Nintendo Switch – Before You Buy

Nintendo Switch – Before You Buy

The Nintendo Switch launches with a big Zelda game and not much else. Is the hardware worth the early adoption? Jake breaks it down.
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*Photography/camera operation by Thomas Johnson

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20 Responses

  1. gameranx says:

    It’s pretty awesome, but not without substantial problems. Leave us questions and we’ll try to answer as many as possible in as many threads as we can 😀

  2. Ice Ice says:

    Nintendo sucks nowadays

  3. GenJotsu says:

    I’ll buy it later in a year when it’s cheaper, better, and more games.

  4. Epicmonk117 says:

    BotW looks like a hybrid of _Dark Souls_ and _Skyrim_ with a _Legend of Zelda_ paint job, which automatically grabs my interest.

  5. waddup bby says:

    the switch is underpowered no third party support is gonna happen because ps4 and xbox are all about the graphics the switch is just gonna get really dummbed down ports.

  6. ariel golani says:

    4k is stupid in my opinion

  7. Jack Malone says:

    my problem is that the games dont taste good

  8. Kronos says:

    I liked the idea of it at the beginning…then I realized it was shwit.

  9. DriversClash says:

    Why is everyone complaining about online being a paid service? I’m pretty sure PS+ and Xbox Live are payed as well

  10. TheTexan says:

    I just can’t force myself to like anything Nintendo puts out. I really try but I just can’t fucking stand anything they do. I feel like the only people who are huge Nintendo fans are people who grew up with it and they’re just riding a nostalgia train or people who think it’s awesome and cool to pretend to love everything 80’s/90’s. I’m 19 so I grew up with Nintendo being what that weird kid down the road had. xbox and playstation were god kings and Nintendo was just trying to compete and failing. idk maybe I just hate them because I prefer games that take themselves seriously. the other consoles have dumb kid games too, but they’re much more likely to have more “hardcore” adult games than Nintendo. I wish I could enjoy a nice Zelda or Mario game but I just seem to care about a game unless it’s a more serious, gritty style and story.

  11. Chosen Gamer says:

    its gonna ”relaunch” during the holidays

  12. Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?! says:

    Honestly I just want it to hack the shit out of it. Put Android on that bitch or windows 10/7 and run emulators. Might be the best GTA San Andreas portable console to date.

  13. Comet Gaming says:

    Pros and cons? More like pros and *Joycons*. ;D

  14. Milk For Bob says:

    To be honest I don’t really give a fuck about graphics. As long as the game is fun I’m fine

  15. Uncle Death says:

    Why should I buy Console that weaker than my ps4 and has less games?

  16. Poke Kieran says:

    isn’t the switch just a glorified and over-hyped tablet running ninendo software?

  17. Great Britain says:

    They should’ve made it so it can take 3DS and DS games hate how I’m just limited to Nintendo switch games

  18. KingMaru says:

    I really hate PC gamers as they think everything has to be about graphics. 720 p is good with 1080p being great but 4K is not even nessacary. Just so you can see something in the background a little more detailed in exchange for battery life, bugs, performance issues, and low frame rate??

  19. Oh, Young Waker of the Winds says:

    You can’t call yourself a gamer when you care more about the graphics than the games.
    Complaining about how it doesn’t run in 4K? Boohoo. 4K is not even needed. Just so you can see something in the background a little more detailed in exchange for battery life, bugs, performance issues, and low frame rate?
    No launch games?
    Fast RMX
    Just Dance 2017
    Human Resource Machine
    I Am Setsuna
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Little Inferno
    Shovel Knight
    Skylanders: Imaginators
    Super Bomberman R
    World of Goo
    Complaining about how you have to pay for online service? Are you an actual fucking retard? It costs around $17-26 for Nintendo Online service, while you have to pay $50 for PS/XB1 online.
    Overpriced? Are you fucking kidding me? The Switch is $300 AT LAUNCH and is portable, with one of the launch games considered to be the best game of all time (look at the review scores). The XB1 and PS4 were around $500-$600 at launch, and try carrying one of those things around.

  20. TheAbeham says:

    I’m a PC player and am deciding between Switch and PS4 but am siding with PS4 because of Uncharted and Persona 5 <3

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