Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo

Say goodbye to virtual reality. Say hello to real reality.

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75 Responses

  1. Nilmo Naggins says:

    that was an expensive joke

    • Donovan Rush says:

      How much does Dunkey actually make from each video though? All I’ve heard is that YouTube pays pretty little.

    • Thanator Rider says:

      Donovan Rush YouTube isn’t a great source of income if you’re not that popular, but at their usual rate, Dunkey’s probably already made about $2,000 from a video with 1,000,000 views like this. He knows based on his view count that he can afford to make this kind of video.

    • RaineTCG says:

      Nilmo Naggins Pretty sure he bought like 3 of them. One for him. One for the video. One for Leah and/or to keep in box.

    • The Colonel says:

      YT pays pretty good if you have as many subs as Donkdonk.

    • Nathan Bud says:

      Even more expensive when you count all the games in his trashcan.

  2. Kameron Kargel says:

    He used his guinea pig as a guinea pig

  3. konari says:

    The dark souls of cardboard

  4. Cory Pelizzari says:

    What’s missing is the “R” on the end of that LABO.

  5. ryan phillips says:

    Nintendo, a video game company, got people to buy cardboard. I wonder if they’ll try selling dirt next.

    • manictiger says:

      Can’t have an Apple without a little dirt, right?

    • Studley D. Muffin says:


    • Dávid Végső says:

      Nintendo the multi-millionaire game factory that has section devoted to the printing an disposition of playcards and a section devoted to a videogame console put together two and two…

    • manictiger says:

      Yeah, but playing cards are wax-coated, more durable and are 5 bucks a pack. This is literally just a bunch of cardboard being charged at 80 bucks. Also, bugs can’t nest inside of playing cards, but they sure as fuck will love that cardboard, so enjoy trying to store that in your garage when not in use. I’m sure nothing horrible will hide in those cracks after a year.

    • Joe Estrada says:

      in all fairness, Nintendo was a hanafuda CARD CAME company, that started selling video games.

  6. にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien says:

    This really is the next generation console! look at that graphic!

  7. Nicholas Robinson says:

    As someone who grew up building Legos and making origami, I cannot put into words how frustrating it was seeing you pull out the tape.

    Another great video!

  8. DarkLordFluffee says:

    i would die for Mimi

  9. Chileshe says:

    Did he buy a Labo just so he could carelessly destroy it?

  10. Joshua Connor says:

    Ahh, that’s one fine looking labo kit
    *puts down box*
    Why doesn’t mine look like that!?

  11. Md Yeasin says:

    You’re white. My whole life was a lie.

  12. Rabbit Plays Games says:

    Nintendo be like, “Yo dawgs, we heard you like boxes…”

  13. Noctis Cuadro says:

    Some of my muscles twitched when the space vibrating ship was about to fall off the table.

  14. Bandar Fahad says:

    Why did he use his white friend’s hands, is he insecure about his own?

  15. Diego Maciá says:

    I saw No Man’s Sky in that trash can…

  16. Facu Padi -MS- says:

    Anyone knows the name of the funky song that ends the video? Or the game its taken. Thanks!

  17. SushiFairy says:

    The tape hurt me emotionally.
    Lol but seriously, what a great deal! You get a box and Amazon throws in another box inside as a freebie AND you get cardboard to make endless boxes to kick around! 📦📦📦

  18. ProtoMario says:

    Nintendo Fadoooo wait its already over… nevermind…

  19. Sethusk says:

    Sorry Nintendo, you can’t beat a G-Force G-Wagon. Don’t even try…

  20. quadro beam says:

    I cant be the only person who thinks dunkey should do a video on conkers bad fur day.

    • EV_Cartman says:

      Speaking of Conker, they just made Conker’s Live and Reloaded backwards compatible on the Xbox One. The resolution is increased too and it feels like a new game gawd damn issa beautiful

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