They do have much stronger rights holder laws for copyright. And if they sue you out of Japan then you dont have as strong a case.

  4. LezzerNet says:

    It’s especially vile that they did two copyright strikes in such an obviously intentionally threatening way.

  5. xPreame says:

    The fact that Nintendo is doing all of this so close to the release date of TotK is frustrating. And I’m honestly scared right now for Eric, and I hope that he and the other creators which some I watch, will be able to still do what they love. I also hope that Nintendo will see the other side of who they are hurting and put some more thought into what they’re doing

    • MarkoIronfist says:

      I take as confirmation that there will be multiplayer in Totk, and they are doing this since they want you to buy nintendo switch online.

    • oles schwester says:

      @Chad he’S literally hacking the game for profit, ahahahha

    • IzzyMann says:

      @Chase did not know that. Thank you. Lets report this bot.

    • Chase says:

      Y’all know this is a bot right 💀if everyone mass reports it it will be gone though I saw this bot all over the comments section.

    • Bob Jones says:

      Nintendo is a major corp who has used nostalgia indoctrination against their consumers. Since the SNES Nintendo has used the fanbase so that they can move dated tech above more technically advanced products, It’s the whole way they beat out sega and still push games with dated tech by about 7 years. Nintendo has never cared about their consumer they only care that the consumer be obsessed with the IP from Childhood and for you to keep buying games for your children so they can indoctrinate your children’s children. My kids have no reason to know nintendo exists, I’d rather buy the more technologically advanced machines

  6. xPreame says:

    nintendo: we care deeply about our public image and take our brand very seriously
    also nintendo: we need to figure out the most statistically objectionable actions and do them once a week

  7. DarkViperAU says:

    Brutal man. Understanding the decisions Nintendo makes sometimes feels impossible. This is a great loss for everyone. I hope they reverse the decision or this somehow gets resolved for you and the others.

  8. George Shelton says:

    I am extremely disappointed with Nintendo on this subject. I fully support you throughout these hard times and hope you get these sorted. We are all with you through this.

  9. illneverstopmywondering says:

    This is heartbreaking— watching your fun videos is one of the reasons I continue to enjoy playing the game and I was really looking forward to TotK content from you!

    You have all our support— thank you for what you do <3

  10. james green says:

    Showing again that Nintendo’s motto is “stop having fun wrong”

    • mw says:

      lmao yeah, i love nintendo’s games but the company makes some odd decisions, to say the least

    • Enteal says:

      lol this exaxtly

    • Arin Magnus says:

      ​@Andy C I’ll answer a question with a question, hopefully this is elucidating. In what way is posting transformative videos of modded Nintendo games illegal or, more importantly, harmful to Nintendo, or anyone else for that matter.

      I would argue that it is neither illegal nor harmful and thus Nintendo is effectively saying “Stop having fun wrong” when they take down that content.

    • Saraswat Patra says:

      @Andy C I mean he knew, but he didn’t cross boundaries as nowhere in the guidelines mentioned that modding is illegal, and they took down normal gameplay too, so I don’t know what you mean and pls just for once watch the video.

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